Royal baby Sussex outrage

Tabloids are frustrated with Meghan and Harry for keeping their baby's upcoming birth quiet.
3:32 | 04/17/19

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Transcript for Royal baby Sussex outrage
So are moving on the duke and duchess of Sus snakes are breaking tradition when it comes to. Their new baby they want this little thing called privacy imagine well apparently the British media is not. Feeling this change it also want to go to Julia McFarlane in Lund in. Julia let's talk about this a liar the tabloids so upset add a normal couple not a normal couple but a couple wanting privacy. Exactly Kimberly I think what this is saying is their really how is being. Quite a deterioration. In the relationship between some of the British tabloids. And Harry and Maggie and they announced a few days ago and that that plans for welcoming the bus the venue child. They're gonna celebrate together that the privately. As a found Lee and that they would then look forward to sharing. Secretaries of the new boy and an all of the new found me in their and time now. This close of cinema stink with the tabloids died and forget they make huge amount of money. Massive increase in the speculation with contact about how in mag and the cause of the table Wyoming public interest. In to them and the idea about them not gain to be able to capitalize on the new bus. Immediately. Has really put quite a lot of news's out of joint but some really quite excoriated this explore erasing. Was coming out of some. All the tabloids I just want to bring you a couple lines the sun which is and daily tabloid as the biggest newspaper in speculation in the whole UK biggest. Newspaper as well as the biggest tabloid. A line from that leads says that the couple infringing on the public's royal writes by this privacy and about hey painful about Tommy. It goes on to say. The public has a right to know about the lives of those largely funded by bad taxes you can accept that will be private citizens not if what I think is investing is there is a little bit. Of attention in the mold but that Harry and Megan I'm gonna play it day and forget that power is well. At the back of the pecking Linton times of the line of succession he comes up write offs. Women Kate's children that child is not going to be an HR rate stay with. Any claims that the Pope about of course says making claims that the public have a right to see the new baby but it's not quite the same as. Seeing the next Cain. That was when the prince George was born say those and says you know those shades of gray in the Spence the public is assigning a happy about that Martin's. And super super fast borrowing I just have asking what can we expect to see. Well there was a lot of speculation that the couple might have that back in Linda wing which has a lot of association with royal bats but it seems now that that's not likely to be the case and we don't actually know whacked. Is gonna happily detonated and meg and we'll have a haven bus whether she'll have. The bus and another NHS hospital or private hospital. But I think what we can expect is not the possible announced that the Dutch is has gone into labor. News updates on the health of the mother and the child and then in the days to come I think in there and time once my guns rested and what comment. That will see some youthful faces of the new found me which will be really excited about but it will be in their and timetable and ninth ending we'll see anything immediately off to the back the way that we did. With women Kate's marriage million MacFarlane thank you so much I appreciate that in their own time very important.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Tabloids are frustrated with Meghan and Harry for keeping their baby's upcoming birth quiet.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62462865","title":"Royal baby Sussex outrage","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-sussex-outrage-62462865"}