Thousands of Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces

At least one protestor was killed during the fighting amid word of a possible week-long cease-fire.
11:35 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Thousands of Palestinians Clash With Israeli Forces
-- and day of rage in the West Bank thousands of Palestinians clashing with Israeli forces. Demonstrated against those Israeli attacks that have left 800 people dead Israeli forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets. Killing at least one protestor all of this has -- breaks about a possible weeklong cease fire in the works between Israel and Hamas. Right now the international hot spot Israel and the West Bank. -- when I'm Devin Dwyer Washington after the deadliest day in a fight between Israel and Hamas. Rumors of a potential cease fire now secretary of state John Kerry is in Cairo. He's negotiating for a brief stop to the violence that has now claimed so many lives take a look in Gaza. The death toll climbing overnight after an Israeli strike hit a school that was acting as -- UN shelter. Now at least 832. Dead and more than 5400. Wounded in the conflict. And the violence now spreading to the West Bank at least six people have been killed there -- four from today's day of rage protests on the other side. 33 IDF soldiers have been killed. Along with three civilians in Israel. Right now I want to bring any BC's Bob Woodruff in Jerusalem he's gonna bring us the latest now. On word of a possible cease fire Bob thank you so much for being here are some incredible images coming out of the West Bank though you were -- 101000. Palestinians marching on a checkpoint where one of the largest protest in years there -- tell us about what you saw. That was that was last night because this is happening really when the sun starts to come down that's what a lot of people are coming to the streets and this was this was a very very large one. Four West Bank which is really something -- seems to be getting worse and worse as time goes on. In fact we just got back -- from visiting the West Point as well Ramallah and our back here in Jerusalem or seeing this as well -- the old city. That the people are taken out to the streets again and -- -- because. They the the Israeli military is out there -- weapons. And I think people that tell us say there's been these kinds of protests in the streets before but now they're using a lot more real bullets. -- -- to stop this. In fact we're at the hospital about two hours ago out there and Ramallah down in the West Bank. And we saw one get being wheeled into the door it was obvious -- been shot in the stomach is rushed in to the emergency room. And all the doctors there are -- to talk to them. Is that they really don't think that he's gonna survive -- people have been killed that today already. This is happening not only in Ramallah in the West Bank but also in Jerusalem here right -- -- so. What's we're sitting -- if you -- you if you watch you can hear the bullets you can hear the gunfire you can see the smoke. Coming out of the of the gas grenades. So we start to happen and since. It's Ramadan you know people -- at home a lot during the day they're there they're not eating. And then after the sun comes down order -- I see a lot more coming out as we did yesterday. Bob you've been covering this conflict for some time now as you say this violence now spreading there. You know what is your sense are we close to a third uprising here a third Intifada. -- I asked that -- it's one of our experts around here just a few minutes ago. Does he think this is going to be a third of the bodies he's almost neck admitted as there's this level of frustration. Amongst the Palestinians that they don't seem to be getting anything that they've been trying to fight for for all these years is happening especially down in Gaza of course because you've got a new. A new party you've got Hamas the ones won the election back in 2006 which is actually last -- month here. From the much more moderate but Powell who was the ones that were in power for so long and you had a moderate. Are we -- of Los ABC's Bob Woodruff in Jerusalem we'll check back with him later. Now the impetus for today's protests in the West Bank that Bob talked about was a dramatic spike in Palestinian deaths in Gaza more than 100 yesterday. During Israeli strikes there's -- situation so dire. That maternity wards are full at all functioning hospitals and a lack of electricity is made keeping babies alive there. Difficult we're joined now by ABC's David Wright who witnessed the chaos firsthand in Gaza he joins us on the phone David. Thank you for being here -- -- give us your assessment what did you see at those hospitals how dire as it. I think this situation at the hospital the very dire indeed you -- -- So -- and renting listed equities. Patient to patient coming through the door. In community where the hospitals or not the most. All the equipment and that supplies and on the subject. We were in the emergency room yes following. An attack on a UN school. That was serving as a refugee camp dozens of casualties coming through the door -- -- accept the casualties and into