Journalist on Conditions Aboard Stuck Antarctic Cruise Ship

The Guardian's Alok Jha discusses conditions on stuck cruise ship in Antarctica.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Journalist on Conditions Aboard Stuck Antarctic Cruise Ship
This is a special room. -- company -- -- as ABC news digital special report held is insight for that ship trapped in the ice off Antarctica. It's been stuck since Christmas morning but now a Chinese icebreaker is within sight slowly cracking open a -- a -- And joining me now by satellite phone from on board that frozen research vessel is at -- job he is a photojournalist for the guardian newspaper has been covering the ship's journey there. A lot we appreciate you spending some time with us obviously we've been watching this this blizzard hit what Christmas morning and that's when the vessel got stuck. Our tribal we will we have arrived in this area just they're out here a couple of miles off the -- -- never thought. Just before Christmas the idea of their visit police here here at its climate science is urged but the weather turns not state and pushed the idea floating ice -- In all directions and sort of invest in the -- I'm now via the ice around that is about how they like Karen. Twelve or thirteen nautical -- they -- said help is coming -- we can see -- Chinese icebreaker. Just eight -- miles off also -- without some of NG its way towards. It is in -- in the that the icebreaker -- that having difficulty in reaching -- Well I PV CR first -- that -- quite they have made this threat to -- me just -- camp for misrepresent -- It's not easy enough to get through and it's it's not useful -- not that -- -- -- you can just take its profit just. -- -- -- through very very hits one bit which you can't get through -- dramatic pace and content Europe. Took her backwards and go around I mean if you just how you get through -- like this it's not normal. It's blew it yes spirit wasn't in my life sometimes. This morning off time but it aren't going to be a few more hours yet where we can see it -- thought about it. We think you're right here in the next half -- -- and then the party to the process of freeing us from -- will begin. I -- to a particular details. It is it's -- -- -- It's like rescue on the horizon -- eight miles out -- the anxiety is building out there. Take a look we've got actually a picture that you tweeted out from -- handle. Of that as the rescue ship right there so I mean obviously you go to on -- you've been down there for three weeks now you know these conditions are going to be -- And I've been read on your on -- accounts there that. Clearly you become used to putting on Woolen socks Woolen men's sweaters -- -- -- bundling up its harshest conditions on -- -- -- When your stock at the bottom of the world it's -- -- -- somewhat this concerning knowing that well this wasn't exactly what you had planned. Well I did not seek your -- right it is formally outlined but people of -- thought that we were -- also this thing called the date back in -- house complex and you -- plan you make and actually one here is happening just depends on -- -- feel like you want you to do so you -- -- great if people that you could always be prepared. For the party -- -- -- a for a few days if that expedition we've been home for the past two off weeks we've -- cultural scientific plans for the whole time but actually you know we are delayed all the way through -- not announcement regarding. You're running this technicians have done -- many many tons of all. Everything is is variable we know that. I mean if not attacked titan oil at least that's before -- have to -- -- incentive if you want to be getting -- and getting her -- in respect sort of Iraqis are very peaceful place on the count from of -- can -- beautiful ice skate in all directions and for people like these are coming all the time yeah rare quality through experiences just right here on health -- question is an -- now potatoes that -- -- There is that the color the beautiful -- -- -- -- landscape -- -- but completely lights. I'm -- I'm kind of enjoying it -- -- on his skeletal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can only imagine is that what you know the same -- I can relate somewhat because your colleague -- -- -- who is down there as well also with the guardian as well. Yeah I spent some time up in Manitoba Canada covering the polar bear migration out there off of Churchill and so I can appreciate the fact that. When you get to those kinds of conditions there isn't a peaceful like serenity to at all. And yet the same time for those that are down there doing work the scientists are are eager to kind of -- get on with their experience and the you know at their work. You were down they're turning re re -- yeah yeah you so you were governor retracing what expedition Douglas moss and back in 1911 and what of the parts of this trip was going back and explores over the hearts that were built at that time. -- Yes but certainly a more from the how to explore on our level with people. We'll turn over school Shackleton. -- in the people also look contemporary than he -- she once you're out -- -- sparkles in fact and deal and I -- expedition the original Australasian policy positions in -- and he it was an amazing man -- -- scientists -- through his expedition -- -- she wants to -- one block -- -- -- -- the -- The under this current station yesterday and -- -- vision 2000 that he wants to see how much. They carry a gun policy which is a very important area of global climate. How much it's changed in the past century because what Wilson didn't his exhibition of -- huge wealth that date scientific data. Certain valuable it's such a brilliant agitator you can Russian youth movement -- -- collect information novel quickly. You can compare directly would -- he department. A few of them not just societies do the great explorer. I -- it's a