Across the Pond: Russians protest possible net censorship

Plus, North Korea holds an "election," the royal family celebrates Commonwealth Day and more.
5:37 | 03/11/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Russians protest possible net censorship
Welcome back everybody is time to go across the pond to ABC news London bureau where Julie MacFarlane is keeping and I. On the biggest international news forest Juliet good morning what is going on with these protests and Russia. Good morning guys yeah this is an interest saying I'm and we expect us a couple weeks ago on its morning America as a let's revisit that now because activists and Moscow a say that around 151000. People. Take to the streets yesterday on Sunday there now. Though protests across Russia have Moscow on a couple of other cities and people around the streets demonstrating against this new a digital sovereignty bill. Which is being brought before the Russian parliament. Now what it's a sensibly a new measure that the Russians awesome trial in May want to be able to take. The countries in tonight's outs away from some outside survey. It's a sub as and rich has and they want to be able to basically patent on hot just. In the event all of a foreign cyber attack. But not to miss some analysts say that it could also be a way. Of stifling descendants. And basically maintaining a lot of control over the type of instant access that Russians can access inside the country's senate. A lot of people on the streets protesting saying they were holding a peso sank hands off spot in cements. What pro democracy. Slogans and things like that so it's written right into staying it's kind of comes harmful what the white about is running like the great fire wall. Of China. Which real news it is used as a tool by the Chinese Government to a limited information that successful inside the country. Interest in with the Russians would be story about hacking through yes. Ironic as that and our North Korea. I'm apparently is and we they've been in the news a little bit lately. And what comes in northern Parikh that North Korea we talk about. Dictator Kim junk food and apparently there was an election there I think most American Friday when even think that North Korea had elections. Yak I'm I'm I'm not gonna syndicates I mean it's an entirely reasonable meaningless. Price so that bid the country went to the polls. For the apple parliamentary. A elections but it is an election like no other say the Koreans they gave. Two independent stations. And they've received a slip of paper. Baiting is mandatory for everyone ended a seventeen on the slip of paper. There is one candidate one choice there are now boxes to take nothing to sign. And it is just basically one entry for the supreme. People as. Assembly it now there opera I met pending this which you can mention but not immediately causes suspicion of course remember in North Korea it's pretty much money the tree for citizens to show and tired complete devotion. And submission to the route in Camden the Steve. And a begins to. The routing government that sale and a quite a meaningless. Electro press that's happening right now but there is not chase some more news I'm coming out of North Korea. You might remember and Chinese seventeen not curious case of the assassination of Kim Jong Nam the half brother on the North Korean leader inquired of the controller right that was a bizarre story. He was accosted by a couple of women and quantum and pour out put. Do maintenance men. In a cloth fell have been sickened me axe gas and very scary toxic. Chemical now does a Vietnamese woman and an Indonesian woman he had been detained and the trial is ongoing. But the Malays and authorities have just released that Indian and Indonesian woman. And giving not raining much information as to why. They have dom not but she had been facing the death penalty if she was convicted the Vietnamese woman is still is still being detained the country and the trial. Is going on say an interesting an update and not the soft story. It is indeed an on a much lighter note Julia have a commonwealth day. Yeah. Illness and I'm still amazed celebrates and in the UK block it and I married and we have no idea what that is. Yeah I mean all music and very very little in there and so that means that we're supposed to talk about it. Exactly exactly I mean on the say the big news today in the UK Angela Bob Reich said in a please someone famous or not but commonwealth day is today it's an annual celebration. It is a one of the commonwealth the 53 countries including the UK. And it's basically an organization has formed of for what countries and nations that used to be part of the British empire. So we have a commonwealth games in a bunch of other things like that. Today is annual commonwealth day ends that bonds bonds celebrations and little abandoned son of about again on the world I'm you can be at Westminster Abbey in Central London. How an item that Oakland and I stay ahead of them beckoned me hanging out at Canada house which is the Canadian embassy. It was kind of a very special to. I'm meg and one of her adopted countries it's of course questions living question that anti bush has been living for years filming states. About any hanging out of the Canadians Dominic mean meeting people and represents says and charities and things like that sent a nice day ahead of them today celebrates world. Happy commonwealth stadium each other present as is their last year got me I got unite and hosting any present or not yeah. This gift of sitting next to me again if candidate gave them up I didn't. Well happy commonwealth day of my friend is good to you think you were all of updates on that. Mayor Harry mega because we always you know Harriet make an update right thanks Julie I have I don't write Monday it can take care.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"Plus, North Korea holds an \"election,\" the royal family celebrates Commonwealth Day and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61602627","title":"Across the Pond: Russians protest possible net censorship","url":"/International/video/pond-russians-protest-net-censorship-61602627"}