Across the Pond: Iran denies shooting protesters

Plus: Fallout from the royal summit as the queen agrees to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s decision to step back.
4:22 | 01/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Iran denies shooting protesters
So now are moving on to Iraq where anger over the government's admission to accidentally shooting down a passenger jet is boiling over. And new video appears to show security forces firing on protesters with live ammunition let's go across the pond to Julian MacFarlane. Our London bureau for the latest good morning Julia. Morning candidate yes that's right has spent a lot of video speculating. Protests over the weekend have continued yes today. On a lot of video that has to show a lot of these Prentice descending. End to violence security forces apparently firing live rounds and tea gas into crowds trying to spouse. These protests has been really interesting watching. Some of these scenes we've seen images of students on protest says boy eating war king on American and Israeli flags. People holding down prices of cost some silly money he's Iran in general who was killed or not US gen strike. That is closest makes recent flare up in ten Sen's. Also if people pulling down paces of the supreme leader Ayatollah coming days. Just this morning we received an update the Iran in judiciary. Released a statement that was read out on Iran and state TV segment they have made arrests. In the accident related to the accidental shootdown of that Ukrainian passenger jet that killed all 176 people. On board that announcement coming shortly off to present house on honey sad and a televised speech. He called for a special courts to be set up by the judiciary to stun investigation equaled for a an independent judge and dozens of witnesses he said the well it is watching this course this is nor nor in any case he said. And let's move on to now. Another big story this seems minor in comparison the queen. Agreeing to pres hairy and duchess megas wishes to step back moral duties but there are still some. Right Canada I mean all of us have been following this case will the it Housley said alive and a lot of us have a lot of skepticism. They've a web a resolution that would be announced yesterday off did this extraordinary summit between the queen Prince Charles. And princes William and Harry. Simply because the kind of split that high in Megan. Mentioned and that statement lost week that cool as this storm. Not kind of model for a halfway in halfway out relationship with the wolf coming. Hasn't already been done before and practice your rye therein. Like you would like you are seeing a member of to a planet or you're out it's like some all of princess Anne's children have opted to be completely out. Well before wall whacking a royal Sacco. Now the queen issued a statement. A few is into the the evening at just around 5 o'clock local time. And it was a really interesting statement guys because clearly. The queen this is not what the queen wants the queen said. I would have we what we would tell her fudge them to remain full time what can members of the royal family. However we respect and understand their wish to live a more independent life as a family while remaining a valued pods. Of my family a rat has no remark from the queen who doesn't normally say these sorts of these sources say exit she would've professed. That things get down a different writ however she says that. There will be a period of chart position and she once again repeated that these are complex masses. And that there is still a ways to get a still some time to be taken so she hates. That final decisions will be reached of the coming days. Yep people routine for those glimpse is. A grandmother really acting where you Sissy McQueen. It sets this pomp and circumstance and all this very formal. Yes this of duty and here we are seeing really just a grandmother here who wants her grandson and his new wife to be happy if. Your grandmother I'm also a boss on the could stake in of an institution that is looking increasingly vulnerable. And fry job at his old of these complex saying she is having to walk a very fine line across number of different. GT's to have probably out of course to the crown. Graduation through that things for somebody call the queen a boss. He what she bought the Bakula and amp T the ultimate ago by. I think you go to appreciate it.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Plus: Fallout from the royal summit as the queen agrees to Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s decision to step back.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"68266644","title":"Across the Pond: Iran denies shooting protesters","url":"/International/video/pond-iran-denies-shooting-protesters-68266644"}