Across the Pond: State Department orders non-emergency personnel out of Iraq

Plus, the Cannes Film Festival kicks off with zombies and controversy.
4:33 | 05/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: State Department orders non-emergency personnel out of Iraq
Let's go across the pond now to the London bureau where Julie McFarlane is on top of the latest in a national news good morning Julia. Morning Tenet just won a stuck with it quickly from a flashy thought added this morning from. The American Embassy and bag Dodd an Iraq they just issued. And a statement saying they will ordering the departure of known and non emergency government employees. From the embassy that best suspending clones the services that will be some essentials stock. Remaining just want to put this in calling Texas of course comes as there is this rise up contentions. Favor Iran and Saudi Arabia on of course the US following this very consenting standoff in the gulf. There is oil tank has which hits have been sabotaged. Or damaged in some way in that investigation going into what happened that. This a sign that things. May be getting more tenants. But well Mona it's about and we'll bring you guys the updates as they come. We sure will right here on ABC news live on moving on to a you've been watching the opening of the Cannes film film festival in southern France so what's making headlines there. Yes that says the seventy seconds. Can. Festival about glamorous glitzy awards many. On the French Riviera. Is becoming an ever increasing trend in film award so many is that a lot of the speeches becoming more and more topical. Even more political. Now the top headline from the awards it that the it was go on they will continue this week but the the grand opening night. So the Mexican directs. Alejandro Gonzales in every to his what his the jury president making a very political speech. Taking a veiled Ol or perhaps a parts of veiled swipe. The policies of president Donald Trump particularly for his policy on building got bored to war. Between the United States and Mexico are warning that it codes leads to another war. Another thing that is interesting as I didn't now a kind of that you see in the trailer of full the film which has the phone disseminate. The was Emmys opening film called the dead then died. I just what's the trend just coming in this morning and it looks amazing it's a zombie comedy and it's got this. Stock studded cost. Heavies in the trailer looking thing. It is the Dakotas on com. As it exactly minute you need to go what's it because it lives hello Larry is it's got I didn't drive but it's got bill mare has got Selena Gomez got a geek aching pull up it's doing quite well it's kind of if you seen Schoen of the dead that perhaps they don't call dad and and the highness. It's kind of like that but set in like small town America and I just want to bring you a couple credits from people you've seen him of the settlement and reviews attending a Polaris. One. But Mott remarks on on a deep hopes and a performance of a zombie. By Peta brought join the guardian a British newspaper had. One zombie is obsessed with coffee and played by Iggy Pop not looking all that different from the way he habit should be does. In costing times it's Estrich genius sir have cut made me laugh. And another which I think probing Capps makes a film a bit more. It's hard to what small town America a ten on itself and not see political power allows. But the film Tiffany self identifies as fiction that's from the data Telecom. They yell hey and speaking to small town America can't let you go without. How do you weigh in on the question of the day which is your favorite accent here in the US you heard earth I've heard you heard that the top of the show there. And we love yours but by here we have to vote on here in the US what he got. That's a good run I have T favorites. Another southern accent because us so manifests and they kind of scenes immediate like the American version of the gloves regional accent here in the UK. Which if you guys that nag Lasme to maxim is bedie. Musical and Betty like where is this southern Isaacson an American is lets you know it's a little sing song byproducts that blocks them. Boss that there would be and we were like that and I took them down south I can say that's there's folks down south and I don't know what Mela flew with means. But you do you and how. Forget FAT word for us them are down south so I'm glad you like our. Southern accents as well I'd day I did if that's good art that you my friend good to talk with yet.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Plus, the Cannes Film Festival kicks off with zombies and controversy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63048818","title":"Across the Pond: State Department orders non-emergency personnel out of Iraq ","url":"/International/video/pond-state-department-orders-emergency-personnel-iraq-63048818"}