Across the Pond: More violence in Hong Kong

Plus: Anti-government demonstration in Pakistan, and a painting hanging in a woman’s kitchen for years sells for millions.
6:04 | 10/28/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: More violence in Hong Kong
Not a Hong Kong where protesters clashed with police again overnight this time in a major tourism district. Demonstrator started a fire subway entrance and barricaded roads as police used tear gas and water cannons. Let's our foreign correspondent Julia McFarland across the pond in the London bureau for the very latest good morning Julie a morning Caylee. Here we are again this is they'd twenty fast consecutive weekends all of a protest. In Hong Kong yes again as you say weasel vitamins ugly scenes clashes between protest as. And riot police now as he mentions they say that. Be controversial extradition bill which was this spot but some of these protests a few months ago added that some Madonna's been withdrawn. But the reason we are still seeing these cautions has gotten the unrest and the anger of protest as has morphed into something big there has been a lots. Activists say there's been a lot of police aggression they. Not protesting against police tactics and of course and others riot police lined the streets to meet the protests says. Every weekend for that but for that weekly appointment it seems I've gotten kind of consolidates their grievances. Mint and forget that an eighteen year old who was shot. By offices with a lie runs he's just being. A charged with intentional wind in for a slashing attack because he attacked battle with so with a metal pole. Said base size upcoming you wondered budget want to bring you equate. A protest a speaking to AP he's said the reason mail still protesting this because he says. The problem is much more than before we see the future is controlled by China. We see all the rules and even the Lewis stuff to be controlled. By Beijing. All right JoAnne in Pakistan we know the hundreds of buses carry thousands of supporters of an ultra religious opposition party be in a procession. To the capital of theirs of Islamabad at the party's leader is calling that current prime minister's government. The legitimate and call forced removal so what does this mean before. I'm Ron con there. Yeah so this is a posse led by a a form a position leaves and this convoy it's extraordinary because those hundreds of buses and vehicles. Making this long gone by and they are making a Jenny from Karachi hundreds of miles away and the heading towards the cops that capsule is Islamabad. Now in Ron Condit he it was swept up. Just every year gas and he was a populist me that he was hugely popular when you fast took office but he's been ready struggling. But with Pakistan's ailing economy and he's had to get back on several campaign pledges his had to. He said he would rather die than seek money from the IMF he's content can do that now. Interesting. Analysis from the BBC says that his government has had to date and me achieved three out of Seti for pledges. It made when it came to how now he's gone from being a really popular cultural icon in pockets Don to being. Dead this need to hear is not really really struggling. But to leave the country but I as you can see hundreds and hundreds of people taking part is very visual. A demonstration of anger at how he is doing save Foster pressure would be mounting on him he's not set a wagon yet on these protests. Let's take it turned to visual element that just put a lot of money in the bank for a woman in France. Okay. No. Even wrap my minder and it's this old paint area is hanging in this woman's kitchen for years years so auction for more than 26 million dollars. Can you explain why it's so valuable. And. Guys this sends just one of those that even though like the serendipity Manning's as Ned says. Elderly lady enough French countryside. Of companhia she had someone looking neurons have how house to to value house. And this this this cousin spoke to the painting and suggested that she told to an auction next to habit rallying eight. Now it's how not to be a must appease attributed to the thirteenth century Italian paint. She nabbed two way now he has got paintings hanging up in the Frick collection in new York and the national gallery. In London he's a big name in the was but guys at the giant it doesn't it just doesn't share in the Tuscany thing out. Right I mean you've got no idea what can be hanging up and yelled close it. Our annual weights and are you. I'll be borders. I'm just trying to justify it mired in a likely not Hobbits are importing everything kennels or anything now it's a disease IV icon right and the stories like this don't help me change my ways. Regularly maybe one day maybe one day made my day Avalon 81 day okay so our question. Of the day and passing at Halloween costumes would you buy wine. Just for the Gramm like she does take a photo and post and social media because. Study should know. 48%. And Melanie else are buying howling. Now stands. Just for the sake of social media. Guys I'm very sob story about those I did actually by a Wonder Woman and costly and like six months ago. But I can confirm that my Halloween outfit this debt is very very convinced saying it was. A generalist showing up to whack because US. Weekends there. I can't wait to hear what you gotta really busy we cannot with the with the Baghdad he news and our minds I see so. Yesterday morning your posts by yet like a mean mobile. I loved it but good. EPA never ever Halloween night. You know idea I ain't Chris about. Opted to see angle on my feet all the news and those faces of people went incredibly imaginative cost GM's. Having a great time as I as senate just getting up before whack at in the morning think king well. You know I got my sleep but well maybe next year are for. Atlanta you want your actual journalism we appreciate you there when they won't second closing costs into my area is. Pay that you read we appreciate it CNN aren't.

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{"duration":"6:04","description":"Plus: Anti-government demonstration in Pakistan, and a painting hanging in a woman’s kitchen for years sells for millions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"66579252","title":"Across the Pond: More violence in Hong Kong","url":"/International/video/pond-violence-hong-kong-66579252"}