US Marine Helicopter With 8 Aboard Missing in Nepal

The UH1 "Huey" helicopter had two Nepalese soldiers and six U.S. Marines on board when it went missing, officials said.
4:03 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for US Marine Helicopter With 8 Aboard Missing in Nepal
Hi everyone I'm Caroline Costello in New York with more breaking news at a earthquake ravaged Nepal reports. They US military helicopter and UH one Huey like the one seen here. Witness search and rescue team on board. Is missing. ABC's Louis Martinez with more on the story now from the Pentagon's Louie what do we know. Carol we know that this helicopter went down with two nepalese and six Marines aboard. If he's big has been declared missing by US Pacific Command they are the military command is responsible for. The operation there in at all as we know there is a significant aftershock in half and in a call earlier today and this helicopter was one part of a team had been sent this area in Chara cut which is about. Sixty miles east of the capital of cat and do you. It was carrying Everly part of the relief effort there we understand from the defense officials. That aboard a helicopter there were parts they were being taken near some rice is part of the humanitarian relief. Now what we are told is that there was an initial spotting a report that. I nepalese aircraft had spotted something on the ground this prompted a. Part of the additional aircraft that are there is part of the search and rescue efforts he searching that area. And after an extensive search they didn't find any and we know that this aircraft went down. At night around 10 o'clock local time. At night so they didn't search and rescue operations have been kind of limited by that actors who wants. First daylight pops up the effort will continue yet again in this area. But for now US Pacific Command saying that this helicopter and the eight who are aboard are missing. No radio contact with them and since it was reported missing for about two hours or so. Louis is there are I hope or any indication that the helicopter may have just landed and not crashed. Then there is that possibility. Keep talking officials here who stressed that this is a very remote area communications union on when now under ideal conditions are very difficult. So but what we do know is that there has been no emergency beacon that has been triggered. Since this helicopter went missing a couple of hours ago. Typically win if if let's say helicopter had it gone down because of mechanical. Reasons Dave their music begin would have been triggered but if there is an oh. Are no power on board and and that is not doable unless of course it's battery operated. But for now they gave me the goal here is to see what they can find this helicopter which has been missing and and find out whether the aide who are aboard RC. For now that search any of because in the overnight condition has been suspended. By at first light it will resume. We're talking about American aircraft that are conducting this search long wave local aircraft. And call it was a nepalese aircraft that reportedly first spotted something on the ground and that turned out not yet born and you results. The United States has about 300 US personnel in Nepal right now part of the. Quake relief that there was sent there by United States a couple of weeks ago. And Dave got several aircraft they've got four tilt rotor osprey aircraft they had one it did these three Hugh he's one of which has gone missing. And so he also have these two. Search and rescue teams four glad that always look for quake victims a team from Fairfax County fire department and other from. Allen county. Those teens on place this is all part of the effort to help out with the continued continuing. And drama out there in Apollo given today's significant aftershock. And now as a result of this it looks like an effort to help his resulting in this missing. Helicopter. And KABC's. Louis Martinez thank you so much like press at the Pentagon we appreciate it. You can keep up with this story in real time Mike Allen ABC news staff and storing the story for exclusive updates. On the go on Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"The UH1 \"Huey\" helicopter had two Nepalese soldiers and six U.S. Marines on board when it went missing, officials said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30990179","title":"US Marine Helicopter With 8 Aboard Missing in Nepal","url":"/International/video/nepal-earthquake-us-helicopter-declared-missing-rescue-operation-30990179"}