Across The Pond: Military takes control in Sudan

A temporary military council will rule the nation, plus Israel's vow to try again after a failed moon landing.
3:57 | 04/12/19

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Transcript for Across The Pond: Military takes control in Sudan
So let's go across the pond out to ABC news London bureau or Bruno rovers keeping an eye on the biggest international news good morning to our friend Bruno sober or not start with the news that a sedan. Yet but I Eisley was suggesting yesterday that has beat hopefully all of all of lead as in Sudan Mohamed Al Bushehr has been toppled at a arrested. I'm in his plays is his defense minister the he's been had he's been that's I'm appointed head all of a transitional council. For the next two years the vote does of the demonstrators who actually precipitated. This. This clue if you like. I'm not happy about this they see this is our economy entitled to within the military that the same people list and in charge of what they want. Is democracy. Not military leaders now this chat was closed probably share. The keys and what the defense minister. And he's actually on the UN sanction list for atrocities committed in doll force that we as a thought he parent to palaces while. And Al this year in power since 1989. For T amazing that he was ousted. Now let's move on to Israel's bid a burrito to land a spacecraft on the moon that ended in disappointment when it suffered. Engine failure and crashed just moments before touchdown but scientists say they've they still have a lot to be proud. Were looking tell us about how old Israel is is dealing with this. Well I I think there's lot of disappointment but also a lot of pride to the small country like Israel has managed to it and that's where this is the first time there's been a private. Attempts to land on the moon Fo the poultry sum of 100 million dollars. On the double private backers for this venture from Israel to slow little space ship is why the spaceship that Google tried. Com I I'm came by with some wonderful pictures it flew for seven weeks. I'm from a out they hate still left on a space X rocket from Florida. And go very close in the united she's an amazing pictures of would send back from. Near the surface of the Minardi ten miles up. And that so limit total that was mission was good looking while and it was all systems ago but as it started to make the 21 minute is this sense of the lunar surface. Apparently has suffered some communication problems and sudden aspects of the crop shut down including its engines and by the time they got it restart and it was going to Foster. And crash landed on the surface but quite an achievement I think I have to say I I think it's out. It's that it's an amazing that this lord Ashcroft and the size spaceship harshest thing act crosses he's me it's a sizable washing machine. So that would for laughs are skating on and I and I wish them luck for the next time it apparently without gonna try again. Yeah no Benjamin Netanyahu said we will try again Grenoble where you go we know it's a big geo T weekend for Tom bug game of the Ras I heard your fan. So with the big premiere this weekend we want to know. Who were away and that. The iron the Roman which are main character wool diet. Do you have. Not a and I are I wanna say that that I I think anyone who thinks they know what's gonna come down a couple of days is just it you know judging all lying old old diluted. I am I I'd. I'm not shall until July I'm looking forward to. Lots of violence not a disappointment. And done a comrade really can't wait spotlight I'd like Steve Simon Jones and and dinars get together. I'm okay. It's unpredictable so anything that's flag and everyone really wants and in one of their favorite shows just you know the show that keeps you on the edge of your seats. Yeah I do and which everyone dies. Telling everyone died everyone everyone that apple has selected each other on her again coaster of a yeah. Oh I wrote out my friend thank you so much we appreciate have a great weekend. And we will tell you that that's our question of the day last asking Canada who do you think we'll sit on the iron the room at the end of the finale between us. An ABC news live with your gas and maybe will achieve that you a shout out if you get it right.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"A temporary military council will rule the nation, plus Israel's vow to try again after a failed moon landing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62352841","title":"Across The Pond: Military takes control in Sudan","url":"/International/video/pond-military-takes-control-sudan-62352841"}