Pres. Vladimir Putin claims Russia has developed the world's first COVID-19 vaccine

Plus, Seattle’s police chief says she’s resigning after the city council voted to defund the police department
22:33 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for Pres. Vladimir Putin claims Russia has developed the world's first COVID-19 vaccine
Good morning I'm Diana stayed at thanks for streaming with us. In today's update breaking news president Vladimir Putin's it declaring Russia has become the first country in the world. From other Pope in nineteen vaccine. Clinton passed all the necessary testing this morning we'll look at the safety concerns about Russia's vaccine. I'm when one might be available in the west has corona virus cases reach twenty million worldwide. Also ahead Seattle's police chief says she plans to step down after the City Council voted to defund the police department. The announcement comes in the wake of protests against police brutality calls to shrink the city's police force so what does this mean for the future of the department. At the fate of the next college football season is expected to be announced this week as one of the top conferences in the country to Big Ten. It is reportedly on the brink of canceling the whole season. The big question now is will other conferences follow we'll have one of the top stars in college football history joining us live. But we begin with that breaking news Russia saying it has approved a corona virus vaccines it's what does that really mean here's ABC's Ian panel. Who's in the race for a coup in nineteen vaccine Russia just commencing they've approved the first vaccine in the world and will start administering it in days. Despite heavy criticism it's hasn't been properly tested. We expect to reduce traditional first ball addiction and the world. We really disagrees. Oh humanity orders included consumer editor orphans or whole world auto part. The vaccine said to be based on the same technology that helped them previously creates an Ebola vaccine will go to key workers like teachers and medics first and he uses video and president cruising claiming its past all necessary testing. But many scientists inside and outside Russia very concerned over what they see as a hasty approach which just a small number of study volunteers. Russia essentially declaring victory people finishing its final stage three trials. I think in the United States we would demand a much bigger trial too good to be confident that the vaccine is safe in this incident happened on Cummins adequate and least effective to some extent short term. All this is Oxford Modano left bars and others of moving forward with that phase three trials with at least thirteen thousand volunteers. US health experts optimistic speaking to ABC news doctor Anthony found she says he's hopeful that a vaccine will show to be effective controls. Andrew authorized by the FDA within months possibly as soon as the end of the year. I believe there's quite a good chance that we will and that should skate probably by the end that this child is here with the vaccine available. As you go it's 22021. And in panel joins us now from London EN we heard the secretary of health and human services or react to this announcement. A sense he's saying it's not about being first it's about being effective so how some medical and scientific community responding to this. And I think summarizes it quite neatly means scientists not just outside in the rest of the world and America here in Britain and and the cross Europe through also within side Russia have voiced concerns that this approval this registration has come too soon. I interviewed. The unit to guard used to head all of them aboard to this developed this. And he admits that there's still going ahead with phase three testing this is a crucial testing. So there are a number of different vaccines being developed when it hits pastry that's a key large scale testing to check its efficacy and other woods other any serious side effects I think the argument in the scientific community many many people outside of this particular institution Russia. Is it hasn't gone through. Substantially enough testing to know whether or not that it has any side effects now again that the man that I interviewed to direct it he said that he had received the vaccine his wife. And his parents that there wouldn't notice side effects anyone who receive these early stages and he was confident that day had. A long history of testing a very similar type of vaccine and therefore it was okay to approve. But like I say they've approved the vaccine but they're still testing its. Kind of a strange order there in we know that this is kind of a unique circumstance and that the whole world. Is working on this is anyone else close. I give us right loss of different companies loss of different countries ruled working on it from China. Over the two over to America and also here imprisoned as a very. Program underway by Oxford University. Then are conducting phase three testing Daryn in Brazil McDermott in the US is comical to me certainly. I believe parts of the lord of the testing there's going place yes he's having good looking at a as a race I think he's just wrong several wants this to happen. Even the Russians today was saying though this is good for Russia and the will dwindling competition with