Across the Pond: Maduro calls for early National Assembly elections

Plus, Saudi Arabia claims to have intercepted Houthi missiles, and a pro-Brexit politician gets a milkshake bath.
5:03 | 05/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Maduro calls for early National Assembly elections
Let's go across the pond to foreign correspondent Julie McFarlane and the London bureau good morning Julie let's start with the money where the embattled president of Christmas bureau is calling for early elections. Hey guys yeah that's right is say Nicholas Madieu. Was speaking at a rally it's one years since his. Controversial re election. Lusty. But neither forget that dot. Election result is disputed by the head of the National Assembly here is the opposition need to Juan glide day. That he is internationally recognized by more than fifty countries and creating the United States and the vast majority of Latin American countries. Now it Nicholas Madeira has cooled. For a reelection. The election of the National Assembly he says he wants a new mandate. And he says that's. What going to measure ourselves. Alec to elect surely we're gonna bring forth the elections now. It's it remains to be seen whether banking team whether that's gonna reinstates. His pocket because. His seditious pot he collapsed in the National Assembly. And Juan by day of course has been contesting. That the presidency for a number of months. Continue watching and Julius audio and just just before we get side and I just wanted to I wanted to bring up that a few days a gay last week economists actually pointed out. That Venezuela as economic collapse is west in the collapse of Zimbabwe and Wesson the collapse. Of the Soviet Union routes it as a huge amount at stake. So I just wanted to just about across Horton point there thinking yeah. Is that Saudi or it claims have intercepted two missiles. And that comes amid heightened tensions with Iran so what do we know about that right now. Say the Saudi embassy in Washington is not a tweets and that intercepted two. Miss they believe. The plea by the king fees and it they landed and Mecca province. Now this is really important guys because at the Mehmet we have in the heady month. Of Ramadan more than two million Muslims from around the wild are expected to travel. To Saudi Arabia for the Haj for that heavy pilgrimage. At the end. Ramadan and of course Mecca is the center of Islam that's way islam's holiest sites. Say this is really ready wearing. Recent leave what another couple of Jones strikes. Which the hippies did claimed responsibility for days talking a couple of oil pumping stations now the hippies say they I'm not behind these latest. Missiles or dragons I was sent. Targeting sites in Mecca. The Iranians have denied that doesn't if they have anything to do that as well but the saudis. A pretty Pacific actually blaming on the he's he's with us. Julie I knew this was going to happen that we're going to get a game of rooms series finale before Brett sit was concluded. It and the bad of which one was gonna happen first. Ryan the pilot took my game a thing. If I want to ask you borrow what you saw the McNally ice and ice I thought it wouldn't he have any tube time you get there quickly brought to fit. Four. Gamer throws finale which one you want. I think I think I think how much stigma breakfast I wondered how did in the finale how do you feel about. Meant. He's still app from the Detroit free Brad yeah. Julie. Yellow book of the night and we're highly rated higher. I I mean let's let's let's leave for another thing how many apps I have as has the suspects got is it isn't your thing if they. The governor Rex or bad. Well identity guys seem that's budget you know about colorful average politician he's friends with the president Nigel high rise and he had little surprise waiting for him when he was campaigning. Up in Northern England. Oh all but then again a case says this apparently is up saying god couple. All that right wing politicians who have had the same treatment the best treatment was. According to the guy he's there aren't a five guys Sosa but non -- timeout okay which he paid seven box book. And he said he would wouldn't put drinking it but he saluted its agents went to a more fitting and it has been was. Now. I don't know what the significance of the military is people on FaceBook are talking about a lack case against intolerance. Not that upon that for you but mystify does not very happy right hand and divisive politician but hey. A lot of people back him and his posse is the is looking to do really well and European elections. Well no matter your politics I don't know why you waste the good milk shake. And I mean I would accept that during cat but I wouldn't wanna Wear it yet I do here to milk -- to bring other protesters in the yard. Yeah they're like it's better than yours. Juliette today here at Mac's first is now. Day wherever it we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"5:03","description":"Plus, Saudi Arabia claims to have intercepted Houthi missiles, and a pro-Brexit politician gets a milkshake bath.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63170468","title":"Across the Pond: Maduro calls for early National Assembly elections","url":"/International/video/pond-maduro-calls-early-national-assembly-elections-63170468"}