Across the Pond: Official Vatican document opposes gender change

LGBT Catholics denounced the document, and Egypt demanded the return of a King Tut statue scheduled for auction.
2:32 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Official Vatican document opposes gender change
Let's go across the pond outer Borough rover in the London bureau good morning Bruno so what do you have trust today. Well with the stuff up with quite a controversial report was been released by the Vatican to outline their officials stalls on transgender ism. The report fairly unambiguously called. Male and female he created them seeks to sort of help give guidance to. To teach is to parents to clergy. Overt transgender issues they Elian in a retailer because it's good they argue that. Gender debate is it's the agenda fluidity is a confused concept of freedom based on moment tree designs. And that the privacy of the male and feed mouthful should be maintained and that children should be COLT. About the essential cold nature of masculinity and femininity and what led that to do which essentially is procreation they say that. The jet transgender arisen if you like is essentially anti nature. And that you can't just use your agenda depending on how you fail. Spending on ambiguous that. Moving in on them Bruno to another controversy brewing over agents statue of yet Egypt's king tied it scheduled to go up for auction next month but Egypt. As demanding the statue returned saying it was stolen. Yes well that that there that say it was smuggled out of the country is practicing this is this is ahead of an auction at Christie's auction house in July. All of pieces from them are assigned drove private collection. This is a 3000. Year old statue of Tutan comedy which they say was taken out of the country illegally without proper paperwork and should be real talent. Night she Egypt has still to control the flow of artifacts from that country from 1835. Man and formalize the more stringent and stunned conditions full. Taking a stuff out of the country or selling stuff that's already been taken that night and 83 and that's saying that this particular statute doesn't correspond to back. Christie's a pushing back and thanks impossible to track. Men many as old artifacts in the they've done all the necessary tests. And that base is a bona Fides sell but it's it's interesting because this is increasingly becoming an issue around the well with country is looking to claim back. I'm artifacts that they said been looted quite often they have been frankly an even stop has been taken centuries ago Joseph on the colonial era there also advocate to have those that sense it's about a controversial irises and some see how this. Hands out apparently no statute of limitations there. Art Cabrera wrapped up I thank you get Randy good to see yet.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"LGBT Catholics denounced the document, and Egypt demanded the return of a King Tut statue scheduled for auction.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63626333","title":"Across the Pond: Official Vatican document opposes gender change ","url":"/International/video/pond-official-vatican-document-opposes-gender-change-63626333"}