Across the Pond: Estimated 2 million protest in Hong Kong

Plus: Power returns after a blackout plunged much of South America into darkness.
3:37 | 06/17/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Estimated 2 million protest in Hong Kong
Hundreds of thousands and perhaps nearly two million protesters marched through the streets of Hong Kong yesterday even as the city's leaders to spin of the effort. To pass a controversial extradition bill and he's doing McFarland is across the pond in the London bureau. It's been watching this story all week and good morning Julia. Good morning Tenet good morning today obviously be so when that the Hong Kong government announce that they would suspend. This controversial extradition. Bill committee they papers that that might stave off some of these mass protests and we've seen the last week but I have to tell you. Over the weekend we'll watching the pictures coming in from Hong Kong and just. An incredible. Sea of people. We will watching these massive six lane highways across Hong Kong badly off slim moving crowds. Fat hours on Sunday police say that of around 340000. People took pot. I have to say I mean we were watching these pictures streaming live and several hours. I think you'll denies as estimates. That that would more than a million maybe even two million it did seem like there were more than the police sustenance of a couple 100000. Joseph show won't hear you're seeing right now he is a student activist hair was 1 of the central figures in the 2014. Protest movement he has just come out of jail. He was jailed from month for taking pond days and there's protests several years ago and so that maybe he helped increased. The crowd numbers he's seen as one of Hong Kong's plus political prisoners because he had a number of other student activist. They would jailed some people taking part in the protest back in clinical team and is the umbrella movement. Now chief executive title on she put out a statement on Sunday saying that she apologize and says she understood the protesters' grievances. But she made no parents protestors say that she was not contrite enough Josh along the still calling for her resignation. All right enjoy a power's been mostly restored after just thought all of Argentine apparent right in your life. Parts of those countries are also without power tell us about that. Did this does. And extraordinary story around 44 million people. What without. In South America on Sunday this is because of the state power grid that suspect Argentina and Europe right. Was hit with an electrical. Failure cause trains to be hole today coolest traffic. Signals a failed. And this happens on other on Sunday morning the and it electricity supply company. But an Argentine. Code and add to storage that's that manages lot of energy providers for the country it said that this is unprecedented it said this is the fuss on something like this has happened. Across the entire country now also what's interesting is that Argentina was preparing a two go to the polls in an election. But Argentinian. One of the interior ministers sorry the energy minister he said that were not ruling out any possibility but it doesn't look. Like it was a cyber attack plot. An interest interesting timing tonight but mace. Analysis of the initial analysis seems to point to an electrical fan area of this -- grain but I mean. Full million people. Without power one thing that I've been looking forward to see if there were any casualties these you'd imagine if you know hospital generates is. May have been disrupted those things I that's. Haven't been able to find anything but will be I expect obese parent in the days to come. What this cost. Yeah and you know we have some people who are cast their ballots had to use their phones yet to receive those bouts Julie think he's not for joining us this morning.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"Plus: Power returns after a blackout plunged much of South America into darkness.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63757040","title":"Across the Pond: Estimated 2 million protest in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/pond-estimated-million-protest-hong-kong-63757040"}