Across the Pond: Hong Kong clashes escalate

Plus: North Korea tests “super large rocket launcher” and Ariana Grande returns to Manchester for a concert.
5:09 | 08/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Hong Kong clashes escalate
A Hong Kong is bracing for more chaos after a day of violent clashes police used live ammunition and water cannons for the first time against protesters. A took responded Jeanette McFarland in the London bureau for more Julie on good morning. So we have been seeing this ongoing for weeks at this point but this is of substantial escalation. Morning guys may you they write when I'm leaving and two the thirteenth two week if we see more protests in the coming days. But yesterday. On Sunday if there were Latin Brady quite dramatic escalation as you mentioned. Police are confronted by pertussis who bombed with sticks. And poles and and batons as they were rushing act. The police. And one police also say he fired. But forgotten which was the first use of light ammunition. In disease pray tests police say that they arrested 29 people. A but the weekend with on charges of unlawful assembly. To instigating violence now we've seen these clashes in recent weeks that has been a lot of use of take asked the fallacies of what's cannon. This Sunday. But things are guessing more and more tennis a new theme that was kind of accused of the weekend as well. A pertussis have been protesting against police brutality and for democracy amongst other things. But they are reading anger this weekend at the surveillance. This comes as Hong Kong residents have been talking about how they have been detained by police coming back in from mainland China they say that they've had their failings that messages. And that's they taste checked by police. Police are of course cracking down they're really trying to quell these rallies which are being getting on for several months now. And so many people are worried that it the Chinese move men if Hong Kong can't get control. That will be a real and I'm major conflict view more so than what we're seeing now. Also in North Korea we understand Julie that Kim Jung who personally supervised the seventh weapons tests and about. The past month so we know that this time a super large rocket launcher. What do we know about this latest test. Exactly kind of we've seen for a number of weeks nodded and the north Koreans testing. Around two short range miss silos. That's been going on for quite a few weeks now as you say they opt angry at based joint US South Korea military exercises. They long standing. War games that they carry on on an annual basis. Now what happened this weekend that was. I guess become cooled a bit of an escalation because it was something new they came out with this announcement of bay the suit cut lodge multiple. Rocket launch they say it was a new weapon system that they. Had never tested before on the test. Was carried out successfully. Kim Jung Eunice said it was quite indeed a great. Weapons now in this statement that the state news food costs carried it said that think the goal for this new weapon system. What is the resolutely frustrating the as a mounting millet trees threats and pressure offensive. All of the host all forces. Not quite to settle a lesion to Washington. And soul now present trump said that he wasn't can Sunday said that he had placed no restrictions on short range missiles and the missile as this weekend seemed to be short range. If that what we're watching for is if the North Korean stocks testing into continental missiles. That would sesame. England are and it Ronde returned to Manchester for a concert. This is the second time a cents 22 of her fans were killed in the bombing there talk to us about that obviously very emotional for her. Guys but it was a very poignant Clinton says and really a mission performance by Arianna gone day I and honestly I was reading a lot of the trees over the weekend and a lot of the coverage on political outlets such as the majesty you've evening news dot ci C. Rudy loves our attic on day and just remember she was twenty. Three yeah is old. When that horrific. Terror attack carried out by ice it's inspired militants killed dozens of people out one of had colon says in Manchester. As a 23 year old having to confront that she came back come on just a two weeks. Off to that attack she visited victims in the hospital. She plays. She carried out this performance. In aid for. For the victims of the charges trying to rebuild and regenerate the area she re released one of her songs as a charity single. And it was a very emotional sad she Chapin has sat. Not with a song that she writes name what's his left to cry that was the first song that she wrecked off death. That's a tragic accident and it was a much more upbeat and Pontiac and assistance that dimensional charity performance up to the attack. And of course she is say honorary citizen of mine just and have fun is it sends we're just delighted to welcome back to the B Sissy. You know Latin you gas over there we love her here. And so glad that to you big go back there. And in a strong way as well and really show. How to come back from something so dramatic.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"Plus: North Korea tests “super large rocket launcher” and Ariana Grande returns to Manchester for a concert.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65192346","title":"Across the Pond: Hong Kong clashes escalate","url":"/International/video/pond-hong-kong-clashes-escalate-65192346"}