Polish persecution of LGBTQ communities

Poland’s President Duda visits the White House four days ahead of the presidential elections, as members of Poland’s LGBTQ community say Duda has taken actions that make them feel unsafe.
5:42 | 06/25/20

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Transcript for Polish persecution of LGBTQ communities
Today the White House presidential met with the president of Poland the first foreign leader to visit the White House in months since the pandemic can't. President do not faces his own reelection in just four days in and likely welcome being seen side by side with president trump in the Rose Garden. The back home Poland's LG BTQ community says it did is persecuting them in an appeal to conservative voters and now activists are in Poland are speaking up. CBC's David Wright has the story. Questions about the White House today of foreign visitor with baggage. It's. Are here with the U. President on shade Judah of pull it up for reelection next week the White House photo op with the US president for any foreign leader. His assigned a potency. Telegraphing the message this guy he's on the world stage this. My honor to have a friend of mine here president do have fallen to. Has done an incredible job and I do believe he has an election coming up and I do believe he'll be very. Successful. But for president trump this visit is not so totally Crump is already on the defensive after clashes with black lives matter. His visit with Poland's president risks alienating another constituency. He LG BTQ community now celebrating front month. This is where pride looks like food and Poland. The picnic held this past Saturday it more so sparsely attended not just because of the weather and social distancing. In Poland's. We have not stay it's great situation. And a with stellar and Sant to and then homophobia activities. Ever since the butts who want to sue. And so habits are environments is open for everyone and we we're not scared of us people who cravings it's. They say dude and his government have made them less six I have friends that's the had beaten because stage. Colleges and sleep peacefully friends and small will be reduced Sino that written they are plenty of people that they try to kill themselves. With the polish election just four days away Judah and his government have sought to appeal to conservative Catholics and pulling. By ramping up outraged at gays and lesbians. The anti gay sentiment. Is not hard to find in Poland last year there were violent clashes during pride marches the rainbow flag. Set on fire. Poland is the birthplace of Pope John Paul the second. The country conservative. And Catholic in the extreme. The archbishop of Krakow recently spoke about the rainbow plague can't teach them my arm prop ball to Dunn has sought to capitalize on. Parents have the right to protect their child off him from the influence of ideologies that are contrary to their own beliefs and views he says. Buddha has gone so far as to call homosexuality. An evil ideology. Poland is part of the European Union but under dude is leadership more than eighty polish cities and towns. Have declared themselves to be LG BT free zones. Because of this so Jimmy Key free zones and plenty of kids today if they need to took Hyde's name they can't say cool days and they are. We don't pass and proper education. Mollen says boats that didn't being killed Jimmy Key person almost six education. Plan we have less sensible Catholics list of them in the engine and hi I believe that we should have a proper education miles human rights. An assist nears and online fitness instructor says her old village was one of those LG BT free zones. She left because she didn't feel safe there. Our president keep trying to move de humanize. Supply a man's risk they do would be Jewish people. That Wu who. People they didn't see them because they indeed and that human mind fast and they are not treated as another human being that they are treating us like evil people and. Meet coach urban scheme works for Amnesty International Kathleen we don't have equal rights league on half pay for the X family there's no hate crime and hate speech laws we don't have my cheap clothing in Poland. Let me long to. Recognize the agenda there's note American mission. Activists are hoping to change that especially. In Warsaw stain visible. Despite efforts to intimidate them. And early US LG BTQ rights are more secure than ever. Not so much because of the trump administration. But because of the US Supreme Court the same court that recognize same sex marriage. Ruled last week that employment discrimination based on sexual orientation. And gender is unconstitutional. And. We have the highest quarterly she's not equal are based on the air. Right. He. Of the sexual orientation and column Maddon didn't say DNA to be okay like I really can't. But with president dude and his side president trump raised none of the concerns about Poland's treatment of the LG BTQ community. Instead offering this embrace. Our bond has been forged in battle sealed in blood and strengthened by our shared cultural values. I think David Wright ABC news New York.

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{"duration":"5:42","description":"Poland’s President Duda visits the White House four days ahead of the presidential elections, as members of Poland’s LGBTQ community say Duda has taken actions that make them feel unsafe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"71439486","title":"Polish persecution of LGBTQ communities","url":"/International/video/polish-persecution-lgbtq-communities-71439486"}