Across the Pond: Australian senator gets egged

Plus, violent protests erupt again in France, and the colorful festival of Holi begins.
3:20 | 03/18/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Australian senator gets egged
Welcome back let's go across the the pond to London bureau where friends radio rovers keep unite the international certainly miss Bruno. Good morning left some of the fallout from the terror attack in New Zealand. That's the good the assets and really good for last indeed you can say at gaps. A controversial. Right wing Australian senate's. Woes egged. By a seventeen year old boy off to his comments blaming the attack. In New Zealand own sort of armed FactSet on controlled Islamic immigration. Tom exited the boys become something of a collar hero. His instant rampages received a half a million extra hits. And now it turns out the senate some might well be charged with a souls thumping. The lat. Yeah. Unbelievable response he had there what a moment that was indeed and want to talk to though about the violence and terrorists because this all these pictures over the weekend as well where. Yellow that's protesters they clashed with the police there they were. What vandalizing of stores and restaurants and even sent several fires. At least sixty people were hurt including officers what's the up what what's the latest on that situation. Well. I mean this is old eyes light and in his situation normal flow from slave it's been experiencing. Weekly protests by the Asia and Asia on the shelf my French that a yellow jackets. Across transactional to some parents but living got a bump for months. Kind of funny smorgasbord. The set of protesters. Right wing and left wing essentially. Disgruntled the what's happening in in France they feel that the poor are getting for the rich getting richer. But what they've done is taken that that anger rat and frustration out by attacking restaurants shelves. And including out by the Spanish restaurant called the case. In Paris which is associated with the elites in that country must obviously but as you can see from the pictures. They've they would revving up and down the cells Anita possibly the most famous street in the world. And really come you know taking it to those shops of false was another shop there was talk visited but calls -- his association with rich people and get. If you said this thing going on for a while I wonder Bremer is there a sense that the the that the protests in terms the eve of the scale of the protests have they been getting smaller all our larger over these past weeks. But not as good question I should they have been getting smaller but they're not getting nausea. They seem they what I have that we armed. President McCraw tries to do to quell these these protests. Isn't really working amid last week that would going to be there with 3000 protesters in Paris this weekend just cost. There were out was of 101000 according to Belize. Does not going away. Edinburgh before we let you go where light up a little bit we saw those top images there but Ross is seen some beautiful photos out of India. As the holy festival begins what is that holiday alma. It's it's a sort of festival a sprain is about renewal is about forgiveness. So I think is very acts given the things that are going on of the world right now say it's it's a wonderful joyous celebration. It's all about color lit city area and add about being happy and celebrating the positive things that come about when the world stalls to wake up author along Winston. Cobb real we're all for that here today league so much for joining us today.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Plus, violent protests erupt again in France, and the colorful festival of Holi begins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61756398","title":"Across the Pond: Australian senator gets egged","url":"/International/video/pond-australian-senator-egged-61756398"}