Across the Pond: Outpouring of support for Notre Dame

Plus, aid arrives in Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro's change of heart, but opposition leader Juan Guaido claims credit.
5:54 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Outpouring of support for Notre Dame
Let's go across the pond that ABC news he's lying there were just fine King and I the biggest international news Juliet good morning. We've been following me I'm dying of support for notre drama on the social media what you've been seeing. Yeah tribute so still pouring and people still responding I'm into this tragic fire Libya's. Amazing to say how much an emotional connection so many people around there was in the house. On this building and not so reflective I think and the sheer scale. Owed to nations that the touch has had recently mist net to book because people are talking about is three of France's wealthiest families. French. Powerhouse. Found ways and companies have pledged hundreds of millions. Of dog as the company's behind some four unnamed weak tone Hennessy. They have pledged hundreds of millions Dulles because. There are fans not that it could take action news and yes possibly even decades. To restore the fatal to its form. Glory president McCord said yesterday that he hopes. Dead charge will be fully restored and five he says he says that we can make this happen. But there are a number of acts bands architects historians. Handmade Coleman's warning that it can she take. Decades. To bring the not Saddam back two police are functioning state does a number of reasons but not very is. The sourcing of material of course precious materials and big there's big and can means that how to be completely. Replaced a how they gonna get mad there's also into something when inching that I Brad does not. The operation to festivals studying what the damage is gay is going to be like can assess what has to be replaced and renovated as. A can set excavation because people have to calf police sift through the debris to see what kind of fragile materials may be salvaged. It's it's fascinating there is. The chief executive. All that conservation organization here in the UK. He says some of the material that was Imus may be musical and as a painstaking exercise it's like an archaeological. Excavation. And of course there is beautiful stained glass windows. The suffering from some real shock how to know how delicate they now how. Ten years says the operation to. And restore and protect them and of course how is that how does the cathedral going to be brought to modern safety standards to trying to insure about such a project. And devastating fire like this is is going to be the risk and that's going to be mitigated in the future it's gonna take a long time guys went Lesnar. Getting around that. You're right about that it is going to take a long time is so many people are invested in this and yeah I mentioned earlier earlier Julia that. A lot of Americans. Going they have a stake in this a number of them are tourists who visit. That cathedral every single year are number of Catholics are now in the US but across the world also donate. Two renovation that I cathedral so everyone is paying attention to the rebuilding process. Already we're seeing people cross social media also chime in only to sharing their photos but reacting. To this as well let's move on because we know that in Venice where were the first Red Cross. Eight delivery has a writer for a months long fight between the nation's president in opposition leader so what's the latest there. Yet in this is really important remember how politicized. Aides and the delivery of aid has been. In the last few months the embattled presidents and nickel last Madeira he has denies it's that the country is in the grip on the humanitarian crisis. He has proved gun said international aid coming. Into the country not just to give a scale of how desperate that aid is needed there's hyperinflation. In Venezuela normal. Every day vital goods. And tens and tens of times the price that they movie off. Three million people have fled Venezuela. Because of the situation but some good news lost we make less Madeira sent back he had reached some kind of agreement with the International Red Cross. For the delivery of aid. And on some that aids the festival shipments of bots a lot of it from Panama. It's including fourteen power generates its of course Venezuela's having serious problems with power outages at amendment really affecting hospitals. Fringes or not kind of stuff. Several thousand leases of warts. Sanjay equipment Keds. Incapable of citing tens of thousands of patients each that's according to the Red Cross. A just gang and the some of the things have been able to again back into the country. And of course opposition leader who ongoing day his recognized by the international community has been in Trenton president. On Venice when he's claiming this as a major victory he has been of course on the board I he's been in Colombia he's been. I really trying to facilitate that aid he's been appealing to the international community it's trying put pressure on majora. To let this aid and say he has been speaking on on how important it is up that they shipments have finally been allowed to come through. Very important indeed it Juliet think you for that before you go you know you have your royalty over there we've got hours over here in the US queen bee just. Drop homecoming on NASA blames me. No news on the united and he knows the you know what the timeline it was at midnight West Coast hide so it dropped 3 AM here on the East Coast. So your time I can do the math but had he is sorry watching yet. Wet how is already it's oh my god Julia and I breaking news. We coin musing went home got along with yeah. And I won't you know what I. We're serious items so I get it passed again as honest and implement what's game threatens. A typical morning here in the UK I'm gonna do not a gap I'm going to adapt Martha's final. Thanks to have thought you like of the those odds I hear what you might I'm here from paying me. I'm all right thank you Julia.

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{"duration":"5:54","description":"Plus, aid arrives in Venezuela after Nicolas Maduro's change of heart, but opposition leader Juan Guaido claims credit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62452678","title":"Across the Pond: Outpouring of support for Notre Dame","url":"/International/video/pond-outpouring-support-notre-dame-62452678"}