Across the Pond: Explosion rocks Afghanistan

Plus: Hong Kong protests reignite with handover anniversary, and America's favorite pastime takes over London.
4:51 | 07/01/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Explosion rocks Afghanistan
While some breaking news to get to from overnight a powerful explosion ripped through the Afghan capital of Kabul this morning injuring at least fifty people. So let's go across the pond out of doing McFarland and the London bureau who's been keeping an eye on this 1 the morning Julia. Mourning Kenneth warnings and yes that's right at least 53 people have been wounded and are being treated in the hospital and central Kabul this morning off to a rush how I X plays and decimated to amid the diplomatic compound men. As the greens and that's where a bunch of government buildings foreign embassies including the US embassy and the Afghan intelligence agency one of the buildings is that. The so far this and they claim of responsibility. Afghan officials are trying to at the time and he might be behind this but this comes two days off to the US and the Taliban. At raising tolls on the against nations the US really hoping for some kind of was old men with that the Talabani. Before the next Afghan elections in sept ten message to key name and in the country right now. Write to and now turning to Hong Kong where we've already been seeing those massive protests were few weeks now. They've been picking up again as the city celebrates the anniversary of its handover to China. Now the city's leaders speaking out tell us what she say. Yes that's right I just have to put not this comes a couple of days off to that would lodged protests if we can and in favor of Beijing and of the police tens of thousands people. Running supports all of the Hong Kong authorities. But this morning July the fuss is of course the out of that's all of the Hong Kong how and Dave. To China. Twenty to you is since that historic day. But test is on the money that carry lamb resigns. That have been thousands of them gathering. In the streets today a lot of them I got an outside the legislative. Assembly. Some of them even trying to break and and they are demanding the resignation. Of retiree laden Hong Kong chief executive here is. Backed by Beijing she has already said that she would suspend that X not controversial extradition bill. Which caused millions to hit the streets in the last few mom spent test as I want more they wanted to get. And Julia. Switching gears here. Is imminent and he's geared grown up here don't change them out of out of I have heard what you call us here over in the US on you caused yankees that's wired. I am and I'm that I am I AM when I. Love hot how did he knew what I call them yet and I don't. I heard you run was there was significant effect he got up close them further about a little case of America's favorite pastime across the pond this weekend. Yeah buzz right it was Major League baseball's last foray into. The European Mogg of the Yankees. Again head to head against Boston red suns with buzz time on British soil. I'm I have to say the atmosphere in the stadium in line at London's Olympic Stadium. It was a Latin trade that was a huge amount of enthusiasm and I want you know aren't just. It walking out of the grounds and seeing endless floods of brits streaming and the state of a lot of them wearing jet Aziz. Of the of the Boston Red Sox though to yank his old green in sight and sound just like a football minds of course foot bull. You guys call it soccer but football is the current that's what I can affect head the nation's. A game yet. But UK was great because a lot of these brands have a clear what was going on but there is still enjoyed those two games of the Yankees. I continued stalemate beating the reds oaks one in big matches. And you think that kind yeah I was the only Red Sox. I have got man a lot of kind of gives. Mcginnis hello. And very it is. They now I have a lot of fine and good more than I didn't match the. Her. I thought until you may over the weekend and I thought standing here is give you a little bit of a quiz about I think with shortstop so did you figure out what. A shortstop is. Staff. Dot that is that is that's saying last prayer and I thank hit the bull Monday they did a thing. With champagne and I'll get out about odd pounds I'm angry that that may come up bunting you know bunting is. Bunting is a whack on the red accountant you go there's little banks and someone might bump. Hello Perrier it is one thing. Pop up on us and I means my front. That's right that's right him. There won't it had tried to give me that. If you try to quizzed me on the stock or something soccer terms I would have been so it isn't like what an okay that he doesn't you know on our heads. Input. Either way and I went on the term. Yeah break it down. Isn't that her joining thanks guys vigilante and.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"Plus: Hong Kong protests reignite with handover anniversary, and America's favorite pastime takes over London.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64059981","title":"Across the Pond: Explosion rocks Afghanistan","url":"/International/video/pond-explosion-rocks-afghanistan-64059981"}