anyone else we just believe it's right when trying to persuade Americans or Europeans to have vaccine but we think is okay for Russians. And someone sense you can Tennessee wideout makes sense but certainly. America. Britain and China all seem to be making great strides forward the early indications called that we could possibly have a vaccine. Barney certainly the full perhaps by wintertime that's certainly what adults apart she expects in here and breasts and again they're talking about possibly getting into production in the early parts of fooled. We still have to wait and see and of course is worth reiterating the many many people scientific experts as saying. Even when we get a vaccine is can take a long time to produce enough of it it's gonna take even longer to give it to the billions of people around the world we're going to need this. All right Ian panel from London we appreciate the update in thanks. New Zealand's biggest city is on lockdown this morning after a new corona virus outbreak four members of one family tested positive today in Auckland. That a country had gone over 100 days without any community transmission of the writers. Here in the US we have some good news though FEMA memo obtained by ABC news shows cases and deaths both went down from the week before. But the American academy of pediatrics supports nearly 180000. Children got Covert in the past four weeks that's a 90% increase over the previous month. College football may be close to canceling its entire season due the virus. While nothing has been officially decided some major conferences are reportedly close to postponing all games. Or scrapping this season altogether but some talk players are pushing back demanding the right to play kid a hard time is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with a closer look. Using the future of college football. It's been count or roller coaster emotionally former players and staff of. Reports the Big Ten is on the verge of canceling the season. The strong reactions from coaches in the conference of the virus is going to be here whether we play football or not. If the Big Ten to one of the most influential conferences in football backs out there's concern that the other major conferences could follow. Bags problem. Leah very high percentage debt ultimately be conferences blow arrived at the same place. With this season hanging in the balance rivals across the country teaming up. A joint statement later standing together including star quarterback Trevor Lawrence of Clemson saying we all want to play football this season. The players say they should be able to opt out without losing eligibility and call for universally mandated health and safety protocols. One out of season but we want to do it Stanford's Dylan vols among the players who organized the hail Mary effort to save the season. With our. Having uniform. Mandated policy easterners can't. Regards the coded but there's no way to this using him to go on so that thing is we wanted to US players applicator that. This is fears grow over the long term effects Kobe could have. An Indiana University football player still recovering from the virus now facing hard issues his mother's FaceBook post serving as a warning writing. Even if your son schools do everything right to protect them they can't protect them. The mid American conference which already postponed its season saying his story contributed to their decision. Leaders from the Big Ten and pac twelve conferences are expected to meet today to take a vote will they postpone cancel. Or move forward with their season. Meanwhile here LSU and other colleges all across the country these football players and coaches are having a take this one day at a time with new health and safety protocols. No matter the uncertainty. Diane. Caylee thank you and for more on this let's bring in ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard doesn't you won the high and Heisman you know what it's like to be a top college player. Many of these guys are now making the argument that it's safer for them to play and be at school than it is for them to be home. What do you think. What Diane I understand that these young men they wanna get on they gridiron they've been practicing on their lives of these this multi. Ample this pandemic they hit the way it has and pretty much it it would take their season at risk I understand the most and that they're going through but this is bigger than what they prepare for at this point. I believe that it there on campus is easier for the coaches in their staff to point team the players. I'm not sure of playing big games will be the right answer at this point is probably safer for them to be at. On campus and dorms owing their apartments where they have that watchful eye of the coaches in this to happen Megan monitor them. But I'm not sure what they should play games at this point because. You have to keep in mind a weak and don't let me let me rewind the tape a little bit a week ago a lot of these conferences. They release schedules so we were very excited we're OK we don't have college football great. But did think that the hard pivot to the left. This week in because they receive some medical information from their medical experts that believed Diane. Points to potential long term effects that may have to deal with their respiratory system. And cardiac issues and that big that's the major concern right now not just from these commissioners of the power by. But from the university's president is Diane. They got to look out for these guys obviously we know basketball and hockey have restarted their seasons in a bubble that seems to be working. Contrast that with Major League Baseball no bubble several cases on multiple teams. So can you have a season without a bubble. And can you have above all in college football. Boom boom they're the biggest issue Diane with college Sobel also. Let's put in in perspective. 