Across the Pond: Kurdish commander slams Trump’s agreement with Turkey

Plus: Hundreds of thousands protest in Lebanon, and sheep crowd the streets of Spain’s largest city.
7:32 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Kurdish commander slams Trump’s agreement with Turkey
Let's go to Syria where the clock is ticking on a pause and Turkey's offensive against occurs after president trump ordered nearly all US troops out of the country. New York Times says he's now leaning in favor of a plan to keep two of his special operations forces. He's in Syria to combat ice is let's go across the pond to our foreign correspondent to a McFarland in the London bureau with the latest Juliet good morning. Moaning kind of that morning Elizabeth that's exactly right so and then the weekend was the have been reports of sporadic fighting still and that North Easton serie a despite Scott's. Cynical a cease fire. What we did say was cut this fight is withdrawing from a key border town called raw Zion and that was a requirement. Before this this truce which the US break could with techie. 48 safe zone along the border and now they're Keds. They had to withdraw from that town another gonna stop pulling back it's a pig it's it's an area of around twenty miles around the boards. And got is what techie. One is to achieve now our correspondent James long when it is that he is just across the border in Iraqi kinda stunt. And he spoke to a senior at tennis c'mon dad now while present trump has defended this deal reached with tacky. Because I'm not happy about it often more than 200 have been killed less hair a middle from what this cut its mind the had to say to James. We'll trump says that the Kurds a happy. I would call mr. trump at the Kurds are not happy they've killed all these people so of course we are not happy. Its agreement has allowed Turkey to occupy our lands and kill our people. They restive northern Syria you don't you don't believe that that's part of the agreement. It's exactly this is not included they only told us ross' Elaine. Say the tightest Aston Jeff. Clearly complying say if followed with there requirements for this truth and industries but clearly not happy about it also in appeal is may be some of the US soldiers. On not entirely comfortable believing that our allies an FP photographer in the region he managed take effect. All of an American soldier wearing the insignia of the white PG the women's. In units of that they cut issue forces that has day US forces were leaving. Easton North Easton. Syria now one other thing that because are really worried about is ass snake cleanse saying now. On this week all ABC George Stephanopoulos cost. The secretary of state might compare whether the administration. Was going to assure congress I'm because allies that the US would not stand for ethnic cleanse and he was Clair with Georgie said demonstrations could that we I'm not going to be a Ponte to any attack on any minority. But that's not exactly the same thing because what techie wants to do your day and forget they have more than a million Syrian refugees and counts. Just on the other side about border and tacky they want to use the safe to say in to put so there's refugees back. And get them out of Turkish territory and back into Syria. And what that would do is that would disrupt and very delicate ethnic violence in Syria it's is a country that has. Hot tribal hot lands belonging to a different. Ethnic minorities that have been that way for generations and so what an influx of Syrian Sunnis could do would be to disrupt not an add two more sectarian. Tensions which could contribute to conflict in the Santa. Certainly more to come on that front but let's until eleven on Julio where we understand hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets in protest over new tax proposals which. We are hearing that it seems this has been a long time coming but the anger is just now boiling over. Yeah exactly Lebanon has been gripped by a a political and economic time oil. From thing ms. but especially since the start of the Syrian war right next door they have time to deal with a huge influx. Of Syrian refugees into this tiny. Tiny country of four million people dot population has now has now inflated to about five million people. That resorts is a severely under strain. They have no means of garbage disposal for one saying bad that amateur stage. As it is humming to come on in son parent and that black hats on the country's said the essay Lebanese have had to deal with the law the lawsuit says. But the straw that broke the camel's back recently was when the government announced that they wanted to put a tax on what's up they wanted to chides people. To use dot popular encrypted. Messaging apps and not just sent everyone. And the edge and all over the country. In the capsule Beirut's in Tripoli. All I met and then the main cities hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets and protest staying. I'm what is really unusual ones where the interesting about this is not just the thought that it has seen so many people about bend quite often Podesta Lebanon but not of this size. I'm not for repeated number of days but the fight that every one that seemed to have united now we've just been talking about Syria Lebanon is incredibly. Secretary and even that constitution and I'm that parliament is divided into different ethnic groups it's a very very divided country. And for people in watches of the region it was incredibly interesting to see it every one united under the Lebanese flag. You were also could be united in Madrid. Because they were not sleep keeping on this I mean sleeping in on this. Come and take it away. I'm a leg these finger and the big says. From the Spanish capital to silence and the mayor meaner she. And a hundred gates' mouth. Pulled the roads looked glazed and these sheep who replaced the traffic on the streets of Madrid on Sunday as shepherds stands up looks through. Hunt of the capital and this is basically it's an annual abandons day which started in 1994 and it follows ancient migration area rigs. And it basically exploits a loop hole. It in Spanish flu which allows a promise to pay. A Norman O charged. In. Acknowledging an ancient agreement dating back to the fifteenth century. To transport sheet from one side. The kind side to the other cussing across the cap so now this is a traditional events. But it's also a China slow aplomb as. An exit to protest about protecting agriculture and as the times for them to have everyone watching. But watching them as they take their shape their and basically say. Argued that environmental and agricultural industries need more protection. But quiet could quite a site. And I so allow me Osgood that we can about it there are a couple of tourists. Here hides arrived in the city and they wouldn't what confuses a why they can get a bus. They know why did amendment on the corner in the road issue everywhere yeah and one ex Clinton as a you have that it was lovely to be that forbid a Spanish tradition. Look at the check again to know what's happening when you become a country though little sheep a little thing D'auria not so bad and how. Know I was counting that she just now I literally started to fall asleep so seeing the toughest and Kenneth Lay. Our market out of our pet how easily that we appreciate it think it's a bar.

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{"duration":"7:32","description":"Plus: Hundreds of thousands protest in Lebanon, and sheep crowd the streets of Spain’s largest city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66415484","title":"Across the Pond: Kurdish commander slams Trump’s agreement with Turkey","url":"/International/video/pond-kurdish-commander-slams-trumps-agreement-turkey-66415484"}