Royal baby watch continues

The world anxiously awaits the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan's first child.
4:39 | 05/01/19

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Transcript for Royal baby watch continues
All right guys babies six could be born any day now baby says the Celtics may have already been born we don't know what will Reeve is in Windsor. On the official royal baby watch. I've arrived at the central station in winds are just in time for the bigger rival. The child of those two hairy and Magid baby suspects on its way but before we get to that we got to get to see the town. That Harry and regular calling home. It was here almost a year ago hundreds of thousands of adoring fans lined the streets to get a glimpse of Harry and Maggie and as they said their royal vows. This quaint but busy tourist town located about 25 miles from one did in the English countryside. Now home to Harry and Megan who moved into the newly renovated fraud more cottage. A stone's throw away from the queen's castle where she lives on the weekends and we're hairy grew up visiting his granny. There are plenty of opportunity to get in on the royal baby excitement like write this souvenir shop. Where there's memorabilia for the baby and this is right in the middle of the action downtown Windsor right here across from where else. Windsor Castle. In Windsor Harriet make in our near their friends George and of all Clooney. It's also where Harry plays polo and where he went to high school just across the river tents at Eton College same as his brother William. Will and Kate famously shop here that caused quite a commotion and may be Megan and Harry will do the same whatever they do if they do it here. Everyone in Windsor will be very excited. No sightings of the suffixes at this location just yet. But the town is getting excited with the newest. Roy along the way. Here is the McDonald Windsor hotel guests can play a guessing game about babies suffixes depicted gender of the date of birth. And the time of birth and whoever guesses the closest. To what actually happens. Get a free night at the hotel. The public is a British institution any English town worth its salt has won this one in the shadow of Windsor Castle. Has a very special and appropriate name. The Prince Harry. What are the tourists look for when they come into the Prince Harry I'll irate. I think so yes I think Harry got. Pat what I have the Prince Harry Burton. That's every lock on Tuesday at least. What is the feeling been like in women's or as the baby is imminent. No electric right now I've been months she has tea had she not easy you know I went to gonna happen to me it's going to be a boy or girl to baby. Home on time it's out. I read it we actually have will looks like you're haven't a lot of fun out there. Did you try in the Prince Harry burger. I mean I'm I haven't tried to prince or neighbor Kimberly but I've tried pretty much everything else including between me you know. Some of the local Beers here I am at a brewery the Windsor and Eden brewery that makes special Beers on special occasions. Like royal weddings and royal babies and the reason I'm here is to show off their newest offering. You can't see it on a bottle yep we've been going around pubs changing the out pump clips this is the winds are baby. Logo. Can. Everyone's very excited about that it's pale ale. I may or may not have party tried some it's quite delicious and end all as and and everything here who went there is is gearing up for. This imminent arrival of baby suffix. Yeah I'm happy to see you doing things because I was actually curious what you do on the royal baby watch I just imagine you just sitting. In a chair waiting for that used to break. So while I'm here is a lot of that he always. As have your phone handy interior you're getting ready that. You know break into action but it's a beautiful town about 25 miles outside of London and there's a lot to do it's it's a tourist town but it's also. A quiet village just across the River Thames is eaten where the famous Eaton college of the for Harry. Went to high school. It's beautiful it's serene it's a lot of fine but yes a lot of waiting around thankfully that notoriously finicky British weather. Has been pretty sunny and great so far. Mary awesome. Got to say I'm a little jealous but it's okay I'm happy you're having five. I thought they become over any time that we were reported waiting up your eye dragging it. Abbott didn't I am.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"The world anxiously awaits the arrival of Prince Harry and Meghan's first child.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62756475","title":"Royal baby watch continues","url":"/International/video/royal-baby-watch-continues-62756475"}