Across the Pond: Possible coup d'etat in Sudan

Plus, India heads to the polls in the world's biggest election, and could there be an Australian James Bond?
4:11 | 04/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Possible coup d'etat in Sudan
Welcome back let's go across the pond now to ABC news London bureau were for a rover is keeping an eye and the biggest international news good morning Bruno let's start with some breaking news out of Sudan. We've been watching the mass protests there against president Omar opt share. Now there are reports that army has been deployed in the streets there are what we know right now. While I mean it's it's a developing story so we whip whip piecing it together as we hear reports. But Reuters at all those news services have suggested are reporting that I allow Bichette has been toppled. Essentially got soft too by the army off to thirty years in power out of this follows. Weeks of protests about his authoritarian regimes and a sit down protest in Khartoum itself so it does look like. His regime days are over the questions what follows off was this talk of a transitional council but the protests is on the street. As saying van open to be satisfied with simply an exchange of big tight as they want democracy and an open society. As we see it another. Tom upheavals of this sort in the Arab Spring this doesn't necessarily mean the and all of of uncertainty and that would that would that stability is restored actually can mean the officers so we went going to be watching this story closely. A huge development there we know all this year is ruled Sudan longer than any leader since the country gained independence back in 1956 of this is it. Huge development Alberto let's go on to India that we know India is heading to the polls today in the first phase of the world's largest democratic exercise. What's at stake in these elections. While I mean at bats as that an adjustable Lexus saws is an extraordinary event 900. Million eligible voters take pot and up an election that's so huge. That it takes six weeks to conduct there's seventeen phrases. None of render Modi the present prime minister and his BJP Hindu nationalist party are looking to. Have a second time in office and actually consolidated that hold on parliament so it's its it does it's an end to stay in the event. If only because of the Cisco live it. Imagine a six week election here. At what age what he can't even handle election night. So let's switch it up a little bit to double 07. You would get my vote Bruno for the next doubles so glad they are now we have won his name is Daniel Craig. Com and apparently he's gonna make some history here is the longest running James Bond instead actually goes back to 2005 but now. Another blue eyed wonder may be poised to fill those really big use an interview with fitness magazine ballots Chris Hemsworth. Says he'd been up a shot at the role. There are now. While I've I think it's it's heresy the idea that you dive a known British bones. Is that is that it's outrageous it is the thinking is not they give me got a he's just he's made it clear this is going to be his last movies I'm there's a lot of those a lot of jostling for position about who's going to be the next Bob. There's even Idris Elba has been told to back as being the first black balled. So who knows I think it's good it's going to be very interesting to see where it sounds to me about why no Chris hands I think it would make a great bond Utley hit yeah he's the extra directly. Yes but he does a good acts that he was in in rush where he played the Formula One driver James Hunt an advance of of Patricia and English voice editor Robert wiles. That a guy behind his goal is going what it tagged it. That's that's a good endorsed met IA and yes you. You help me not sound so expensive battle that alassane he Australian. Accent but works right and so and it. I'm still at this time dense. C'mon I guy that's very American and I think you've. It's nicely to be to suggest that I'm I'd Bible and I mean maybe if you're talking about an old age pension a bold. Rickety bond to have adds I don't play yeah could not think he'll be. Right bond as a senior says I don't know gadgets right now. Yet seated citizen blog I love it took our eye out on paper analog double 07 there in the London bureau for ABC by to have him that he thank you.

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{"duration":"4:11","description":"Plus, India heads to the polls in the world's biggest election, and could there be an Australian James Bond?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62326928","title":"Across the Pond: Possible coup d'etat in Sudan","url":"/International/video/pond-coup-detat-sudan-62326928"}