Across the Pond: Nearly 60 killed in Brazil prison riot

Plus: Mystery surrounds a court case involving Emirati Sheikh Mohammed and his wife, and a Thai soup has been brewing for 45 years.
4:29 | 07/30/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Nearly 60 killed in Brazil prison riot
Well not to Brazil where a prison riot has left nearly sixty inmates dead after rival gangs started a fire and tell carts hostage. Across pot vigilant McFarland in the London bureau for more gradually this is crazy story. Hey tonight that's right now riots in prisons in Brazil. Is slumming that happens quiet often. That this is quite a staggering death tolls for this particular one at least 57. People dead. Some of them were attacked. Close range but a lot of them actually suffocated. You know off the fire was started now what happens two rival gangs. He had been sort about loggerheads. It burned cattle to since. And to this this this month's attack to prison gods what held hostage. But they Europe and later released. Because this was a sort of inter gang conflicts in the prison now a lot of figures are being pointed. The government because federal prisons all vause lease of a the capacity this particular. Prison has an official capacity of 200 but it was housing. 309. Inmates the government has said responds that's. That wasn't the the coolest all of what happened it says it wasn't if the capacity. But some serious questions for vote for how they how they deal with these ongoing. Instances of violence in the prisons. And back home there in London a court case has captured attention involving a royal company a couple but it's not the British royal family. Not exactly this does. I'm pretty fascinating saying let inside this suit this secretive. Says. All of the UAE royal frowning now this is to do with Belize all of the body of course UAE has these are on seven emirates. And shake Mohamed bin Rashid amok to me is the arm as the and India all due body. Now what one of his wives his sixth wife to was it is the daughter of the late king Hussein of Jordan. She. Escaped from the UAE she tend up in London. Reports that she was claiming asylum. She's fearing kidnapping. And that she was petitioning for divorce now what's happening today is a separate court case that has to do with the wealth. All of the couple's children she took two of her children. Wyss head to the UK. It does not appear that the current court cases is about divorce or about finances. But this is really extraordinary this is the Fed female member of a UAE will Tommy to have of school on their to have tried to us escape. From. Bid the UN he recently and say it's it's so very very interesting mysterious trends. On of course so much going on behind the scenes but fascinating story that's coming out. Definitely. Soup you like it and Julia. And how old is too old for. Older than me this one. The right would do take a sip of those this is they see it that has been bring. Both for T five is in Bangkok in Thailand and well I've but take a look at best and they say is apparently not an usual because basically this is the Barack of the state which has been simmering. Four decades generations really. I'm that would they use the Ross as a base to make all the best suits Robin at the end of the day based of the meat vegetables all that stuff has gone and it's a new Rudy sort of the remains of of the broth which they used to play for the seats the next day. Look I mean it I mean I I and I think that would take a step yeah. I got iron stomach. Like back cauldron that I see. What this reminded me of guys remember when president trump went on his state visit to South Korea and they offered ten AC 360. Year old soy souls. So check it is given off by the president. It probably be ugly occurrence and our president front like that's valid point. They're right back hurts. Probably only the monster varied businesses to boost the low. I think that's about that. Doing it thank you for joining us they had better question of the day would you try this 45 year old soup Kelly comments or tweet us at ABC news learned.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Plus: Mystery surrounds a court case involving Emirati Sheikh Mohammed and his wife, and a Thai soup has been brewing for 45 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64652618","title":"Across the Pond: Nearly 60 killed in Brazil prison riot","url":"/International/video/pond-60-killed-brazil-prison-riot-64652618"}