Across the Pond: Students around the world call for action on climate change

Plus: New video deepens the mystery around the Loch Ness monster, and some good advice for dining with the queen.
5:06 | 09/20/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: Students around the world call for action on climate change
Welcome back students around the world are walking out of school today to demand climate change action the so call climate change strikes have already gotten underway overseas. So let's go across the pond to our friend Maggie ruling in the London bureau who's about to go cover the strikes taking place there in the UK Maggie good morning. Tank and it's good morning and listings are dispensed pick up here in the UK we aren't even following video the been coming in from really all over the world and I got in. Cut Kenya. Was having massive protests we also saw them in Australia and the Czech Republic mean when they are calling this global climate change protest. They really are global and mini me organizers say they expect this to be. The largest climate protest in our planet's history it is all going down saying you guys are gonna have some. Pretty major ones in New York later as well now what's so remarkable is cannon and I want just like look at his video for a second because. You notice the age of a whole of these protesters. It's it's really incredible they're all young people this is a movement that's been to remain by the youth dreaming by students and a lot of the momentum behind and moving goes backed him credit numbered sixteen year old Swedish activist. Who is now becomes urban icon of this movement she has sailed across the Atlantic Shih spoke before congress last week saying trust in the scientists trust. The science behind climate change. And now we see sort of that message being picked up around the world by students but. They're also asking for a regular people for older adults for people who are working for web sites to also strike and shut down in protest so. Again we don't know what the numbers are going to be just yet but just these early baby was coming in aren't really remarkable. Just incredible you truly are. RA now and Scotland new underwater video is reigniting the interest in the lock nasty monster here in America were talking about aliens. That across of money is doing with them locked and that's monsters is that the real deal. When I want a yes so badly finished I was so excited when this video came out I'm street tossing it by now. It looks like this monster. Lull. We look at UCS you know and this is proof the Loch Ness Monster exists our entire beer here I believed it. Alice who's been on the story since the beginning. She believes that danger unless. But she just laughed at me I don't know if you actually ever believed to enable cooking and me. Client thinks that some great reporting by Alice back there she called up. The people behind this up about the video and they said they didn't mean it as a trained they just. So we're kind of putting out this interesting murky video and in the Internet to get ice storm it when I will before seen had a chance to tell people was actually. Along. Gone wrong giant NEL. Okay. A horrible. Plane that's why can't believe everything you see on the Internet taste you can't split the fact that I thought I heard. Justin brings full circle is that the young men the European eels actually Marion danger never type and the climate today's than just a little plug for our intelligent species there. There for a week as she knows everything about your brand it speaker of knowing everything about you're this actually may help you out we have some important advice. In case you meet the queen over there across the pond Maggie. Grabbed and notepad and a pen girl takes a night and this comes from formula in the racing star Lewis Hamilton who opened up to the BBC's Graham Norton about getting it. A dressing down over his table manners. From get this though queen of hearts out Maggie. So Maggie operation you heard this that a few years ago he was I want a eight guests invited to launch with the queen. And we'll see it right next to her so unfortunately he dared to attempt this. Eight to her at the long and Pena didn't bag he's wait Maggie there's more than Moore Maggie put on he says he told him as she pointed to his left quell. Netted an out you speak and outweigh first and house being this way. Then I'll come back CO. Then Maggie did queen reportedly doesn't speak to people on her left. Until the pudding and achieve this are served and I've seen you ET that am putting. Seoul before here on this side of the prime. Al but I that you like to talk Maggie and that you wouldn't care proper protocol with the queen so we're trying to help you out before you get a. Florida couldn't really accretion on the money don't you can think that's when it Kenneth winds by as well have you spoken to you on his left yet and no not until in the upper. The congressional critic but let you know they went out and make cannons that likens it next to the cleaning and hope with the explode the. I can't wait for you to meet the queen and it's going to be announcement I thought that's going to be the one time uh huh you bring it and add some. I was like the one person to make Maggie just. Can I don't know tone it down. Conceding a little bit. A isn't. We can't wait we did not only and I appreciate all the tents keeping coming international at the day ahead. I got a lot going out there to cover. That you that Maggie and we really appreciate it we'll see you soon.

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{"duration":"5:06","description":"Plus: New video deepens the mystery around the Loch Ness monster, and some good advice for dining with the queen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65741788","title":"Across the Pond: Students around the world call for action on climate change","url":"/International/video/pond-students-world-call-action-climate-change-65741788"}