Nighttime protests create chaos at G-20 summit

Demonstrators took to the streets of Hamburg to protest the meeting of world leaders.
1:32 | 07/09/17

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Transcript for Nighttime protests create chaos at G-20 summit
Overnight. Toxic tales from the streets is how about. I love leaders prepare for another round of meetings protesters setting up blockades were looting and attacking any. I thought I think about all live now let's say about what kind of getting pregnant than buying up and they continued to break things not to put. 8300. Offices in getting past his more than 100 detained. Speaking at Karachi projectiles thrown from nearby group's offices in from right game making their way into buildings arresting those inside. Some 500 people looting the supermarkets. During the day anti globalization demonstrators marched peacefully. Expressing a range of grievances. I don't think street fascists arrived yesterday at the right in my city lending some routes in and add a lot of there is always buy them. Twenty it's reigning kings to proceed erupt well Buddha. About a penny committee and now wolf the cat and just deployed. I'm as they crowds may have gotten quite a big game it kept him out this morning president trump a target of that criticism. Complementing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Germany's response to the violence on the street. Spin. Really incredible the way things have been handled without much interruption despite. Quite a few people. They seem to follow your. Your G twenties around.

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"Demonstrators took to the streets of Hamburg to protest the meeting of world leaders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"48527122","title":"Nighttime protests create chaos at G-20 summit","url":"/International/video/nighttime-protests-create-chaos-20-summit-48527122"}