measure fuel -- know about his story but he he went through some serious hardship in his and his exhibitions. You know we know it's got tired of the articles the shackles in the stocking up a bit like we are now on how to for the period through art intensive horrible it is. -- -- the ocean but -- -- himself he spent to a few months. Tracking essentially by himself. Prosecutors colleagues -- Identical participation rate base camp. The ship had just left to get frustrated the -- spent the next few years that. -- without -- -- -- policy went. Talking pleasant. Spot the great thing -- character on the whole time which is why his scientific data it's a valuable. It is fascinating to the perseverance and -- is -- is that some of the video here that that you shot Lawrence John as well. Every you have big smiles on your face is that the same time the conditions there obviously very -- you think about what it's like more than a hundred years ago. But without the kind of technology in the kind of protection and and and -- there were able to incorporated now. I mean what a difference that must day. Well what exactly I mean I mentioned that is gone where -- the anniversary in August and he went through will be archived. But Serbs -- -- -- -- we're any of the for the clothes and I and technology we have and you say they appreciate it that we're on now is -- a metal -- Our strength and -- it's it's -- sealed inside the -- as far as we're concerned it's warm and comfortable. Where is he rented all of this stuff all the great things we're doing but eight and leaky wooden vessel which we that was -- -- fall apart -- -- time -- they've been a hot and we visited his how to Kate Aniston where space camp was which has been blocked from access for -- is not an immaculate that. -- we were lucky not to visit under the -- on the regarding web site. It's it's a very small huts where eighteen man let's. If society has some of -- Permit nobody told firmly and are certainly -- eighty immense threat and that and it would have been would have built until -- Total smoking match and and it's just this discussion humbling defeat. What they did -- in that -- And -- -- until camp and being kicked innocents on a place called. Wolf I let it would be speculative because DiGiorgio -- Around people -- or something like seventy now on average. And gusts of 300 miles an hour he wanted to pleasant place to be there were culturally complain -- is -- Was leaking air and snow on these as -- cold -- people. The -- is that we're having now charges. Millions of -- me put that into perspective. What what was it like to when he walked into those huts for the first time. And it was it was -- I think it's very hard say what is commonly nationally we have been -- into a half weeks we've done. To conjure up some occupied -- intensified that we have been over there are some places you'll get it. Seven weren't -- -- -- into the parking is -- not look very early that morning ago on out of very long. Very uncomfortable ride across BI. -- -- -- The company was still. That it is the hearts with like there's no there's -- of -- respondents are covered in Adam antiques and -- -- -- -- of Cha -- meander -- -- -- eastern distilled coverage frost is like they've just left for the day. States less around they've -- their names on the wolf. Written. He tells about the books continue to lead in each other and that it or some of the -- reason that. And it was coming out wrong -- sort of speak too loudly info wrong to take too many pages is is what was that like you're that you would. Invading their previously over of course has had don't prevent Iran. That it really look -- altering experience this was. I'm genuinely speaking in people's -- a lot of out -- We're distributing wallet on the very first places humans went on Antarctica. -- discovered this constant concern. -- that to be -- all of this. History happens. -- -- days Leon Harris you know. That's our history. Who are simply took some pictures and -- and -- -- -- a share that they can discovered -- science Tina. And we and we and we certainly are doing and -- venture in those as well because it really is fascinating to see. That time period just. From -- -- better -- frozen in time obviously. It really quit his arm redistribute. It in read it really isn't as easily as -- move -- -- ago that. Is there any concern about supplies ran out -- the ship that you're on right now I'm anonymity said that there's a couple of hours away from and from that first Chinese -- -- be able to make it to you guys but. Any concern on board. No love each other topic however who like this one. No they -- -- stopped and so they would have extra fuel. What we've been told by beach. By the additional content that has turned -- on board got a fantastic Christmas in and Jonas Bjorkman has brought even -- home include everything three. Without great Oprah will -- -- -- a couple of weeks away our nation he respect for her to break counter dehydrated -- but we should be up to -- a couple of days -- over the illusion have to get city to the extremes. Well it is -- here and obviously we certainly -- -- we can't thank you enough for spending some time with us today and share in this very unique perspective of that part of the world. -- -- job with the guardian thank you so much of course safe travels in his state rescue back for -- their leisure thank you. And of course have a complete report right here on ABC news conference on Dan Butler New York with -- ABC news -- special report.

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{"id":21348011,"title":"Journalist on Conditions Aboard Stuck Antarctic Cruise Ship","duration":"3:00","description":"The Guardian's Alok Jha discusses conditions on stuck cruise ship in Antarctica.","url":"/International/video/photo-journalist-conditions-aboard-stuck-antarctic-cruise-ship-21348011","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}