Officials: '90 Percent' Of Typhoon-Ravaged Area in Philippines is Destroyed

Northern Cebu's destruction following historic typhoon is focus of aid efforts in region.
7:54 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for Officials: '90 Percent' Of Typhoon-Ravaged Area in Philippines is Destroyed
This is a special group. -- -- for a New York with this ABC news digital special report. Five days since -- high on swept across the country. Survivors in some of the worst affected areas the Philippines are waiting for help in the United Nations has launched an appeal. For 301 million dollars to help in the relief efforts. Officials now estimating the death tolls at 2500. -- that is expected to grow. The BBC's ouster -- head has the latest. The extent of this to the -- food is only now becoming clear. Across the Philippines buildings and homes destroyed people left without shelter. Even solid concrete buildings like the local school couldn't withstand the power of the storm. -- -- -- wasn't the first place to be hit but Thai food behind leveled buildings all the way along its destructive path. It's an overwhelming task trying to restore power supplies which -- been cut off across the entire north of the island. Enough to stop some way. On the road -- with another tropical storm approaching the extent of the damage gradually worsens. We stumbled across the home built to keep that don't either but the storm came it anyway. It can't still win bidding it is still -- -- -- hours. Well -- up and -- -- -- and made. Kendall data us. -- restricting yeah. This was the first truck of aid to reach this area when the people -- they came running. A group of friends from the island's main city loaded -- the truck with whatever they could find -- rice teams and water. Robust. Right to go around and look for a county that we'll itself because some of that -- after daylight. You know -- are worried. Who gave the command and -- you can see some of the roads are blocked. So I believe congress house and we -- the station to have a spot crashed -- get our stuff ready. This is just -- little -- station that we've stumbled across on the long drive. Up to the north of the Seibu island. The further you go the -- the damage -- And the greater the needed to be able to get food and water whether it be from private organizations all from the government they all need help. As soon as possible. This is your -- you -- right. Regina my husband and -- three children. We're lucky survive when the wind whipped off their -- They had to battle -- -- to reach the safety of a friend's home. There is so many stories like because in this neighborhood across this battered island. And the long the trailer disaster the typhoon left behind. Palace -- BBC news in the north of Cebu island in the Philippines. And we are joined now on the phone from -- by ABC's -- show. -- I understand that you have only -- in Seibu for a few hours -- but give us a sense from what you have seen their of the desperation on the ground. Yes I -- here and that. Com I'm -- -- it it won't not while back. We're at and then here right now -- -- will be aren't where an area acting right. According -- make an issue. One big. We bought with the economy around the law it -- group for -- you're going -- -- I want not. If it is it seem as if it is an organized relief effort or is it still somewhat in the formative stages. No right now we don't -- any organization. And they. -- for example are very could hear our report on the ground. What will activate it what he checked out the debt but today that went without a repeat that -- -- -- -- -- I find it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And this is the concrete at -- -- I don't think it made very skeptical that -- -- damage. What about the actual then relief efforts -- -- seen not only at the airport but in other areas. Even outside of the airport there is is -- starting to make its way to those areas that are affected. What we learned that and truck brand new to the airport -- -- right. I can -- airport there -- more than three out all outlets will be at eight I -- They ended very popular iMac -- -- I only a few hundred in the war. I hear it where it Barry. I think it -- Agriculture than ever we -- to control the injury and their mother. And that they are. -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- about 2700. Up in. Here. And Julie and obviously complicating the issue. Not that long ago. Yet my Geithner when I write it -- that he actively about the -- quite or execute. -- Compared to what happened to -- people -- Is it a matter admit that you've been seen and again I know that you've just gotten their just a couple of hours ago but. Is it a matter of now setting priorities for what is actually needed critically the most -- the clean water is that medical supplies is -- food or is it just all it needed an equal measures. All because what people are you tired of the water and there. They are in moderate I -- very wherever they and it would be here all day. So basically what you're just waiting for any -- and -- And you're saying that that it was relatively easy thing make it into the airport then added that traffic is obviously back up and going as those relief efforts are starting to make their way in. Yes I heard background will grow where flopping on tape aired on people trying to get -- port -- and 98. Well -- yeah airport need to be unit but they're mopping up my mind try to get through -- the I think -- People about art art you know in the -- What about the -- -- about the evacuation efforts it is that Ben and orderly process just from what you've seen. -- -- -- Is it is an evacuation that that has been going on in our people able to make it out when they want to -- or is it is it's still limited flight. Schedule. Only only to air current debate but I -- the problem and it's especially in the Urbana area. Green -- I speak at the airport in -- And there are only a small number problem -- -- and -- the I think people. All right. ABC's -- -- -- in say vote thank you so much for that obviously stay safe and we are wishing you the best on that. As you have just arrived there at the as the Philippines is just beginning to get some of its release relief efforts from that typhoon that struck last week. We have complete report right here on For -- -- -- -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":20866237,"title":"Officials: '90 Percent' Of Typhoon-Ravaged Area in Philippines is Destroyed","duration":"7:54","description":"Northern Cebu's destruction following historic typhoon is focus of aid efforts in region.","url":"/International/video/philippines-typhoon-aid-relief-officials-90-percent-typhoon-20866237","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}