Officials: Police kills Christmas market attacker in shootout

French authorities say gunman in France's shootout near market in Strasbourg died in a shootout with police Thursday following a two-day manhunt.
3:00 | 12/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Officials: Police kills Christmas market attacker in shootout
We want to move on now ITs and international news in France for Intel has been following this story after that Christmas market shooting. These suspected gunman has now being killed after a standoff with police let's get the very latest from Ian panel. Well these guys but Christmas markets has just stay put and I think you'd see all the police are patrolling through the area just to make shall than ever and it's safe. This is the first time since that terror attack that has opened the scope festival. And show you the positive side of what's going over the moments it's he had these three young women having their photos taken. Locals and tourism back Arabs. And if you make up a sign next to it little red on sway what he says he Strasburg capital of Christmas Apatow. Do it no Al I'm gonna giant Christmas tree. That's what the city's famous bald is beautiful medieval architect Jeff. Christmas markets and with two million visitors a year come here. With a sudden updates from the public prosecutor about the case what we now understand happened last night. Was at that with three policeman in a column on patrol going Daryn in the new dual district this is south. Of the capital here in Strasburg. They spotted a man walking on the street too much to description of the suspect. As he sold he went towards a duel to mimic going inside the building. But they spotted that he didn't have a case at that point she turned round raised his pistol and shot at them as saying it was a saying pistol that was used. In the terror attack. Hit in the center of Strasbourg they returned fire and they killed him. They've been combing the scene they're checking for compasses. As wonder overlooking that but for now they don't think there were any other compasses bullet they did take some members of its timely into custody. And the effect it when he was wounded on the night the tat apparently gone back to his neighborhood he'd essentially hijack the taxi and told a test drive that's what he was doing. Indicates that perhaps he wasn't possible why the network for the police are counting their investigation they also want to note. Enough forty eighths hours between the attack and him being killed. Where Woolsey did anybody help him and that's centerpiece of their investigation. But such intensive some of the people who what in the markets at the time who have now just reopened that's tolls. Another good morning. How line here. First of all let's have a look at the wonderful. Would not to fax being sold here traditional Christmas scenes to amend. Didn't. I mean it's it. You bulls is in Bethlehem and out while OK I've been to Bethlehem is peaceful peaceful city so you would hear on the knights of the attack correct it. Can can you describe what it was like. I was going to because. 88. We can't picture. Of them. Afraid so. Have. We're all for you hear me. Rise and bring out. And it's so we tried to speak. One at this does that I still. Mr. Waite is stayed inside to hug during this whole incident. To be weak and we we. And everybody up because it. We thought. You know and so stuck on the keeping us. With there was runners really couldn. If that's and then and then when you knew them. And we didn't fake because that would that would. Iowa representative some if someone shooting yet it's warmly what is your reaction to the news that the the killer has now being killed and you can reopen the markets. Yes it's. Because it was quite frightening. To think he'd gotten it. And let us we. Both of you thank you just. So now we took on everything we thought to gain. Yet. Of business. And. I couldn't say it any better myself witnessed great to Christmas will go on. Thank you very much Gracie you'll smiling nap in during the managed this is one thing I know it's it's it's Holtz hopes orange juice. Place smells really good he smells very very Christian Slater. I company rests than that myself people who really happy here that relieved they can get back to business get back to enjoying the holiday season. For ABC news life and impanel in Strasbourg France. And I thanks to alien can always bittersweet when you see those close go back to the site. I'm a terrorist attack but as they said the Christmas spirit will live on great great update there.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"French authorities say gunman in France's shootout near market in Strasbourg died in a shootout with police Thursday following a two-day manhunt.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59822970","title":"Officials: Police kills Christmas market attacker in shootout","url":"/International/video/officials-police-kills-christmas-market-attacker-shootout-59822970"}