NASA astronauts head to International Space Station on Pi Day, taking off at 3:14 pm

NASA sent three astronauts to space to join the crew of the International Space Station on Pi Day, March 14th at 3:14 p.m.
12:25 | 03/14/19

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Transcript for NASA astronauts head to International Space Station on Pi Day, taking off at 3:14 pm
Closeup view of the top of the vehicle you'll see the food and built our tax rate. Beginning separate right now vehicle on internal power. Yeah just under thirty seconds march. Ground of the onward. Our. Instrumentation for ignition to launch content must it has been issued silicon sicken him to look at tower separated every. Booster ignition. Agent or content like speed. Just like yeah. Can't lift off. We have liftoff and it came Christina can't Alexio Jinan. Now on their way to the International Space Station. I never ran a phenomenal thing. First stage performance so far this week delivering 930000. Pounds of thrust from the sport boosters and single engine first stage. Of the sweetest pleasures of sixteen feet like 34 feet in diameter turning winter fuel. For the first time in six seconds right. Images are drinking. You're angry. Attention. Leading pain don't cable. Milton Berle yeah everything phenomenon important victory doing farewell. What admitted to the flight everything looking good so far. The vehicle itself is now traveling and more than a thousand miles per hour it out domino you know. There says Ehrlich run everything nominal on board decrease doing well. As we lose sight of the vehicle transition into an animation everything looking good so far. This first date with a four strap pom boosters will continue to burn until one minute 58 seconds. Eighty seconds everything at nominal. Not be old. Christiane grade everything. Things nominal on board. Good reports to the crew about ten more seconds of this first stage. Animal control system parameters are nominal copy all. Everything is nominal on board decreased doing well. Good call that the escape tower has been jettisoned a on time now for booster separations. Have been confirmed our. That core stage continuing on as the second stage. For launch around him it affirmed. Will be jettisoned two minutes 37 seconds into the flight on the board decrease killing rate. So he's vehicle traveling well over 3000 miles per hour flight 140 cent Aaron. Be launched legal matters are nominal. Old. Everett nominal on board. Good CoreStates performance he launched shroud has been jettisoned Burleigh the rocket is now act 48 miles high. The at this point I have controlled descent. Display. And it eliminated the all. 100 and it is that there is baby goes able. Good reports so far this course it'll continue to burn until I 443 secondary market. Current integrate. Could reports from the crew over three minutes from launch so he's vehicle traveling about 5000 miles per hour. 202. Second dates so we score stages performing as expected that CoreStates 56 feet in length thirteen and a half feet in diameter with a single engine and four fuel chambers providing. Between 392000. Pounds of thrust. For its three minute 22 current. This state will continue to burn a 24 minutes 432 mark on the Soyuz uses what's called a hot staging technique. It'll be third stage will ignite while the second is still burning. Hope everything is nominal on board that Chris feeling well. Can happen in that latter structure you see it there. Center of the vehicle of this animation. Over four minutes into the flight everything looking good so far. 218. Seconds. Yup each role. Nominal. Everything is nominal on board. Fort half minutes into the flight everything looking good about fifteen seconds until the ignition of that third stage. Good separation out that second stage. Second phase separation and armed. But has Berlet Klein a confirmed that everything is nominal on board the cruise doing great. 310 seconds that they. Spacecraft is stable. At Thursday's performance everything looking good. This booster will continue to burn until the minute 452 mark. Just over a four minute burned. 81030 seconds. Artists are displeased vehicle well over a hundred miles above the Earth's. Mr. Gerlach one copy. They all everything is nominal on for a decrease doing well. The single engine of the Soyuz is third stage providing 67000. Pounds of thrust. Again birds until the eight minute 452 market to the flight. Now just over six minutes. At. After march 16. Second Europe each role are nominal. Our own but it Ehrlich won. Everything is nominal on board. Six minutes thirty seconds into the flight crew feeling good. Everything looking good so far for this last stage. Before the Swedes itself is inserted into orbit. Eight minutes 45 seconds after launch. 400 seconds Sunday spacecraft. Is stable. I'll feel everything is nominal on board and the crew is doing great this is Ehrlich won. Are all. Over seven minutes into the flight. Or hundred. And thirty seconds. Or stage rosters are operating domino linked. Hope they all visit Ehrlich won and everything is nominal onboard and that. Abby and Chris failing grade. We are standing by at forest. About thirty more seconds of this third stage burn and separation. 502 for the flight is nominal. Everything is nominal unborn. Ehrlich won. We have good church state separation separation is confirmed. Stage cut off and separation occurring. Ehrlich and regulations. On day insertion. Orbit insertion. Central Moscow ending buying and they are here. The crews antenna has deployed at this time. Our election Moscow hard copy. Moscow December elect one. Heavy a lot of his time on the antennas and solar rays are there late separation was phenomenal everything is nominal on board and we are doing great. They already are working from page thirty I have a on the face Odeo. We are loading boats are at a base. The air flow regulators and we are controlling the TS indicator panels. We're spending by it or your pressed measurements. As part of leak checks. Mr. Gerlach want to copy all Moscow. So he's now in orbit solar rays terrible way to ending in the Soyuz crew on their way to International Space Station dock can just six hours from now so he's self orbiting at an altitude of about 140 miles by 118 mile also faces are what you're really raise systematically over the course of the next two days placing it in close proximity. To the International Space Station. Systematically over the next two six hours twenty patrol he spacecraft from here will be overseen from. Russian mission control center outside of Moscow a view of what you're saying and I don't. Four as a pressure built pressure 812. 88 is six I'll copy. I did. Eric go through. Bart Scott at the front immigrant launch of feasting on board so we use when it by MS twelve crew. Launching on time at 2:14 PM central time in 1214. Count of the launch site in bike in order march 15.

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{"duration":"12:25","description":"NASA sent three astronauts to space to join the crew of the International Space Station on Pi Day, March 14th at 3:14 p.m.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61691598","title":"NASA astronauts head to International Space Station on Pi Day, taking off at 3:14 pm","url":"/International/video/nasa-astronauts-head-international-space-station-pi-day-61691598"}