'cause the above the billion dollar industry but made four billion dollar industry right so of the high revenue generating sports console was up your professional sports but the issue is. Student athletes in this saved his student athletes you rented the professional leagues. They are. Grown men who are giving millions of dollars and they have a million to look out where their best and choose. These 'cause full buffet they don't have a million big strapping unionized in 2015. Day yes shut down so they don't have anyone. This looking now where their best images like the professional sports do I do believe you can try to took pointing them put them when the bubble but don't forget. If you're at a campus where now they're gonna have students on campus is not going to be on lines of these things don't campus they're going to be mingling. With those student at some point it did you you're at risk again so that's an issue that the Brokeback Phillies don't have to contend with. You know you're talking about the professional players being union vs the college players not being in not being present. This isn't and it's been debated for awhile and now in the wake of not just this epidemic but also the George Floyd protests in black lives matter. We seeing players talking more about the several pac twelve players recently wrote an op bed. Denouncing the NCAA. Saying that exploiting black athletes nationwide that that's what the association is doing so. Do you think this could change the landscape of college sports going forward the fact that this conversation is again at the forefront but with this new spotlight. Diane that there's any sort of silver Lanny American come out of this this pandemic in houses how it has affected. Congress was specifically. Collegiate we'll law it would be dead. They would unionized. And that they will come together. Thank god that you have social media because now you have these different groups different athletes they're able to link up and share their experiences and now that you realize. That they have a very very powerful voice I do believe that there will be some significant changes that would take place. Once we give back to what we will consider the new no as far as congress will blog this concern Diane. So what's your prediction Desmond do we have a season and if not but what happens to be seniors. Banned all of the have a season more and I do this is my livelihood I love college mobilized this is there's tremendous for now we just before country. It just seems like the presidents' day our very leery about the lab's ability that they may face if these student athletes. Have some sort of love Elvis that they can Trace back to that the role in the virus from playing so because the bed. Act act act I stole I don't think that we're going to have to see them keep them up fingers crossed though I wish they can figure it out and I do want us to have a season but this the help. Of the student athletes. That's their risk right now and that's the biggest issue. That law. I know it's a lot of decisions being made we appreciate your input on that we appreciate him time to talk to us this morning thanks Desmond. Chicago has lifted a lockdown on parts of the city this morning it was put in place after violence and looting yesterday morning along Chicago's upscale shopping district known as the magnificent mile. Alex Perez is in Chicago with more on that. And. Overnight curfew enforced in Chicago the city's bridges lifted as Chicago police worked through the nine to to maintain the peace. I thought I could have. Over here. All of this after a mob of looters of the torch through Chicago's magnificent mile early Monday morning. Shattering windows and dozens of business is stealing merchandise. This is where we live this is our home this is our Frankie. And. Setting the ordeal police say it stemming from a police involved shooting Sunday authorities say a twenty year old suspect who allegedly fired a police. Was shot and injured and a false information about better at shooting according to investigators. Spread on social media fueling the melee. This was not an organized protest. Rather this was an incident of pure criminality. Investigators now combing through surveillance images to identify and arrest looters this is. Not legitimate First Amendment are protected speech. These are not. Poor people engage in petty theft to feed themselves and their families this is straight out felony. Criminal conduct. That's Alex present that report thanks Alex. And an explosive new book about the royal family is out today finding freedom is a biography about Prince Harry Maggie Markel focusing on their exit from official royal life. The book claims Macon struggle to settle into her new family and places some blame on duchess Kate. ABC news royal