Across the Pond: New violence in the Middle East

Plus, U.S. and Afghanistan at odds over Taliban peace talks, and a sex scandal rocks the world of K-pop.
3:41 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Across the Pond: New violence in the Middle East
ABC news in London bureau of Renault rovers to unite the international stories we've missed while you're sleeping -- good morning happy. Friday we've been talking about this terrible news. Out of new zeal we've been following all morning what is the latest. You know it's it's all full really I mean we equipped with that they're. Fatality count is ramping up who we really gonna get more with these cells are suspect as we go along it's difficult to know whether this is it an attack coral part of a conspiracy that. But truly dreadful to think of people being attacked and pricing question like that so not a very happy Friday and is pleased that museum and yet we got the breaking news there but we also breaking news in the Middle East as well that rocket attack in Tel Aviv so what do we know there. BS the Israelis I attacked targets in the how Massa overnight this in response to two rockets fired acts Tel Aviv the first time since 2014. Amass the militant Islamic group that controls Gaza say it wasn't them that did that the attack the lords the rockets the Israeli defense force to beg to differ. And attacked a hundred targets overnight. But calls the attack was but was was it expected those. Marries that was struck where evacuate to send no fatalities have written reports it. And Bernie are also watching sort of diplomatic breakdown really tensions have been. Pretty much boiling over with talk peace talks between the US the Taliban what is the but the issue here is with the Afghan government. Yes indeed and it's it's not actually what you would expect which would be the Americans and the Taliban. Far and sort of it disagreeing. What you have here actually is the Afghan government the US I'm basked from Afghanistan has been complaining of that did he talks between. The Americans. And boy is that I'm Zalmay Khalilzad. And Taliban representatives has excluded the Afghan government and in a sense he's right. They have been excluded and that State Department sound other hand they've been informed about talks going on but it the president trump has made no secret of his desire. To get out of what is America's longest wool. And the Afghan government a faithful this is being done behind that back and without that consultation. And remember the Afghan government and that security forces all the people who. Really the of the pointy end of the spear against the Taliban and they've lost 45000. People in the last four years and the Taliban continue to attack. Afghan security forces across the country so that they do have reasons to feel that they need to be involved in. Bruno before you leave us let's go over to South Korea you when it comes to cape pop the fans there they're pretty passionate. About the art is about the music but apparently they're shocked by a sex scandal and that's South Korea's music industry there was tossed was not all about. Yes vote K Paul but is a global phenomena and originating in Korea. Driven by stars there it is as a squeaky clean image and yet it has been racked by really quite an extraordinary. Series of scandals. One star has really has resigned because he has admitted that he has filmed. Performing sex acts with women and then distributing those images without that consent another one of the most famous ones stay and soon greedy I think if I'm pronouncing that right. Has also admitted that it who have sort of backed away from his role as a K pop star and he's been implicated in running an illegal prostitution ring and pat -- people's quite extolled. While the. Clearly I mean can see why that you know pop fans there are shocked by this for a thank you so much for you may not here aren't covered greenish generates we appreciate you.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Plus, U.S. and Afghanistan at odds over Taliban peace talks, and a sex scandal rocks the world of K-pop.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61706361","title":"Across the Pond: New violence in the Middle East","url":"/International/video/pond-violence-middle-east-61706361"}