Across the Pond: Taiwan votes to legalize same-sex marriage

Plus, U.K. PM Theresa May lays out a Brexit timeline, and a restaurant makes a costly mistake serving the wrong bottle of wine.
4:26 | 05/17/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Taiwan votes to legalize same-sex marriage
Let's go across the pond now to do some and Eddie in the London bureau good morning Joseph so let's start with a very big first and Asia Taiwan voting to legalize same sex marriage. Yet against good morning yes of this morning we want to things play out and not in the capital Taipei. Thousands of gay men and women are on the streets celebrating today's court ruling. On it it it now allows for the first time at least in this region in Asia the legalizing. Same sex marriage which is a big deal obviously is in this for the world. It's still kind of controversial and in Taiwan. It is quite liberal but there are still pockets of of conservative conservative. Feelings and and and and and and and oceans in in Taiwan where this might not be seen is that. A big step but it is and Taiwan has also long been a leader of gay rights in Asia they hold the annual gay pride parade marriages and marriage certificates will be issued starting next week while credible. That absolutely is and yelled back where you are prime minister trees may she's she's an offer a timetable. For brags it batten that hopefully we will stick to. Her own departure and oh my god I mean you know we we talked about this I think the last time is with you guys a month ago. We're back at it again. She has set another vote on on a bill on a wreck that deal that has failed three times is gonna tried again. The week that Donald Trump is here on June 3. The papers this morning a talking about her you know last night you know thought populated being careful. Last night while she was told that it doesn't in this bill does not pass. On June 3 that she should step aside and it's something she's obviously there's been considering in it and she probably should. And there aren't there are no short of any candidates are looking to replace their soldiers happily concede but it's gonna play out on during during we can Donald Trump is here's a lot a lot of drama. Wow and after this process and even probably while our president is bare in the UK she probably a glass of red wine. Which leads you to do this next one we know England isn't exactly known for one maybe that's why restaurant mistakenly serves some lucky diners the wrong bottle. From worth how much again. Well it's that the sounds like this the sort of a joke two men walk into a bar and order very expensive wine. And get it even more expensive wine to drink so this this bottle the wine cost. 300 dollars. On the and they were served as bottle of wine and and then and drank the bottle and they asked for second bottle of wine and that's mistake was caught and the second bottle on cost seventeen times more than the first follow. It was 6000 dollars thanks and thousand dollars second bottom of that first let's have a good and I'm I'm and I'm guess if you order a 300 dollar bottle wine you would have 6000 dollar bottle and looks like so and they may enjoy the first ball of the winds that they have the second body after second bottle of waiter came over and so I'm sorry the manager can amount to remain in the state. I've known get in trouble for this no one has the paper this but it but it is insisting that the restaurant tweeted a picture of both bottle side by side. Saying you know they look similar item if you. And the picture that showed both bottled by bus that actually don't look similar policy. Is that they look like bottle of wine woman gold label as a red label anyway you don't have to speak French they obviously enjoyed it very much. The restaurant obviously has learned learned its mistake and an ability to respond when power but I'm pretty sure this week and restaurants going to be kind of busy green went out looking for is similar I bet. They can make it up make of the profits there I'd Abu wanted to know that was drinking and 6000 dollar Bob you don't know what. I what I know I wanted to know could that be upset to let it really favorite but I would say they I would like I smell an excellent comment on the. Listen I'm a ten dollar bottle of one myself man but you know if you're ordering a 300 dollar bottle of wine I'm pretty sure you have a pretty good idea. The rent Yang Yang kind of ridiculous to really show you bottle let me come on the less is known that what they were doing and with a few feet under the table. And so that's blistering as anywhere they think they never did and they enjoyed it and who wouldn't mean Ada. It we'll Joseph thinks I'm amazed Ed does not much maligned Kaiser you're still doing it from the box you. I find this astonishing Amy because there's nothing wrong with bots and day there anything you slap that bag it you should pay a bit let started out. We didn't envelope flap the bag and yet and look at every visit a question and today. It you got there more expense old. Bottle marked by mistake would you tell the body. Honestly what would you even know the difference I would knew the difference. Let that bank doesn't comment or to me getting easy news five's you get that little stick it me. That's what we call now now that the ticket via a wide street tired of that ticket.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Plus, U.K. PM Theresa May lays out a Brexit timeline, and a restaurant makes a costly mistake serving the wrong bottle of wine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"63098776","title":"Across the Pond: Taiwan votes to legalize same-sex marriage","url":"/International/video/pond-taiwan-votes-legalize-sex-marriage-63098776"}