Across the Pond: Guaido calls for more protests in Venezuela

Plus, the Dutch ISIS fighter married to Shamima Begum speaks out, Italy throws a food fight and more.
4:29 | 03/04/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Guaido calls for more protests in Venezuela
Let's go across the pond out to the London bureau or Julia McFarlane is keeping an eye on the biggest international stories happy Monday to yet Julianna. Monday guys say today. We are watching Venezuela because Venezuela's interim president one quiet day he isn't on that he has gained zero attending hay and today. Now of course remember he left the country under. A travel ban. Two to leave Venezuela to trying to rustle up women's national support. For ousting the current president nickel last mud you're out. Amid all of that instability that is happening in Venezuelan on the board is that the man and he treats of last night I cool and venezuelans to gather across the country tomorrow that's today. At 11 AM now he's calling for a lot of people to come out and take to the streets. Today and tomorrow now of course it is carnival seasons there Doug and a lot of people expects out in the streets. Already. Quite he recently he was in Brazil he was in part by Argentina's then he's been saying this little international tour. Trying to rustle up support and put pressure. On Madieu and trying to force him. To resign. When not sure exactly how he's gonna get back into the country. But of course people are wondering if you might be arrested on his attack in. John Bolton he said that if he was to be arrested on his written by the Venezuelan authorities and Venezuela could expect more US sanctions he treats it. Than Israeli interim president on quite there has announced his plan to attend Venezuela any threats or acts against assay pretend will be met with a strong. And significant response from the United States. And the international community. All right enjoy island are following the battle for the Islamic State's final foothold in Syria what's the latest there. So if you remember should mean a bacon she was up British school go here left the UK and far between fifteen inches fifteen years old she's got a lot of pub list it she's recently spent an out. Because she tons up in this cut his company northern Syria now nineteen and she said she wanted to get back to the UK she's had her citizenship stripped. By the British authorities now half husband has also been found and it cut has come actually not too far away. From his wife this guy he's Coolidge Jay get he's dot. He's 27 has Oden he has also been speaking to the BBC he says that he wants to its hands of the Netherlands he wants to bring his wife. With him back to you I'm Saddam I as well as a new born son. Who is born and a couple of weeks ago and he has said that he is sorry for joining Islamic state and he also. He painted a much daka picks all of the terror group on his wife and how immediate and views he said he witnessed the stoning of a woman. Four fornication charges he said that he fort in the box looked calm Bonnie against the 'cause. He's actually wanted to in the Netherlands he's expected to he's expected. If he comes back around six years for terrorism offenses. And so it's also unclear whether they would exception Neiman pagan. Because a pop underage marriage they wouldn't see it as violent potentially. All right I think you for their whose latest developments there odd limbo before you go Julia. We switch it up a little bit. Yeah I'd say take a look at these pictures from northern is Lee just getting back to the Condit will. Seeing that we're getting on this Monday morning now have a look at this. This is a northern city of and they want the kind of a season with the annual. Until all of the orange it is. I'm it looks vicious no wonder then what can helmets this is a historical. So it should descend. It dates back to the twelve cents street. When that was a good when there was a story about the daughter of a medical men. Here. That's headed to this noble men. C sets the the town free and said that this whole like historical reenactment of nobleman that's as common as. They'll get a they'll get out and they do this and I think it makes a lot of fun most. Dangerous and or into the not exactly like. So then sloppy back anyways 500 tons of oranges a ship from Sicily. To the north this region for that. Looking lot of fun the United Center being in the office did not believe looks fine I was gonna happen and say about what happens over there in Europe but you know we've got. Mardi Gras happening right now so I hope we knew we have no room to talk yeah. I thought again not throwing oranges not my beacon arrested probably so just take it to the and a boy and didn't get what they Julia is that thank you my friend.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Plus, the Dutch ISIS fighter married to Shamima Begum speaks out, Italy throws a food fight and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61452367","title":"Across the Pond: Guaido calls for more protests in Venezuela","url":"/International/video/pond-guaid-calls-protests-venezuela-61452367"}