Pompeo meets with top North Korean official in Pyongyang

ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports on the Secretary of State's trip from a luxury hotel in the secretive country.
2:06 | 07/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Pompeo meets with top North Korean official in Pyongyang
Hi I'm Kara Palmieri in Pyongyang North Korea reporting for ABC news live I'm traveling with the secretary of state. Mike Pompeo it's his second day of means of North Korean officials. Where he patching up the deet tails about agreement that president trump signed with Kim Jong-un in Singapore last month thinking to terrorize the Korean. Peninsula he'll be meeting again with. Kim Jung and the number two Kim young. Chuckle now yesterday when they started their meetings they talked about building trust rather than the deet tails like. Weapons. Or even just a blueprint for how that will happen he is under some pressure though because there are reports. That north Cree it actually expanding its weapons facilities. Rather that. Dismantling. It but the State Department says don't expect him to come home with anything concrete. This entire trip had been at the winds of the north Koreans. Even here are rivals have been latent with secretary of statement Pompeo waiting on came. Don't tolls to arrive and today wolf people even meets with Kim Jong-un but if he does he'll be leaving this beautiful campus it's called. 100 flowers and garden. And there's a beautiful lake over here it's down the street when a massive Mongolia where Kim Il song and Kim Jung will. Laid to rats and the guest rooms are beautiful it's where Madeleine Albright stayed in 2000 when she came Q. North Korea. So the pressure is on secretary of state Mike Pompeo we'll see you later if he ends up needing. With Kim Jong-un. But we note that. The deet health so far had been bait and if he comes home with anything new will surely find out about and let you know. When he walked into its first meeting we asked him about a South Korean report that he brought a copy and L in John's rocket man. Sinai president count as a guest. For Kim Jung and he laughed it off and we yet the fight a State Department official traveling with an who has seen this record but what we find out we'll let you know I'm tire Palmieri reporting for ABC news live in Pyongyang North Korea.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"ABC News' Tara Palmeri reports on the Secretary of State's trip from a luxury hotel in the secretive country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56420003","title":"Pompeo meets with top North Korean official in Pyongyang","url":"/International/video/pompeo-meets-top-north-korean-official-pyongyang-56420003"}