Across the Pond: Iran cracks down on protests as death toll expected to rise

Plus: Sweden drops rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and bushfires endanger koalas in Australia.
5:19 | 11/20/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Iran cracks down on protests as death toll expected to rise
Moving on out to Iran where Amnesty International force at least 106 people have been killed us government cracks down on days of protest. Adding that the real death told may be much higher let's bring in foreign correspondent to a MacFarlane across the pond in the London bureau for the latest. Julia get morning taken what are these protests all about what steps as the government taken to stop them. Right so we saw these protests. Spock on Friday in response to a huge spike. In fuel prices the government announced that it was cussing subsidies. On the price of gas and not meant that some punches says. All of more than sixty beads of fuel jumped up more than 300%. Slightly smaller Padgett purchases. Prices jumped up 50% to not spot huge dying got in Iran where the economy is already struggling because of their is biting. US sanctions. Now the protests have being that pretty steady since last Friday but they have been met with a heavy. Respondents from the security forces now. Official government Vegas say that at least six people have died in the unrest but Amnesty International what they did. Was they spend a lot of that contacts they've been locally Jun less. The human rights one says in the country and they cross checked as much information and Stotts as they can find and they estimate that at least 100 people. 106. People have been killed in this on rest but they cabbie outed this and said that they fit the numb but. Could be much hi Ed because the Iran in government they put a clown Don. On the Internet for the last couple of days has been a huge blackout and need government officials. And about 5% of the general population have access to begin tonight syndicate the country is completely cut off from the outside world said Beth amnesty and the UN. C a that the number of days who have died could be much higher because of widespread use all the live ammunition to suppress his parents' house but here and Julia moon were and move on to Sweden dropping the rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange saying the evidence has weekend in the time since the alleged incident but this is far from the end of his legal issues. Right so WikiLeaks issued statement tends to be welcoming us but now saying that the main concern was of course this extradition. To the US so let's backtrack a little the whole reason why outsize took refuge in the Ecuadoran embassy in London was to avoid. Being extradited to Sweden because of this allegation. In two rate a rate that he committed several a few years before that back in 2000. I'm ten. Now the deputy prosecute. Prosecute. In Sweden Maine the announcement she took the decision to drop the investigation she says this is not. Anything to do. With the testimony. All of the complainant she said that the woman making. The allegations hat testimony was who was solid and she was concise and coherent. But it was more about the evidence outside of her testimony else whack. Was now would just say you with say day to do is really hot it was a really hard had to justify keeping this investigation on gathering. Now into a Julian Assange is in the high security bound much present in London he was evicted from the embassy back in April. He's sub amazed of his custodial sentence however a judge recently ruled that he is going to stay in detention. Whilst means aboard Wallace the next hearing for that US extradition. Is going to be held in Fabbri and because he's got a history of invading. The authorities they've kept him in jail until Latin. All right and Julie before you leave us we've been showing this video throughout the morning of this badly burned Walla and the Australian woman who came to rescue. Despite the flames more brush fires you wrap the bare her own shirt then doused it with water. Later the quality if you. Sanctuary where is reportedly doing well. Julia we hear this woman isn't the only one helping Qualls there and that area as keep these fires. Exactly this says of course the collide they're caught up Clara is such an important national symbol for the Australians on in these current filling wildfires huge wildfires across. Two big states. In Australia. It the flies have whiteout around 80% of the collage as not to habitats to say they have enlisted the help. All of a it seemed to dog to help find and protect these kiwanis he is cool to that and he has a co wanna detection dog he is a cross. Colleen community dog. And he has been using his how close sons a smile to try and find evidence of koalas. In the area say that animal rescuers can help find animals because of course if they have survived these buys it will be extremely dehydrated. Possibly in gent. And will be far off from any possible fade especially if they aren't a badly bent arrogance and as this huge rescue effort to try and find and save as many clothes as they can. But of course in the ashy debris often these spies it's incredibly hard to see and with the naked eyes and that's why dogs like that. So important to enlist in that in the the race to find these. These little kulana bats before time runs a pretty nice still Abrams that they are doing that people are exactly Juliet thank you so much.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Plus: Sweden drops rape case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and bushfires endanger koalas in Australia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"67158992","title":"Across the Pond: Iran cracks down on protests as death toll expected to rise","url":"/International/video/pond-iran-cracks-protests-death-toll-expected-rise-67158992"}