Oscar Pistorious' Tearful Apology on the Stand

ABC's Matt Gutman describes the somber mood in the South Africa courtroom as Pistorius testified.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorious' Tearful Apology on the Stand
-- emotionally packed day in court today now we thought they unscripted stories might take the stand before him there was a pathologist and China was a surprise to many people that he actually took the stand when he did. We've been waiting for this for him to break his silence for fifteen months speaking publicly for the first time. And it was a riveting in court we -- that is bottom lip began to quiver he tried to apologize to read this team camps mother and her family. Barely eking out that apology acknowledging how much pain he's caused that family saying that he's remorseful. Also telling them that. Read the felt loved the night before she died that we sell -- some of his emotionally fragile state earlier. He was in the bench where he sits every day hunched over almost in the fetal position. From where I was sitting -- could -- shoulders -- he was crying and his sister Amy was there to console and as was his brother Carl. They sat there hugging all three of them for a period mostly packed moment. No less emotionally back -- when he began that apology and then the beginning of this testimony there were people weeping in the gallery as they watched now. Critical to his defense will be he's saying that. He felt vulnerable that night and that's what he's talking about. Throughout the remainder of today -- this testimony we're told could last for a number of days. The lead prosecutor Jerry -- is known as a ferocious cross -- -- and we saw some of that today he actually belittled. -- the defense is pathologist on the stand and he's going to be just is rough with Oscar these stories. Probably going to try to break him down now the big question is an -- destroys his story and his nerves hold up. Back -- and ABC news Pretoria South Africa.

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{"id":23221128,"title":"Oscar Pistorious' Tearful Apology on the Stand","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Matt Gutman describes the somber mood in the South Africa courtroom as Pistorius testified.","url":"/International/video/oscar-pistorious-tearful-apology-stand-23221128","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}