her computer and it has. -- in bed at a pace -- stepped up Q Carla. The doctor doing -- -- camp and obviously they're reverse course and. And the lack of electricity there -- -- because its -- David everything you'll what is the infrastructure. Picture -- Mike -- he laughed after all the bombing. Well there's plenty of infrastructure left after the bombing but it crucial piece did. Superstructure are walking. Fresh water -- Very inadequate supplies fresh water. And electricity. Some of the pipelines which probably -- -- -- not. And that means that that irregular power structure of the debt. Clinton littered -- dangerous precedent perform essential service generators. But aren't we gonna play -- Shifa Hospital where it happened neonatal intensive care ward -- babies. -- -- -- Threats to the power. Human life and the lives of the most vulnerable people would -- be involved in this conflict will be sporting. And speaking of those civilian casualties David we've seen hospitals getting -- we saw. Yesterday that UN school shelter come under fire both -- and some pretty stern condemnation from the UN and the US -- do. Have a sense of why this is happening -- simply mistakes by the Israeli military. It's obvious why it's happening in the sense that you know -- you have a ground war taking flooded into very crowded city. We're the people have nowhere to own borders are closed I cannot -- And internally although there -- people let all stinky in there -- take. Moving into these certain compounds at least UN under -- area that are still game. -- we -- So yesterday so. Terrible. Situation at that UN. Compound. Viewer count me that currently. 8% of Gaza's population more than -- 140000. People are living in these schools. People that nowhere else ago some of the places where they can go like that are marked is that what we're argument -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then. There's so much else when these people assume that the. And and meanwhile David did the Hamas rocket attacks 1 of the -- -- in this latest conflict Palestinian those men from where what you can see. Little marker -- continues for the record I'm who continues. And but little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There have been security. Civilian can you don't believe on the Israeli side these pockets of course -- -- elect people. And they and be running -- about shelters. The other side you've got. What -- -- US. Made weapons. That are trained and rate decision. An aggressive pursuit of the best of intentions in -- crowded area like to cook out but says. Important strike on -- house. And and that -- neighbors as well that but we're seeing that the possible 800 -- -- good instruments are up eight. Percent to 8%. A hero. Are estimated to be civilians mostly women and children. Should also -- As a population in which more than 50% of the population is there are under eighteen and that's why didn't seem that. Portion of network of casualties among children. And -- -- -- humanitarian crisis. Bennett now of course it changed and and that can be sure it is -- it straight ceasefire. Got such such incredible numbers 80% you say -- of those 800 casualties so far in Gaza civilians. Just an incredible number dated eighteen days into this now give us a sense of the politics here in Gaza. How had these numbers affected support for the Hamas leadership there are -- quarter average Palestinians saying. And you know you. -- -- -- -- For the for a little statement there is tremendous anger. But -- -- disproportionate response. I think it is also -- of defiance. This happening in port that could but I -- workers than in the past five years. So the people eager are. Part of -- -- it and hasn't done what. What sticking points -- cease fire -- -- this -- -- is how well. There's certain for these girls. Non starter what -- Hamas. And so. The block captains two. This place has been particularly. -- But. Any children that are growing here senate who are younger than age -- They don't remember that could lead as a -- frequently. Certain -- want to -- it and there. And David if we still have -- was a little we're losing you just a little bit there but before we let you go just give us your bottom line on the cease fire you talked about some of the sticking points. But we've gone to these motions before we -- we've heard these reports about possible cease fire do you think this time is different are we on the -- of one from what you can tell. One would hope that -- accounts from that proposal put them. Reading the Catholic. They're both sides Israel -- keep its troops on the ground during the seeds are -- -- a lot. I don't want to open to the blockade that pro Israel or lease and could be active -- ABC's David Wright on the phone in Gaza David thank you for joining us a safe out there you're doing an excellent work. And we will check back with David of course as this conflict continues you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading EBC news happened. Starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Devin Dwyer -- Washington you're watching international hot spot thanks for watching.

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