Across the Pond: Brexit "no" vote disaster

Plus, the fight to take ISIS's last foothold in Syria nears completion, and the future of a German gnome factory could be in jeopardy.
3:19 | 03/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Brexit "no" vote disaster
Other across the pond now to the London bureau our friend Bruno rover is keeping an eye and the biggest international news good morning Bruno that big vote in parliament yesterday. Dingle Alford Teresa may what does this mean for Bre exit with a lean deadline approaching at the end of the month. Dog that this is just a nightmare that never ends Rex it's good lord I'm tired talking about it. Car I don't really honestly it's it's just tonight may 88 it's an avid that was this an example of politicians. Stirring things up this is an it. Anyway but what happened the veteran of the parliament voted down to reason Mae's latest dale. She says this is the last final deal so what's gonna happen today. Is going to be an a and all the votes of that taking no deal that Thailand has sense handing. Control of the negotiations to parliament's itself with still happens but this just goes on and on and they've just kick the can down the roadside many times. Eight's. It's excruciating. It is them I mean obviously Brett Brecht it watch continues and if you think out the politicians bear. I'm are scurrying out here and you the US on capitol another thing hold my beer. We got up and show you. Also we're also we're borrowing that battle against ice is considered at US backed forces closing in on the final fighters there in serious what's the latest there. While its existing I mean. This defeat is an have to ball I think it's back to say that arises down to a tiny small pocket. All of all of area and by dues and east in Syria beds. We don't even know that only a few hundred left the bad defiant and they've just released of a video and audio message. To that to them. To have follows around the world calling for them. To tie it to attack the infidels and it's interesting that kind of acknowledge that day. Are going to be beads and that but they say this is just part of the struggle that they will provide a loan that patience is required says it's an ominous foreboding its other allows death spreads. Not at play by ice is to preserve some signs that estimate but or it's an -- a full body double also the become. To all to ice is in a world wide stage. And amber are you also have a bizarre story today about no owns. Yes and I if if Rex it was old news Mets of this is the should that help site go down this is. A family Rhonda known production company in Germany code Philly green bell. It's full generation and the owner is saying they might have to close its know they get an. It's the end of nuns as we now it. He's saying there's no one who can take over running the gnome production facilitates a bite additional gnome company. Argue that quite creepy but he insists that there actually were the of respect to that made in the traditional Tara Costa style and he's looking at the summit to take over they company off to for generations of the same family running it it's quite a sad day doesn't know none of apocalypse and I had no apocalypse. Somebody bring you know we need that we need more Noam trends I want more that we find him maybe they need our major and trades in dollars something for you know get these known makers. Yes well that yes they westside and the Chinese of the people who were put him out of business but I think that's just and it's. Use loud not right or not they use our right for you already are no license when he ninety we appreciated Bruno.

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{"duration":"3:19","description":"Plus, the fight to take ISIS's last foothold in Syria nears completion, and the future of a German gnome factory could be in jeopardy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61651440","title":"Across the Pond: Brexit \"no\" vote disaster","url":"/International/video/pond-brexit-vote-disaster-61651440"}