UN official warns Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be headed for ‘full-scale war’

The U.S. is attempting to deescalate the situation as residents live in fear of constant attack.
6:42 | 05/13/21

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Transcript for UN official warns Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be headed for ‘full-scale war’
Meanwhile the UN is warning the Israeli Palestinian conflict could be headed for full scale war. The US embassy in Jerusalem's urging staff to state close to bomb shelters due to the threat of rocket attacks. As a State Department tries to. Night this guy igniting with the Israeli airstrikes and Hamas rocket fire. As Israeli warplanes howled over Gaza this silver won't missiles. Ripping into this fourteen story building drone video flying over the debris fields can. Israel said it was targeting Hamas infrastructure. But warned civilians before bombing a Palestinian health officials say over eighty people have been killed including Hamas operatives. But also dozens of civilians in at least seventeen children nearly 500 wounded. Hamas has launched over 16100 rockets towards Israel the past few days and is rockets targeting the Tel Aviv metro area where. You need half of the population lives. He Palestinian rocket hitting these Israeli apartment building rescuers scrambling to get people out. Some brought out on stretchers. Those air raid sirens wailing almost an hour leaders including while we were on the air. Another sirens sounding out which means there's about a minute thirty seconds before the rockets start folic there they are you can see similar looks like iron dome. Project tower rising right above us and give these little sign the letter but there are not running out the rockets just yet they have. Find quite a lot of welcome for the unfortunately they've been able to stop finally come off from the office over the last year is so that is not the case Luzader thousands more. I would say that there are thousands voice. The conflict also spreading to the West Bank. Where Israeli troops clashed with Palestinian protesters in the Israeli town of load of ethnic Palestinian citizens of Israel clashing with police. Leaving dozens of wounded they say they are demonstrating against being treated as second class citizens. South of Tel Aviv this poor. Obama right wing Jewish activists who have terrified camera motorist out of his vehicle. You seem in his room. Flag to be. And I gunman joins me live now from identity badges outside Tel Aviv Matt those images are hard to watch how are things they're now. How well I'm in that tackled picked up deeply decide the Israeli military spokesman qualified. Doing something in Spanish actually today and complex. This is a building that did not get a direct hit from a rocket fired by. The rocket landed over them actually to show you. The shockwaves from that rocket punched a hole through this. This wall here and right now they're they're cutting down trees that cars out there were incinerated or just trying to clean it up. Arguing would have a walk through here come shattering this entire building all the buildings around firing shrapnel. 360 degrees in creating this fireball coming only show you deeds done here because everything looks black. And this is the kitchen he looks at the walls are black but all of that this is actually silly. Miraculously all the people in the building we were told. Flashing in the bomb shelter downstairs. When these rocket hit nobody was killed a couple of people were lightly wounded but find nobody was badly hurt now. About an hour and a half ago we were down here doing some reporting talking to people when there was another air raid siren all the people who are here. Trying to pick up their possessions for whatever is left. You can see shattered case is everywhere and it is sensitive power. Those rockets. The return of picking up. Air raid sirens people have to go again into the bomb shelter any basically. Crying there was hysteria because they were suffering PC SP sales quick dramatic moment very emotional some of these people. That's in Israel as we know in Gaza there are continued airstrikes. Doesn't seem to be any let up Israeli. Government is meeting to talk about the possibilities. A possible ground incursion into Gaza on. So despite the UN's despite president Biden's hope that this. It's going to be the end of violence soon it doesn't look like that's communique. And that people there live in very close quarters and lived close to each other. So how are they reacting to all of this and knowing that in their homes are vulnerable at any moment. He just it's an element had they just feel extraordinarily vulnerable and so. Most of the people who lose both of you here frankly they say okay we've got to. Attack guys have got to put an end to Hamas we've got to retaliate. There's a smaller subset of the people who myself and say okay we need peace we need to come to terms of these people. This can't happen anymore but that is really the unifying. Understanding here is that this seems to be an untenable way of living. Just that nobody can seem to claw their way out. And that president Biden as spoken to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu he's calling for both sides to DM delayed so. What's the latest on the efforts to try to broker a cease fire. Well we know that a top US official from the State Department is being sent here. There are conversations between Hamas and the Russians and the Europeans. Hamas says it is willing to enter into a ceasefire with Israel provided that Israel stop any activities. On the temple mount in Jerusalem that's not. Likely to happen at all especially with the Israeli Cabinet. Meeting today to discuss possible incursion now Israeli military tells me they have no timeline right now which means this could go on for. Days or even longer. They're not. At the point of launching a ground assault they don't have the troops called up yet but that is certainly something that they're talking about and really it's a question of how much they want to do great hamas' capabilities. You've heard in the piece on the Israeli military believes it must realize. Many thousands of rockets with this kind of 65 mile hour. Plus range. Carrying those hundred pound warheads that could do some significant damage from the question is how much does Israel want to try to. Crush Hamas how much longer as Hamas willing to fight like this and this offer. Those casualties in the destruction of their infrastructure in Gaza he saw those buildings collapsed clearly Israel. It's making a statement. Then again those air sorties. Aren't really slowing down right now. Seven there in Israel what an image that stays safe thank you.

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{"duration":"6:42","description":"The U.S. is attempting to deescalate the situation as residents live in fear of constant attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77666394","title":"UN official warns Israeli-Palestinian conflict could be headed for ‘full-scale war’","url":"/International/video/official-warns-israeli-palestinian-conflict-headed-full-scale-77666394"}