Pope holds Good Friday mass at Vatican

Passover and Good Friday bring thousands together for prayer and worship.
2:35 | 04/19/19

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Transcript for Pope holds Good Friday mass at Vatican
It's Good Friday and Catholics around the world are observing one of that church is high holy days I wanna bring in David Wright who's in London. David the Pope is holding Good Friday services today what makes this holy days so significant. Kimberly this is the most significant toll Dave Byrd Christians around the world not just Catholics but. For both Francis. Where they're just beginning. The celebrations of Good Friday the observances of Good Friday I should say. And this is a day long thing. It culminates this evening when the Pope himself. Does the stations of the cross Cesar. The fourteen. Positions. From Christ's sentencing. To that his crucifixion and death. That's the meaning of Good Friday and this is the day on which Christ was. Gave his life Christians believe four of them. And it's two days from now that we observe Easter which is the rebirth. The church so this is the solemn day for Pope Francis interestingly. Today. He's he's called on a nun. Who specializes in victims of human trafficking. In helping those folks to talk about people who are crucified in today's world. Trying to make them religious significance. Events 2000 plus years ago relevant to today. And what you mentioned before that you're talking about following master doing the ways of across. What does that symbolize. These are they've fourteen stations of the cross their images that are taught to every Sunday school kid. Priced. Is sentenced to death. He carries the cross he sees his mother he stumbles for the first time fourteen points along his way which are. Points that you can see in Jerusalem on the via Della Russell. And they are also have been modernized by Pope John Paul into a kind of Christian teaching about the entire Christian passion and that's what will be celebrated. Starting at the coliseum tonight in culminating a Palestine hill. In Rome it is a very solemn affair. The Pope basically walking. Metaphorically in jesus' footsteps and sharing his death so that on Sunday Easter Sunday the church can celebrate resurrection. All right David thank you so much for those updates yes we have the Catholic community celebrating Good Friday and of course the Jewish community celebrating. Passover.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Passover and Good Friday bring thousands together for prayer and worship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62512321","title":"Pope holds Good Friday mass at Vatican","url":"/International/video/pope-holds-good-friday-mass-vatican-62512321"}