Okinawa Battle Flag Returned to Owner's Family

Japanese flag from WWII was found in a cave with handwritten messages and blood-stained corners.
2:09 | 07/30/13

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Transcript for Okinawa Battle Flag Returned to Owner's Family
Riding summit tattered flank had tugged at -- McDougal for 68 years. He's a former combat engineer decades removed from battle but it 88 he set out on one final mission. -- he's not won't know provide -- an error didn't know it. Her deployed to looking -- and nineteen -- -- the bloodiest time in the Pacific. 120000. -- left behind leader personal treasures. Flags Simon loved ones carried into battle and -- this -- had been stashed apparently in a cave and. Do you soldier never came back. Heard Kent did -- it keepsake tucked away in a tiny candy pounds for years he sounds to hide in March. Her -- never share but he said he found that -- our and that's where it all again just. Sitting in a box in his Dresser his granddaughter -- -- guides her former Japanese teacher. My hometown. Name but on the track and make all my -- this sense -- thousand. Yes he found the name of her home -- -- and an evening -- its policy. Its first -- Japanese colonialism pored over thousands of brave Americans -- them -- -- -- -- Tucker -- she was just three years old when his father died he's remains were never return. -- -- photos are all he's had. This month he didn't -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An inducement money isn't in my father's spirit is behind them to come home -- attached to the these notes from the stupid. This line. Nick -- later. The terms of -- they've been pleased that Feldman. Two men once sworn enemies. -- -- to one final act of service. -- -- -- --

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{"id":19820100,"title":"Okinawa Battle Flag Returned to Owner's Family","duration":"2:09","description":"Japanese flag from WWII was found in a cave with handwritten messages and blood-stained corners.","url":"/International/video/okinawa-battle-flag-returned-owners-family-19820100","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}