Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un meets with Vladimir Putin in Russia

Plus, Theresa May's tenure could be cut short, and the royal baby watch is on!
7:44 | 04/24/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un meets with Vladimir Putin in Russia
Let's go across the pond out ABC news London bureau we're doing McFarlane is keeping an eye on the big is international news. Good morning Julia so let's start and Russia where North Korean leader Kim Jung un has arrived for a summit with Russian president Vladimir Putin. So what's on the agenda and what is the significance of this meeting. Good morning guys and hey man a great to seeing behind the Chad great have you back. I just wanted to it's what you guys about this now this is the fussed meeting between. Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin in Russia Kim's no evidence Russia before. That 600 actually show Arab boards of Vladivostok is up on the Pacific. Cased and it's been a nine hour train journey from. And the North Korean border for Kemp we just got some really interesting come up from up Patrick Little about his watching this and Moscow and now let Kim's just arrived. In Vladivostok and North Korean whack because. What he says frantically still polishing the outside of the train as it was putting in to the station. The train was meant to stop precisely so that Kim's cards stolen lines up. With the red carpet laid on the platform the train went forward by a meats and hot tub back cup hastily that just Shays you. Just how painstakingly. Choreographed. This is the Collins the stakes are high Wyatt because international sanctions are really starting to bite. On North Korea at the ma'am and I'm Kim is desperately trying to seek international support to make it seem let North Korea is not an isolation. It's a good time to point out that but the Russians on the North Korean government instant relationship. Particularly with their weapons that weapons trade and I just want to remind you guys. That if you remember that big ICBM and saw a test back in November 20 2017. A just before. The trump Kim summit in Singapore lost yet dot ICBM. With capable of reaching the US mainland it was successful test I'm domicile. Expects believes may have been made with. A Soviet believe present some help from the Russians so this is a ready ingesting an important story for us to keep keep and I out people. That is an important note included Julia prime minister to recent may is Manning a Chinese company from supplying heat tacked to Britain's five G network. Over security concerns what's that all about. This is ready. Andrew staying now while Wei has been in the news recently because I've been increasing international concerns that it is a company that is being used by the Chinese. As part of that espionage aspects. Through thick mush so. Relationships that has around the wallet and I'm Teresa made British prime minister. She is ranting quite a lot of allies even in her in Ponte even in hot and cabinet because she's reportedly considering. Allowing while way to build you UK infrastructure for the five G not whack. Now apparently she is any considering giving them access to known cool pots of the infrastructure. But Tom boss at format heavy on security advisor to president charm he was on British media today saying that the scares against. Advice. From the Americans from. Intelligence allies. All of the UK and of course some senior members of trees amaze Cabot have raised concerns. That there are serious issues with allowing the Chinese to build critical pots of UK infrastructure. For a number of different reasons because of implications could have for any kinds of bandits but also. The fact that's which Chinese commercial companies are seen as beholden. To the Chinese Government. And so what kind of security does that mean for the pots of ally communications infrastructure some really interesting. Implications that then. And the site that there is a lot of antagonism against made this is part of a not an ongoing issue that she's facing. Not one of Hud loyalist today hinted that the and of made the end of the month of may could be the end for May because. Conservative politicians politicians and I'm looking at rejoining Parti rules to try and oust have not we've had this before she has seen off. Attempts to dislodge her from Powell. But things and not getting say serious dot politicians not trying to rewrite party rules to get rid of her off to the European elections in a way. May could be the end of may have a press that one coming Julia. Also before you go and you're missing about Wally the air and phones. I'm pretty sure people in England are all staring at their phones waiting for that alert to come for the royal baby the watches on. So that question in the prompter duly assess how close are we Julia I'm announcing it I don't think Julie is there. In effect knowing what the nurses are saying the doctors say 04 they debts is the sight and it's how close are we like where part of this prop I. I don't have to tell me do how close are we eat sushi actually giving birth to you would know the answer to that right. I mean that it's flying the Beckett play waiting for gold day waiting for royal baby. I mean we are all that stuff Colin watt and baby watch half we on the stock that Megan's mother Adori is now in the UK. Which is another sort of indication that it's it's getting real is getting real it's any day now meg and told. People. Few months ago that she was due in late April the maze. The speculation is not reached feverish claims everyone's taking bets on what the baby is gonna be cools. Close everyone seems the thing that is going to be it and I that is going to be ago. Could we see a baby Sussex die out while all bets are off what names you guys think of us like it isn't right. Question because I just want something traditionally American combat making them black Americans haven't. That we know that obviously. The beam. Meg MB by an operational aim at the may be asked Sarah pac hordes of coming get a little more names throughout the kid tries to run homers of the lighter. Public. I had all these exactly it's gonna throw out light Tyrone jar around but. I thought about it and now I have no other choice lawyer grinding care I want heard the name that baby Dahlia and often dine at a named no matter. Not I have my house in an endless Henry they had a preference is consistency. Certainly. Oh and Damon throngs acts and not. Not heard a blow. I got a strong Leavitt the LO NG you get attacked me at a post yesterday about beyoncé on the game of Rome act actually Obama and the Monroe and so is it may be beyoncé related with wells you can name. Herbie donating do you say there's a lot of NATO and not much queen on Scott's Julia are they betting on the names. Yeah now this does happen blog this happens every time. There is that there is a world baby. It. It does seem to being about the betting folks do expected to be ago. I've no idea how they find a formulations photos but Diana is up. Amongst dealers as well as more traditional. And I got you okay we'll we will take that fears among mix up in the Clinton knows there's the area. Maybe the baby watts continues find out from your your royal nurses. When that baby is coming exactly my knowing that I it's always been that I only come back to you tomorrow land the exact time. Please oh now you can do it uncut on not. How can I say that's it brings thank you Julie every us our question of the day and about what should meg and adhering named the royal baby. We've got a gate we gave me a bunch of ideas right there on tell us what you think tweet us let us now ABC news live. Every some fun.

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"Plus, Theresa May's tenure could be cut short, and the royal baby watch is on!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62596096","title":"Across the Pond: Kim Jong Un meets with Vladimir Putin in Russia","url":"/International/video/pond-kim-jong-meets-vladimir-putin-russia-62596096"}