Protests in Puerto Rico intensify as police, protesters clash

Demonstrators in Puerto Rico are calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello after leaked documents reveal homophobic and sexist language between government officials.
3:26 | 07/18/19

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Transcript for Protests in Puerto Rico intensify as police, protesters clash
And we're joined by Julio Ricardo are the Milan whose wit and key. USA. Julio Yurman an expert in this phase tell us what your reaction is what you saw last night and if we can expect more protests the next few days. I know what happened last night this is a concede the issue what happened Monday and what's been going on ever since as early as Friday. Because this has been over a week right now. That's been happening and regal the first the first set up group chats were released or leaked about eleven pages where where leaked out last sheet date and also there were FBI arrests of two former trust that you administration officials Wednesday. So this is gonna come back in court the governor today issued yet another statement saying that he respects. The peaceful people that protest but and there are some acts of violence but you also have to understand that this is that the Puerto Rico police so we're talking about they don't have the greatest history. There's been DOJ investigations. And also there's a bigger deeper thing here that's happening in Puerto Rico that goes beyond tax. It's about. Decades of corruption and decades of the political classes mostly white and male and privileged. Sort of ignoring the real needs of the island so you know this is colonialism and action. And what we're seeing right now is the Porter can people. Finally trying to figure out what the next step is and and and I argue as well as you know that the gross ago. Is is totally tone deaf right now he's not listening to the political wills it all and he has no well he has no allies. Anywhere. Joseph we know what it's hurting these protests and violent that we had pictures of well apparently priest kissel protests in the earlier. In the evening when they just then it got dark and got a rule earlier was there are trigger. Thing is when using what you think of. Estimates between 40000 in a 100000 people. That's what we reported a we have people on the grounds and warm for Latino rebels they sought yesterday. I am what what's interesting is act. People look left right there it's a cross section up from answers out their people leave that night. You have to clear the streets I don't know if people little battle sent on to the streets are narrow its colonial city. And beautiful. Yet as I mean that I'm front I I I will let you know I claim that let. What's interesting is that this is a small group. And but he gives enough it gives us and you'll enough to say look what I'm projecting on order. Well what's what's kind of a little bit ridiculous about this is that it is about you know he. Yeah me. Things he didn't even by apologizing of working people said no we don't accept it. And handling. Clearly if if he were to step down from what happened next mayor I'm. Transition plan and plays and CNN deputy what's what happens. What happens is as the characters he was also part group jagged kind of second in command he resigned. Although he's still. In office on July 31 what you need to see is wind. The pro statehood party of which are that you as a part of chooses as secretary of state. That's when this could could potentially. Happened what I from my reporting on the ground and Larry my sources and I've been a reported offer for years. This is not a question of if any mark is the question of why. And glare part of our allies think you would like Tina USA thank you so much for joining us and bringing an expert wasted his conversation.

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{"duration":"3:26","description":"Demonstrators in Puerto Rico are calling for the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello after leaked documents reveal homophobic and sexist language between government officials.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"64427147","title":"Protests in Puerto Rico intensify as police, protesters clash","url":"/International/video/protests-puerto-rico-intensify-police-protesters-clash-64427147"}