Across the Pond: Family reunion drama at NATO summit

Plus: Indonesia wants to charge tourists to visit islands where Komodo dragons roam.
8:40 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Family reunion drama at NATO summit
Welcome back president trump slammed Democrats as unpatriotic. For moving forward with impeachment proceedings. While he's in London for the NATO summit. After being greeted by the queen at Buckingham Palace the president is attending a series of bilateral meetings today before heading back to the White House. Following the trip marked by heightened tensions with French president we bring an. ABC's Karen Travers with the latest. President Tom Hudson social time in London last night. Teens with Prince Charles a reception at bucking ham palace hosted by Queen Elizabeth cutting gathering at ten Downing Street with British prime minister Boris Johnson. But the president kicked off his day with tough talk aimed at French president a man number crone. Very very nasty stated generally threw salt into. A lot of different. The president criticizing the crohn's recent comments questioning the strength of NATO and the crohn's diagnosis of NATO's quote. Brain death but seated next to the French president leader president trump Barry down and talked about his good relationship with not crone. And we intend to make. There's no next. Maybe. But there are new trade tensions between the US and France the drug administration announced last night is considering placing terrorists on 2.4 billion dollars in French goods cheese wine and luxury handbags. A retaliatory action for the taxes France plays on US tech companies including Google and FaceBook. Today we're gonna take advantage of the American companies it's going to be us. It's not going to be frat. And there was also this uncomfortable moment between trump and the crewman the issue of what to do with releases prisoners in Syria came up here mostly from Europe. How would you like some nice assist others. Can give them it's. That everyone who wore we say. Before that. Correspondent coming from you about this. All the hopeful him. Our thanks to Karen Travers and now let's go across the pond to Julie McFarlin in the London bureau for more on the NATO summit morning Julia. Morning mossy pays say what you know where in the middle of festive season you know. Finally reunions or seal your distant relatives. You pays for agreed to pay to Graf you Sharon some just buying put together. But all they is niceties didn't necessarily mosque a lot of tensions. Why am I should talking of course about. May say but it really have this this spirit. All the fractures of Tommy reunion here is how low the the summit held was captured by the cartoonist. In the paint his today NATO's. Seventieth buzz de Ponte but as you can clos of I'm happy grumpy faces. Silicon you'll so it's different corners and it has been quite an interesting. Summit recently the 29 strong member bloke there are some really really deep divisions. In a tea act amendments and some pretty interesting changes I just wanna take you by two member into any sixteen it seems like a long time ago. President chump attacked may tenth. As also leaves well at present time does now maj does Mehta is chief defends. Often yesterday and on some of the meetings today he attacked president ma cone for them a comment he made to the economists' minds in las week. That NATO was. Brain dead president trump said dots it was an insulting comment by the French presidents to a lot of forces niece said. You just can't go around making statements like that about NATO. It's very disrespectful. But what did present micron mean while. President Michael on. Is it really taking issue with tacky tacky is of course a member of NATO on recently it had got military intervention into northern Syria. Against the cuts NATO allies in the fight against crisis present not clone also raised the issue of techie buying. At defense systems. By the Russians and he is ready echoing a load of NATO members unease about that about how it could expect isn't NATO military hardware fighter jets. With having a Russian at defense system. Inside that minute tree alliance said there's a lot of unease. On between the member as that but president Tom. Can take a victory that he has managed to you I should get bloody European member states to opt that contributions. Two the did to that defense budgets as part of the met a NATO requirement dot summing that he. Has been costing four for a long time. But a lot of these this attentions rainy came. The vision the parents in that banquet yesterday and guys I just want to show you a video that has being doing the rounds. On the ends and that well lead does Canada's Justin chewed de France's. A minor amount clung. Britain's of Boris Johnson. I'm princess added that they were all court on a hot Mike situation and they were a parent neat tool came. About Donald Trump making comments about why a present my corn was late to the summit and making reference apparently to present terms. In college you long press conferences. There was something oddly humanizing about that moment is like even though these are some of the most powerful people in the world still watching them break away to share some hot gossip. Right about the turnout of the group. On the sidelines of and he didn't have the data pot C a boy. Gathering light got. And another and another thing that's cat cat giving ground a lot of attention. Is princess and in another bid today. What a prison term on the bus lady would lead greasing the queen. And parents to us the queen is seen to sort of cool to princess on who is just all of the news just in the corner here is not written in a conversation. She appears to cool princes on it and looks to come up and then shrugs. And later at little thing. I've had a lot going on of this data Julie while we can't name we will we awful and I. Asked about what's going on in Indonesia the government wants to charge tourists thousand dollars because the islands have Komodo dragons what's going on there. Yeah guys this is really funny and not to make this. Story all about me but mighty little brother actually did go to the komando I had and then a couple months again today that exact thing here's offended that he'd tech. All of a commanded dragon he got this scary its at very terrifying in close. I'm at Tuesday's huge Liz says he and I a couple of friends left traveling at 28 with two lap one Biogen Flores. Reds islands. These islands which haven TV's huge beasts. President Jack it would day dose. Is considering. Raising fees for tourists to go and see these come a day dragons he's talking with the regional authorities that. Possessed thinking about charging tourists a thousand dollars each to see these visits now it sentencing because. Oh when when my brother was our a couple of months ago he saw that he might be one of the one of the lost tourists it to go for yeah because I backed band. The two opens up the Indonesians would clues the whole of komando island and some of the other islands. To tourism completely for at least a yet to help the island bring back some is just did to date again by some of its conservation. It's been very very devout let's says tour in those tourism. Causing things like pay of alleged ring and and it's causing a lot of problems fled for the ecosystem that so. This new development is that thinking about charging a lot of money for tourists which would impact a lot of people from seeing news things but this is a very remain part of Indonesia very very. The useful pots of the country. But it has suffered from you is of mismanagement and the medical authorities not quite. Putting in that via amount of investment for the foot fall from the tourism but guns. It's really interesting because they feel like Inkster Graham also has an impact on tourism and a lot of these areas people's wanna get that answer Graham shot and sore traveling to some of these destinations that are now becoming so overwhelmed future tourists and is having an act like that. I must say that's completely right and I had gotten myself. When I went back to Indonesia this summer I went into their isn't they very famous temple way you can see one of the biggest I let volcanoes and body. And something that people love taking instead grounds edges up but what you don't see those in Saddam's they Terry's. Is he lying out of hundreds of people litre hundreds of people and you can be expected to spend hours and here. Just whatnot and stick around shops I had that same experience and volley I know exactly what you're talking about. I'm really travel a lot but I believe both of your stories yeah. Think that it Julie MacFarlane over in London Julie always appreciate you can't have guys thanks.

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