Papal Conclave: Choosing the New Pope

On day two of voting black smoke signals a new pope has not yet been chosen.
14:58 | 03/13/13

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Transcript for Papal Conclave: Choosing the New Pope
And good morning everyone I'm -- Cutler in New York with an ABC news digital special report. The first full day of conclave is under -- at the Vatican 2 -- this morning. And black smoke and it's no -- has been elected. That is three votes in total now there'll be two more votes again today but it's only one smoke which could be black it could be -- The 115 voting cardinals will now have some indication of who the front runners are. But the crowd. Outside still no idea. They are eagerly awaiting that announcement along with the rest of the world of the new supreme pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. A two thirds majority is required for a new Pope to be elected that means 77 cardinals have to agree that one amongst -- should lead the flock. ABC's -- Gonzales is in Rome now with the latest. Meaning that the cardinals voting twice this morning and still no one has the 77 votes needed. To be elected -- For the second time since the conclave began yesterday black smoke poured from the small -- atop the Sistine Chapel. The world waiting for white smoke signaling there is a new Pope. We'll have to continue to wait. Very deftly dinner and outlines. -- -- If anything happens pretty much they want it be deathly ill and experience it pays nothing else that we -- again over we'd rather be here -- experiencing this period. After the disappointing darkness of the smoke pouring from about the Sistine Chapel last night signaling an inconclusive vote the cardinals returned this morning. -- prayers again today for guidance as the 115. Electors cast another round of ballots. I think these cardinals have very much on their mind the fact that they are human beings and they want to make the best choice possible but they could make a mistake. The deaths are literally out on who they could elect paddy power company offering online gambling on the -- says so far most of the money is on -- school of Italy followed by cardinal Scherer of Brazil. And the Americans aren't doing too badly either. We've taken a lot of money recently on the Americans on to include diamonds being -- from hundreds one's 21. Of course their figures are fun and games what's happening behind these closed doors the serious centuries old method of choosing the church's next leader. The election of the man who will -- the world's one point two billion Catholics taking another step forward today. And the cardinals are now having lunch together they'll return this afternoon to vote again. -- in -- -- Gonzales ABC news now back to you. So -- that -- to find out a little bit about what the reaction is from the -- As we've been watching this. Smoke -- up here from the states but -- imagine right there in Saint Peter's Square it's quite different. In Saint Peter's Square there's been a lot of excitement we're just speaking with the -- and you said it felt. -- at a soccer match. When they saw the smoke every once started cheering. Just so much excitement for so many people who feel so fortunate to be able to win. If history. Do they feel as if there's a sense of disappointment that when they see the black -- -- to just. Building anticipation. He'd probably get him a bit of disappointment everyone wants to be there at the moment when they see the white smoke but many people say -- Right they -- black smoke don't just come back again later. And wait some more. -- determined crowd as bay and the rest of the world continues to watch ABC's Martha Gonzales were Smart thank you for -- We're joined now on the phone but father John got three from the US conference of Catholic bishops -- father got you're good morning to you and now the cardinals are are getting a sense of who the leading candidates are what are they allowed to say -- one another now. All to build -- majority. Well good morning -- and it's I think within the conclave itself in the Sistine Chapel again there's not a lot of talk. Also it's a purple atmosphere where they vote. While we're very real discussion happens is between. The different boats when they moved back to the content on the -- In hand have launched -- -- -- time with each other they did last night. We really don't know what's happening there I think they're still decorum no one's campaign here. I think what you're going to be seeing is depending on what's going on in this this chapel -- a couple of options one is that there is. A leading candidate -- emerging and picking up votes and each -- vote happens. And when that if that happens that's exactly happen for example in 2005. When Pope Benedict was elected. Cardinal Ratzinger kept gaining boats and facility and the fourth ballot elected. However there is another option which has happened also and that is that. The main candidates emerge in these first few ballots and they -- so they don't gain. Very much and it's clear that there are not going to be able to make the two thirds. When that happens then there are. Cardinals. That are not. Going to be elected but still are highly respected. They can choose who worked behind the scenes and begin to talk about they are favoring such and such a candidate. So that there are those behind the scenes. What work going not I would say that if if the boats continue. That those leading candidates that were mentioned. If they can't Muster and continue to grow old then the cardinals may look elsewhere. And that's where it would get a particular interesting but it. It could it's resolved today or early tomorrow. In most likely will probably one of those oh lead candidates -- bowl but obviously we don't know any more than anybody else in the square the world right. Exceed those of the scenarios. And just to go over the basics of the voting procedure to votes were held this morning. One vote was held yesterday and two more this afternoon going forward say that there is black smoke this afternoon as were waiting to see. How long how many days in a row secession -- can and that kind of stalemate -- Well what happened loses. They do three full days of voting yesterday it was the one -- So today Thursday and Friday they would do for votes each to in the morning to in the afternoon. And if they're still stalemate. Or a lack of resolution. They would take Saturday off per day of prayer. -- a day accurately. Reconsider -- all that's I would say that's highly unlikely it's gonna get there because this. In the twentieth century no -- gone past -- -- So that would take -- and a thirteen boats. I don't think. I am not anticipating -- -- but Saturday a day off