Notre Dame blaze treated as accident as investigation continues

Investigators plan to question firefighters who fought the massive blaze for more details.
3:56 | 04/16/19

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Transcript for Notre Dame blaze treated as accident as investigation continues
I want to bring in James now James what's the mood like on the ground this morning. It. Well Kimberly I think disbelief comes around and there this position looking out not Saddam and a paddy. With great many French people I think you just sticks fountains that this building that so many of them are used to walking past. Every day at a moment's and investigation. That is the key word of them Ayman people what you want trying to work out what exactly happened hand you can see just behind me. They're all. Groups of five fights is still trying to puts out perhaps residual flies small. It'll and remnants of what went on overnight that you can spot them read fig is that on one of the towers. They of course still intact thankfully much of them at most the building intact is that Ruth. Which caved in which calls the most damage everywhere you see sky. Not is where the roof walls and has entirely fallen inside of the Paris prosecutor has said. He's begun his investigation. Fifty people are involved in not investigation while the got to do is question the workers. You'll all not grief when the fiber I cannot remember this building. Has been on that seven million dollar restoration project. And it's fair perhaps one of those work has perhaps for the weld on what was the lead brief that. Spots the fire but at this point how approximately no information on exactly. What happen we'll let Allston has been ruled out. Insisting he also weigh hearing that the last allies about a fire went up in about 6:20 PM last night. The fire was not found and then a second and went up at 643. When the file was discovered to be on the roof so I think the Paris prosecutor is going to be ousting what happened. In those in not in Syrian. For people not found the file and could they have got to grips and it sooner but I think most people here and in France. Ready. A you know off thankful to. The reaction by the emergency services hand. And is a little respect coming in from all around the world to. And to the fire fighters in particular for rushing into that building when -- days because what we're hearing some extraordinary stories of just what was saved some of the most extraordinary precious relics. In christendom but in not building and was saved last night little people a breathing a huge sigh of relief this morning. All right James and I'm just curious what are the crowds like with it what where you are now are people still gathered outside of the church or has it sort of settled down a net. No they absolutely off hostile thing I mean. You can amount in the wealth presses and they've cordoned off most of the roads men and so it is a bit today has struggled to move around. But breezy and now new a coming in say you Russ Alan now say federal coming here so thing looking. Possibly some of them for the first time. They were sold on line of course there is appalling images of the place up in ruins but it. You can't help but stare at a building which is good evidence city for 850 day you concede and insulting to try to. May be put out some residual fire from a fire expert thus presumably out what that what I doing a lot of people here all amazed about and some of the the efforts made to save some as medics I spoke to about them. Just a minute ago one of them in particular the crown of full ones that Christians believe Jesus war as he died on the cross. Up walls in that may priests. The chopper Ashley of the five brigades. In Paris ronning to try to get that -- out he got as one of the blessed sacrament that is an extraordinary things have done particularly as easily as pictures of debris. Folding down inside that judge he by the way is one of the heroes of the baht to kind of attack. What age ninety were killed tea and 2015. Helping people out about building say they Eric twice ever for the people of fronts and all of the people who have been involved in saving this building a very much. Heroes today.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Investigators plan to question firefighters who fought the massive blaze for more details.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62433706","title":"Notre Dame blaze treated as accident as investigation continues","url":"/International/video/notre-dame-blaze-treated-accident-investigation-continues-62433706"}