Pakistani Girls to Malala: 'We Still Love You'

Schoolchildren in Pakistan discuss the young activist in the wake of her Nobel loss.
1:39 | 10/11/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pakistani Girls to Malala: 'We Still Love You'
There's an all girls school in Islamabad we spent the day at a girls only school in the capital of -- stock. -- outnumbered by about forty school girls inside we found a room full of bright eyed students their eyes fixated. Watching for this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner to be announced. The odds on favorite -- -- use of side the girls who dared to defy the Taliban and wind any gun any time to be educating. -- model was shot in the head a year ago and almost died. All for demanding the right to all girls to an education. She's now written a new book I am a law law and -- for an exclusive interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer. I didn't like his -- it is dangerous some -- and get -- afraid if they -- people don't call fall life. But some people and if they won't like she did -- you have to -- as the girls and our classroom watched their smiles soon turned to sadness. Learning this year's winner is -- dear hero but instead the Nobel Peace Prize -- -- -- consortium. Is to be awarded. Through the organization. For the relief mission -- -- -- weapons it was a huge upset. The girls here just like my -- she'll often unbreakable also. Get rid of the Rome if -- and walked into this classroom right now what we do do. Just how good thing -- influences. Even though she's lost. Maggie good morning -- you lose his two lesbians the -- you -- -- chronic pain. King and with millions of supporters just like these. Obama still has a very bright future ahead Mohammed -- ABC news Islamabad.

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{"id":20545722,"title":"Pakistani Girls to Malala: 'We Still Love You'","duration":"1:39","description":"Schoolchildren in Pakistan discuss the young activist in the wake of her Nobel loss.","url":"/International/video/pakistani-girls-malala-yousafzai-love-20545722","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}