Across The Pond: Deadly wedding attack in Afghanistan

Plus: Buckingham Palace responds to Prince Andrew allegation, and Iceland holds a funeral for a glacier.
4:41 | 08/19/19

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Transcript for Across The Pond: Deadly wedding attack in Afghanistan
Oregon the US is calling for an acceleration of ongoing talks aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan after the latest horrific attack on civilians a suicide blast ripped through a wedding hall in Kabul packed with 12100 people. Bringing the joyous celebration to a tragic end rig doesn't. Dead and many more wounded a Scowcroft the pond to ABC's Gillian violent into London bureau for more good morning to you Julia. Morning Elizabeth morning to have that's exactly right as they say the trump administration is currently negotiating with that pile up on. But as this weekend proof is getting a deal with there's militants may not necessarily bring peace to the country. Especially since ice is becoming increasingly active back since it's pleasing its foot hole as an Iraq and Syria. Not missed universal joyful celebrations of love. Turning into tragedy. A wedding in Kabul footage bite funerals. After a suicide but not surrounded by family is with the children. Detonated his explosives by the stage more than sixty lives lost and not make amends and nearly 200 injured a silence to end their agreement devastated. Ghost. I've lost my brother my friends you came to join my wedding party he said senate bag. Ice is claiming responsibility for the attack. That came just a day off to president trump pasted a meeting in bad minced with his Afghan envoy and top cabinet officials on the current negotiations with the Tolle bond. Were there for one reason we don't want that to be a laboratory. OK can't be a laboratory for terror. President Chubb has been pushing to significantly Jordan down troop levels in Afghanistan. Well today is Afghan Independence Day and Afghans Wear cotton this morning. Reports of more violence reports of exclusions across the Jalalabad since he guys. Well Juliette we want to talk about Jeffrey Epstein investigation obviously is huge here also a big story overseas because there's this new denial from Buckingham Palace in response to some allegations about Prince Andrew that he had contact with one of X teens young accusers where regular. Exactly this is a deeply uncomfortable story for the royal from a.'s parent parents on -- the G could yield he has previously being. Assays days it with Jeffrey Epstein was pictured and Tony tan walking in Central Park with. With abstain but they over the weekend new footage of matched. Prince under inside. Thee a disgrace to finance his apartment. In Manhasset net now Buckingham Palace has come out it's it's the first time they've responded to the most recent allegations. And has under has said that he's up cooled by the sex abuse claims surrounding his former friend. Buckingham Palace releasing a statement on his behalf saying the G Camille has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein is alleged crimes. His royal highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion that he would contain a participant in or encourage any such behavior. It is. A power and now according to court findings which were recently. They are penned. There is a young woman who claims when she was seventeen years old under the age of consent she was made to have sex with Prince Andrew. On three occasions days. Allegations who upon me completely denied. And finally Julius switching gears to Iceland. In morning they've nation held a funeral for a police Sher what's battle about. Exactly picture the seeing that a mournful congregation. We had gathered here today dearly beloved smog the death of a good Lacey now this is nick Lacey which was her announced that dead I love it's pass me it was announced dead. In 2014 when it was never longest sick enough. To news now the grace there has a name he Bushey oh it's pops is gold bulk Joseph Cole. And the grace had died at the age of about 700. It's not this is of course. Yes that climate change pray tests they Mott they held this funeral mocking the death of this huge Gracie. And they also laid a plaque in copa commemorating mess and they. Right to message to the future generations. About how they are Carney failing to tackle climate change nickel picked for the future. And also where they current reading of the amount of carbon dioxide in the act the maintenance. We barely knew he shabby. I think Julie McFarland over London thank you Julia think things really.

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{"duration":"4:41","description":"Plus: Buckingham Palace responds to Prince Andrew allegation, and Iceland holds a funeral for a glacier.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65053502","title":"Across The Pond: Deadly wedding attack in Afghanistan","url":"/International/video/pond-deadly-wedding-attack-afghanistan-65053502"}