I think that. The result will be -- before that but it gets into the you know the tenth eleventh vote. Many more options open up them in the fourth vote. Because you don't get something going by for Africa boats. In terms of the leading candidate gaining boats. And the cardinals have to start thinking of other options and that's what we'll take a little bit more tribe salt. Itself highly intriguing of course were speaking out knowing what's really going on -- -- and that's exactly the way it should. -- exactly. Weird sort of left to our own devices since two axis. This -- speculate. I want to ask you cardinal Timothy Dolan archbishop of New York had sent a letter yesterday to his priest saying that he felt confident that a new Pope would be elected by Thursday. Speaking. Cardinal Dolan there has been buzz leading up to yesterday. Especially in the Italian media that we could see our first North American Pope cardinal Dolan being among the top of those lists. Has that changed Jesus vote do you suppose in the past 24 hours given -- results of the votes. Well we just don't know of course -- Dolan of them very outgoing and wonderful stage for the church very present them. Able to speak of the joy the good news believing in Christ in the church so it would be a wonderful representative of course but. That first vote yesterday was a huge vote. Because before then. The cardinals were talking about issues they are talking about the state of the church that some of the wonderful things that are happening some of the struggles. But no one knew what anybody else's and that certainly thinking. And yesterday more -- yesterday evening the first votes. -- -- -- their cards on the table and then you get a sense of who really is being seriously considered. Now a lot of cardinal Dolan amount among that we just don't know again it's it's hard to know if that's changed. Course if he was one of the one that was getting enough votes to really be taken seriously. Then the cardinals well you know -- the picket deeper look at at him and the others others and say. Is that the man that the holy spirit is calling us at this point to lead the church. -- I think he would be wonderful. What its chances are you know wired -- -- a chuckle about the Irish. Getting going -- on. It's it's a little it's a little over the top it's. You have to leave room a little bit here work of god. And as -- said yesterday you know and this Sistine Chapel human. The very human elements of these 116. Man and there. There abuse of the church and their backgrounds and everything they bring to the to Sistine Chapel meets the divine there. And oh we don't know all the all experts as scriptures as blows where there it will sudden. We'll see what what comes out so sometimes it's a little more predictable and other times it's a complete surprise and who knows -- Dolan would be. -- I think it surprised simply because having an American electorate would be surprised. But I think it would be a wonderful surprise. I also wanted to ask you about the archdiocese of Los Angeles and wrist recently settling -- at ten million dollar lawsuit swore -- clergy abuse victims. Cardinal Mahoney who heads up that archdiocese. Is his position now changed is TO less valuable of an advocate now in going forward in selecting a -- -- all I don't know that I think that certainly the cardinals are aware of each other and and their individual situations. I think he has said that the Vatican. Ask him to be there EC. As part of the sacred duties of the cardinal to do that. I'm not your second -- is that what it and the influence on any of -- -- I really don't know it's you got gassed them and -- I don't think they'd be -- really willing to share. Those kind of details but. I think everybody's aware they all know each other. Greater or lesser degree -- they've gotten to know each other a lot better in this last week. And -- -- everything is on the table social. -- of course we continue to watch there. I don't want to ask you about one last thing before we -- ago. The dynamics. Among the cardinals how does -- change -- as the vote continues on because we've seen different reports that sometimes the food that they are surge that sent to mark to house is very Spartan. It is not luxurious that the accommodations. Are. -- accommodating only adequate I think I've been hearing them describe -- does that play in -- sort of then been able to put there -- their nose to the grindstone and make a decision. Well you know all for the cardinals. There used to going on retreats slate. Cardinals are bishops here. -- water treat every year they're used to this kind of situation. It's a lot better than it used to be you know before John Paul the second they were literally sleeping in court orders and it was very Spartan them I think they've made it. Comfortable enough that they're not gonna get a ruptured this -- this is the most important decision that these 150 men will make it her life. So they're not gonna let. And Spartan food but -- beside its land we should -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's a retreat it really is for them they're they're making this a very purple retreated about focused on god I don't think. That any of those 150 -- -- about what kind of food theory they are really focused on the most important decision -- their life. And they will take as long as it takes to make the right decision salt I don't think any of that will determine. The situation and and the results. I suppose it is it's nothing more but a fun pastime for us here in the media and of course. We're watching throughout the world as we know that they are secret it away back and forth from the Sistine Chapel to sent to -- to house and we wonder we speculate what it is. Going through their minds and what they're doing inundated -- Activities father got three thank you so much this morning -- Dare I appreciate your time and all eyes of course to continue to watch the Vatican as the voting cardinals have left the Sistine Chapel they are back at their residence at Santa -- house where they'll be having lunch and then prepare. For this afternoon's vote of course we will keep you updated. On And be back here with -- live reports at 12 o'clock eastern time just as that afternoon voting. Begins for all of us here at ABC news now. Have a good Wednesday we now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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{"id":18717379,"title":"Papal Conclave: Choosing the New Pope","duration":"14:58","description":"On day two of voting black smoke signals a new pope has not yet been chosen.","url":"/International/video/papal-conclave-choosing-pope-18717379","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}