Across the Pond: North Korea launches missile after agreeing to resume talks

Plus: Hong Kong police defend shooting a protester, and Dutch farmers clog roads with tractors in protest.
4:32 | 10/02/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: North Korea launches missile after agreeing to resume talks
Now to North Korea where ballistic missile has been fired shortly after the nation announced plans to restart nuclear talks with the US. Let's go across the pond to to a McFarland in the London bureau for the latest Juliet good morning so it what do you know about this most recent long. So what we know is that this was a submarine launched ballistic miss. It they have for around 218. Miles before it then landed. In this sea of to power and Wagner dismissals. Tend to end up these days this is the eleventh missile launch that the north Koreans how five's. This yeah remember of course thought peace talks with the US. They've been stool to since that summit in Hanoi Vietnam. A back info everywhere the two sides failed to agree any. The steps on denuclearization and the lifting of sanctions. But what we know is that a few I was before this latest loans. Was that killed nine US said that it would be ready to finally restart those talks again. Possibly even later this week so a lot of analysts as saying that this. This show forces just the north Koreans trying to reais set themselves give themselves may be a stronger position by. Signaling to the US hey this is serious we mean business look at what's on state. You really need to give some way on those sanctions lifted which is of course what North Korea once in the US position. Has always been that it needs to see real steps. All the disks denuclearization before it will agree stunt lifting sanctions on the north Koreans. Enjoy meanwhile Hong Kong the police chief is calling yesterday one of the city's most violent and chaotic a police officer actually shot a protestor. In the chest at point blank range during a protest so what do we know about the protests are and his condition this morning. Exactly a lot of footage segmented yes they of that amendment it was a young protests he was it an initially described as a schoolboy he's an eighteen year old boy. And he was seen attacking a police office so with a pole who then discharged his weapon. Hitting him in that with a but. Scratch and the chestnut it was not the fuss on that live rounds. Had been fired in Hong Kong but it was abuzz time that a protest has been hit the police chief said that the officer was justified in his. In his use of force because he believed that his life was in danger at the government says. That the boy he's Colin sung chi can that he. Is in a stable possession the government says. Intentional yes they are 904 people were taken to the hospital. Hundred AT people were arrested. And 25. Offices had been in jet a lot of people describing yesterday scenes as the mace to violent and Hong Kong in these last four months of protest coming of course. On not China national day which the Hong Kong is at least those who are protesting against the government they wanted to make it clear that it was a day of mourning for them. It really overshadowing the seventieth anniversary there are trying to celebrating. Communist rule. Also in the Netherlands there with a bizarre showing from Dutch farmers who were protesting claims they are responsible for emissions contribute to climate change. And apparently they caught the headache for commuters. Yeah. Hundreds and hundreds of miles 2000. Fonda is taking pot in those protests. Colas and log jams across some 700 miles. Across the Netherlands not the sole stock to this protest in a field outside the hate. And your study right Islam is a basically saying that they are being singled out the victimized. That's a fathering cools. Four inefficient capital funds to be shut down and some speed limits let it in alluded to called by conventions. Now a look at the prom as they were. As well as taking to the streets in that tracks as they were holding up signs and banners saying that if bomb as many feared. You love meat bread and Fries without father has. You wouldn't have been a tool they as saying that industries such as an aviation industry need two rules that take some blame in chilled. Some of the responsibility for a nation that does not just that but what actually happened yesterday. You know and it hits during the rush hour on Tuesday say the whole country. Was it was what was hearing about this in a large amount a large amount of people in trying to get to whack. What stuff conventional job. I that climate change debate really seen around the world. Joanna McFarland thank you so much we appreciate it tea.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Plus: Hong Kong police defend shooting a protester, and Dutch farmers clog roads with tractors in protest.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65999594","title":"Across the Pond: North Korea launches missile after agreeing to resume talks","url":"/International/video/pond-north-korea-launches-missile-agreeing-resume-talks-65999594"}