Nicolas Maduro orders military to block aid caravans at country's border

Many wait for medicine and food as unrest in Venezuela continues.
2:25 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Nicolas Maduro orders military to block aid caravans at country's border
And now we go to that story we've been covering for weeks the humanitarian and political crisis and Venezuela we have. To reporters on the ground there we have Cody what all of freelance journalist in Iraq as. And we go to Bruno rover in a moment too he is on the Colombia Venezuela. Border but first coney what can you tell us I heard that earlier you were at a bright line people are just hoping that they can get food to eat. For. Here. Eight. This is something witnessing gear up for years that the government has struggled to import the medicines that people. Made so the work but it gets out here that this pharmacy might have medicines that day people started arriving. And are looking for antibiotics are looking for anti inflammatory drug one guy even wealthy people looking for. Alzheimer's medications or his father so we are speaking to them today about that decision by nick put up although Brooke block the border. Up between Venezuela and Colombia doesn't they're not humanitarian aid. And they were not happy with that decision may work in great but in my notes photos that are coming out. Of those container truck blocking the bridge up they're not happy about it one guy said it is a crime what he is doing. But from a photo he said it any except at humanitarian aid we'll be at guys we're the United States through them carry out a military intervention. A lot like no the other guy who quite the legal legitimate president here certainly gaining some popularity here as it's clear that he wants to accept. Humanitarian aid for the people like that behind me. Who are suffering the effects of the monetary price. Dan Cody and been covering this for so long what what are people telling you about just the day to day experience right now. In Caracas how hard is it did just get through week I'm hearing that even a bag of pasta costs a week's salary. Got to correct people really cut back in New. York rockets are eating about your time today. Them an armed boy aged about six dollars a month so that less than a dollar a day. And this of the country that used to be a middle class country used to have a middle class lifestyle. Much more on our outlook United States and even get a spectacular. Collapse here and for people who really became a the looking okay here. It's been really devastating for them now that there most of the country you're living in poverty. Thank you so much hope.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"Many wait for medicine and food as unrest in Venezuela continues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"60917821","title":"Nicolas Maduro orders military to block aid caravans at country's border","url":"/International/video/nicolas-maduro-orders-military-block-aid-caravans-countrys-60917821"}