North Korea commemorates 70th birthday

Hundreds of international journalists are invited to watch celebrations.
2:39 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for North Korea commemorates 70th birthday
We are getting a rare look inside North Korea are Martha Raddatz has given special access speaking to north Koreans and touring facilities as the country celebrates seventy years of existence let's take a look. Hayley we are coming to you from Pyongyang North Korea I am standing right outside the hotel we're staying. The hotel where all the journalists. Are staying collided delegations are here a lot of tourists are here it's like let me go back to how we got in here we flew here. From Beijing get on the airplane it was come. We lead packed. I sat next to young man 23 year old from Australia. Who just wanted to come here to North Korea for the adventure of it and also to see these mass games. That will be happening. Sometime this weekend there will also be paid military parade at some point. They have really shown as around the city it's highly choreographed. We do have. Government reminders with this at all times but they have let us. Film pretty much out the window of any vehicle we're in and it's usually big giant buses. That we're going around in the invited about. More than a hundred journalists from. Your from Australia from Canada from the United States. In to North Korea largely to see this celebration for the seventieth anniversary of the founding of this nation. And that military parade I'm sure is part of it as well we tour distilled. Fat. Street today where they made silk and that was a pretty incredible sight to see all these workers take this self out of there. Cocoons. We also interviewed. Gentlemen this evening an eighty year old man who is say professor. At the universities here and he talked about. Apiece and denuclearization. And said it's his personal opinion we hope he hopes the United States and North Korea can eventually. Find peace but every day has been an adventure here we're learning all kinds of things it is the cleanest city. I've ever seen. Very organized they're not nearly as many people. In the cities as I thought there would be this is my first trip which case is kind of amazing given my travels in this region and around the world. That it has been an eye opening his experience and we'll bring you more every day street talking to you it. Our thinks of Martha Raddatz and ABC news team a fascinating look inside North Korea.

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{"duration":"2:39","description":"Hundreds of international journalists are invited to watch celebrations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"57675120","title":"North Korea commemorates 70th birthday","url":"/International/video/north-korea-commemorates-70th-birthday-57675120"}