Russia's spaceport in Baikonur

A look inside the remote town built for space exploration.
2:51 | 12/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Russia's spaceport in Baikonur
Hello I'm pressure rilya watching ABC news live only hair and a desert in Kazakhstan. At a very unusual. City cold by canola. Now the reason by canola is unusual because it is a space port is turning the only place in the wells whether unmanned space launches thing is. Ace city it was built by the Soviet Union. Says stop the space race or got to restore show you a little bit in the city and it's a pretty big place so you warrants that give you. At toys not Kai try to verde. And as I said buy can always build. In the 1950s. By the city union. But the beginning of the space race with the United States is way ahead. Most of the less famous Soviet launches. Took place. Then like it or itself is actually. Now a city it was built specially. For the space bullet BI. In Kazakhstan. But no right now we. On a Russian territory. That's because up to the for the Soviet Union. Russia had to comes an agreement with the newly independent has extended. But how to keep using bike and all. And so right now you need permission to come into bike annoy is a closed place deserves checkpoints. Bob pass behind his or send bush they were not allowed to show you. You can see it's quite a lodge place he's still he's say get. Blogs. This whole city is space themed all the schools and named after famous. Here are a result. The Soviet space. Program. At most the people that live here. Work in the space boy. NCAA is. Design as. We feel safe there the whole city is. Falsely listed and the way it signs all of its purpose he has seen just coming up hair. A huge Sawyer is rocket. On this. Playing fair. Now rocket like this one it's actually the reason why way here. In by canola. On Monday. There's a launch from the space put here to the International Space Station with three astronauts a boy I hope. That little drive gave you a at least a small sense of what it is very unusual city is like. I'm patchy regal but thank you for watching ABC news life.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"A look inside the remote town built for space exploration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59608480","title":"Russia's spaceport in Baikonur","url":"/International/video/russias-spaceport-baikonur-59608480"}