Across the Pond: VP Mike Pence to meet Venezuela's opposition leader

Plus, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan visit Morocco for what some are calling a "babymoon."
3:43 | 02/25/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Across the Pond: VP Mike Pence to meet Venezuela's opposition leader
Across the pond to ABC news London bureau where Bruno rover is keeping an eye on the biggest international news. Morning burn REI know you've just got back from Venezuela where dozens have been killed and hundreds injured in violence. Around the border there what's the latest there. Yes it's gotta go I go back a few days ago and we sold this weekend in a sense of wrapping up a what's been going on for quite awhile which is. Humanitarian. Aid is a sort of point of precipitation for the opposition to that is right isn't. Venezuelan president Nicholas wood door being used as a sort of pivot point really what ever tried to do this weekend was to take eight would have been stockpiled. On the other side of the border Brazil and in Colombia taken across the border and they was Stults essentially by Venezuelan border security. They let take gassed shot with shotguns to people were unfortunately killed and 300 injured. That quite it quite that ramping up but I think quite a deliberate one at the same. Time and credible guy we know vice president my chances is headed to Columbia to speak with the opposition that Venezuela's opposition leader do you think. That me. Kind of cleared the way a little bit for or or kind of calm the situation there and then as well. And then I don't I hadn't actually I think quite the opposite I think this is part of a deliberate strategy to ram pop pressure all on the that the Nicklaus who adore a government. To try and peel away support internally and Cray and international consensus of countries. But oppose a nickel would Dora tried to use more more sanctions perhaps not what would also seem sort of all honestly I wouldn't say is the sense that might I'm vice president has said this a company has got saying that all options are still available. I'm does secretary of state month compared yesterday's sad that. Nicholas wood door resonates when number Etsy way to get a sense that there is a strategy here to pull trash and try and peel away support within Venice vita itself but. From my experience in Colombia all the border what you really get a sense of us had desperately needed the humanitarian aid is within Venezuela. And ourselves and ask you are Bruno about what it felt like the air because I I do you believe that this is. One of the biggest stories we've seen is has had that region for the world. And you set it in Hampshire those in desperation there and that I can't imagine what you saw and and also I can't imagine how you're going to make this turn here. To this next story but you're journalists right now you can do it but from Venezuela to Megan and Harry I'm you've got some news about the Morocco trip. Yes well it's it's light relief that's that then and there cornerback. The duke and duchess of sauces are continuing that three days so broken that night. Finishing it today that visiting. And at quine therapies Santa. Where children with special needs and she's the Holtz is to help them. Cutler that conditions are also gonna go and visit pay. Restaurants about Fonda privileged kids that enemies givens and cooking demonstrations by a tall. Broken shaft and then that in a round off the trip but I think that Amanda tree. I'm exhibition of local arts and crops that are I think that's it's nice it's going to be that laughs trip and before. That the duchess of sauces gets ready for the. All of child piano and people were calling this what had a baby moon. Miles before the birth of their first child there's so. Aren't and I got a lot of feedback a lot of positive feedback about pregnancy few people that some very excited about it yeah I think there are few people I've been there are a lot of the a lot of if you player of all we are way and yes it Brno I expect to see you outside that hospital. Seattle bring that news throughout this cook. Are my friend Brooke thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Plus, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan visit Morocco for what some are calling a \"babymoon.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61297215","title":"Across the Pond: VP Mike Pence to meet Venezuela's opposition leader","url":"/International/video/pond-vp-mike-pence-meet-venezuelas-opposition-leader-61297215"}