contributor Omid Scobee is one of the off Hanson joins us now from London over the thanks for being and so we know that Harry and Megan officially resigned. I was working royals in the spring but the suppose things seem to happen. Pretty quickly Weiss is an abrupt exit a. One of the things that is to create change how is actually this is being on going to some men. It's the console really the sins of the Nazi or ever increasingly frustrated predict their roles in the missile. And of those days. And attacks from sections the brits is something they EO. While they made a lot of these treatments is not a huge. And it. Isn't their day grew the idea that. You know it's a lot changed the rate at and that every ounce and. And there's so much personal detail in this book I'm curious did they weigh in on this dollar give you any sort of approval. To. There's so much remiss about what the Sussex is cooperates is about three seat in BI can and does not the case we have incredible access to us all based people being threatened. Armies at a street in the present and it pretty builds. To cool Tracy they are because one of the things I really want it is but he was that only three she and crisis sixes in the analysts and Eric Chu is odd pages are bloated and we wanted to get the ball through the mysteries that are. Funny you say that this is in the works for longer than it was in the public eyes so when did things. Start to unravel between the couple and the rest of the royal family. Well attempting to things unraveled so much for Dem in the royal family as this sting set grace in the world. She should monarchy and it was we didn't mean she shouldn't it be cool he has a story. That ice schedules. Everything he remembers the rule com. And negative sounds that problems they really makes us alliance was leaking the page the boy's. Waist it's been. A number of reasons and I think Harry was well aware that things go behind the scenes of course no space treaty. Is. You protects it and of course they are seen sales of its hands cheese and it should be potentially. Sixties is they didn't do something about six this is a very long story Saddam ingredient a priest finds this each. That they're looking for us we know they tried to make way within these cynics ask. Did she JC model and it did and what it was. You know when they got engaged the fact that Maggie and it was divorced that she was American that she's part African American all of that played a role. In the in the coverage front and center so it did that also play a role in some of the issues that they faced. Absolutely a lot of the struggles of base basically didn't institution must because met in ways difference when she takes all this it really should be celebrated space around in the bulls and house wins and also within the pages of sex. Siren you case that is different is always being weaponized in so we saw in the tape does this stuff is decent parent. Match it was not any stretch all right insiders predict this evening negative Mason. Hospital site spent a number of sexist and racist traits about and that she is too on things he did circles too deep trend to Everett staying on course extremely. Sick one of the things that we conversation about the best but we get a cease DM that there's. Or. There's also been some speculation of a feud between the sister lost between Maggie and and Kate any truth about. Well isn't it funny that the C success so women are immediately. Cease and the pages of its missile that Yu Ling dust is his secret imagine. She when you don't Cannes this story and we really aaron's great T. Are really. William it is wrong that art and it was one thing consists chastened meg really gets closer. I know also appoints which many expect it change warming you may really be someone she just leaned on in some of the more difficult times particularly. At press and extend his hands net payments that lies the reason why it's here does not exceed that. Right omits Gobi in London they appreciated thanks. If you think should know before you go investigators are looking into a deadly gas explosion that leveled three houses in Baltimore. At least one person was killed several were injured. It's not clear yet what caused that blast. Seattle police chief Carmen best says she's stepping down after the City Council voted to defund the police department. Unless we tell by the mayor the department will be cut by 100 officers and 3.4. Million dollars will be slashed from the budget. Best was Seattle's first black police chief. And more than two dozen of New York's largest employers say they're coming together over the hiring clinched the new group called a New York jobs CEO council might. Sent by 2030 its members will hire 100000 New Yorkers focusing on low income black. Latin acts and Asian communities they say they're using their collective power to help under represented people who are struggling to navigate the workforce. Because of the pandemic. And that doesn't that is ABC news live update I'm Diane Macedo thanks for joining us. And remember ABC news live is here for you all day with the latest news context and analysis. Up next how one female on business is struggling to navigate the paycheck protection program. We'll see right back here at 11 eastern for their latest headlines Stacy everybody happy to.

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