Across the Pond: Trudeau retains power as Netanyahu gives up on forming government

Plus: Brexit deadline looms as Parliament blocks another vote, and Japan’s emperor officially ascends to the throne.
8:25 | 10/22/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: Trudeau retains power as Netanyahu gives up on forming government
Welcome back so it appears a century ago and has won a second term as Canada's prime minister projections have Trudeau's Liberal Party when he enough seats to maintain control. A Canada's parliament but. Trudeau's hold on power will be weaker than it was during his first term his campaign was threatened by several controversies including. Evidence that he had wore black base in the past. And in Israel prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu as announced he's failed to form a government after falling short in last month's election. Let's bring in our foreign correspondent Juliet McFarlin across the pond in the London bureau for more good morning Juliette nice to meet she you. Morning can I. I'm Mike first Joliet and back before you on move on they're taught some very important news here I love the land that two of ABC's finance. It never met and it's the first time at Whittier across the pond though this share brings people don't. I got on the promo. Good day producer. Well July at a big and yours you great worker Rick thanks for joining us this morning you're too kind to tell us how elections change the geopolitical landscape. Right so I was I do so we've got a slew of big foreign stories today festival in counted. Prime minister treat their remember he swept to power back in 2015. Making a silly you. A progressive pledges I was so much excitement about this he's a style and other political dynasty having. A father he would lead the country previously. How that. Lease plus two full years of Justin K days premiership had been tainted with scandal. Matt and I was also just come yet to be formally announced but he has lost his majority he's got. Fourteen seats short of winning and liberal majority. But that is still good news for the two day campaign because they that would pose indicating that he may have lost. Outright. He has been tainted by. A number of Scott of those I said that was. And an issue with this oil company which that day Canadian. Cabinet there was two resignations ms. cabinet with female ministers claiming. That they had been pressured by the administration to get to kind to kibosh an investigation into this Canadian company. On allegations that it bribed Libya for contracts. Then prime minister she day found himself embroiled in the scandal as a black face and has the eight year as. So afford the trip campaign they say it let me can. Governor with a minority government we just have to bill good allegiances in parliament but an interesting stuff I had this morning. He now leads the most unpopular. Government in the Canadian history with lesson study 5% of the fate. And Joliet when it comes to his role what's the story there in the power shifts. Right so we not quite at the bite by ABB. Situation just yet but prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He had failed. To form a coalition government prior the president relent. He had tossed that the current prime minister with forming academician governor often results showed net Clegg no outright majority for any of the blocks. In The Knesset. Now the president he has got three days to decide what to do I'm it is getting to a maj. Pretty soon whether believed of an opposition faction banned need guidance who has Netanyahu's Parma challenge. If heat will be given a mandate to form the next government if you count. Is he condit's he's got a paired of about three weeks to do that's. If he also cannot form a government behind him. Then that we see ourselves an apparent all around about three weeks whether Knesset what's my decreed dissolves. I Annan's you guessed that new elections. For the Israelis and to be expected in the spring of next yes. More elections more elections back there in the UK which is supposed to leave your union in ten days I'm not really sure if you can't say I'm not for. All of that here you got have a giant clock up that he does tick tick down I would Boris Johnson is like little emblem on like little magnet is. True. Under. It and let you right behind does he caught not I'm sure you but it an adult cover. Those with this. It is right behind the big James Longman poster that you guys have got up there the you're here. The subject Harriet maggot at a meeting on yeah. So don't yet still do it and have declined to vote on a boards Johnson's new with deals so what's next then. Guys NSA celtics' and just does it bring about a lost week hadn't parliament was sifting for the fast time during a weekend. Since Britain was not war. A over the Falkland Islands and the time before that it was during the Second World War when parliament was sitting on a recount not just chase you. The gravity of the situation going on right now as we get closer to the -- that deadline. Boris Johnson is trying to get his. His deal with the EU pushed through parliament. But yesterday the speaker vitae and it's and he couldn't bring that's debate to the house. Sin now what's happening is he is trying to get the legislation. 380. In three days now because he's not getting a bit on his deal yet he's not trying to get it a different way which would've had to happen anyway it's that it's of if that debate on the deal had gone through which is the domestic UK legislation on. On implementing and ratifying Britain's exit. Now he wants to do that in three days will admit that. I don't rock the legislation to bring the UK into the EU in 1970 that took fourteen days of parliament to debate. So that's a situation on at the man at the DN dead bill was published yesterday it's about a hundred pages long that was upgraded. On the pundit website last night late last night I so it just is not about to get ready for bad my fellow. Not read and I on the that's not gonna present to get that high oil and I would say cabinet met I was out of as a government minister on this morning on that made it BBC. Radio four program. I'm the Pentagon to those that have ended have you read the whole of the of the bill have you read the legislation. I'm gonzo was. Had a good look at six. There it is there a government menace. Imus so the next few days under the seat long hours debating and parliament I'm again Halloween is the deadline for when this is based the commitments leave. A hit worst it have you continues spanned the globe here with this so yeah let's hop on over to Japan. There really dramatic. Ceremony the emperor officially is sending this drown. REC a few months to tell what time. Exactly set amber red naruhito he officially became Amre off that his five. Advocates of so that happened back in May but what we saw. When was the lavish. Elaborate ceremony. That is full of symbolism dot deficient is the official moxie officials Stotts. All of his reign and you know ready ready beautiful pictures on so much symbolism and tradition and pageantry. He was. Is set a setting and that six point five me to hide that tax cut me cooler and drier and he was got ten leading up to forma proclamation. Which is hot of the so many his wife was reported enclaves this is say some just. Reportedly claims and twelve lay as of raves and silks and she of course Catherine muscles aren't. I'm and of course there at the ceremony was held in the presence of an ancient swords and jeweled a sacred. Two rises that act has symbols of Japanese imperial power but guys this is more than just a nice a lack united people's army day and to time has of course they've been struggling. Off. Not shield the sauces are not typing how activists which left more than eighty people are bad so this does. Ridding nice thing to bring the country. Other definitely but why why tumor twelve late years but so Croat enemy got cold may be right okay. We'll look chilling wind the Simi wanna walk into the offices here. Well we've gotten that far in this relationship yeah that's who I happen. They did. It allowed letting go I note. The jury a jury I am afraid KOA provide wage do you see what he's capable of great thank you so much sharper we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"8:25","description":"Plus: Brexit deadline looms as Parliament blocks another vote, and Japan’s emperor officially ascends to the throne.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66436835","title":"Across the Pond: Trudeau retains power as Netanyahu gives up on forming government","url":"/International/video/pond-trudeau-retains-power-netanyahu-forming-government-66436835"}